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Privacy in the Homeland: Experienced First Hand (And I Shudder!)

I had a very disturbing experience about an hour ago, involving the mail, a predatory credit card company, my telephone, and a machine. Let me explain.
First, I received a letter in the mail from a predatory credit card company, which I expected the usual offer for pre-approved credit along with an application to fill out and return. Instead, what I had received was a credit card with my name imprinted on it, two pages of fine print legally binding mumbo jumbo, and an 800 number inviting me to activate my brand-new-hurry-while-its-hot-expires-in-one-year credit card with a $6500.00 spending limit. I was disturbed of course, because this company had issued me a credit card, which I had never applied for, and because they expected it would only take me up to a year to get myself $6500.00 in debt at about 29% interest. I wanted to know how this company got enough information about me to issue me a credit card in my name and mail it to me, despite the fact I never applied for it; so I called the number printed under the companies name and discovered this number to be identical to the number you call to activate the card.

Irritated, I scanned through the fine print legally-binding-mumbo-jumbo looking for a phone number to contact this company. (While I hunted for the number I discovered, briefly mentioned in the fine print that there is a $199.00 activation fee!) At last, I located an 888 number for "consumers only", whatever that means and called to find out how this company obtained enough personal information about me that they felt comfortable issuing me a credit card, without my consent, and to make certain my personal information was deleted from their records. I had a lovely conversation with some half-literate moron that wasn't able to get the ghetto out of his voice, and after a quarter-hour of repeating myself and fending off this "customer service reps" attempts to dominate and lead the conversation, I was able to accomplish my goal and was given, grudgingly another 888 number for the "National Mailing List" where this company had obtained all my personal information. The "rep" advised me to destroy the credit card I never applied for, and I told him he should be ashamed of himself.

By now, I was very pissed off, feeling so intimately how these predatory capitalist pig companies not only invaded, but also erase my privacy! I called the 888 number for the "National Mailing List", ready to chew someone's ass and make sure my personal information got deleted as well, and was greeted by the friendly voice of a semi-intelligent machine that informed me there would be no "live representative" for this call. That really boils me, being-forced to deal with a semi-intelligent machine; the only thing worse is when one of these semi-intelligent machines calls me! From here, the story actually becomes rather frightening. The machine informed me that in order to opt-out of their mailing list for five years (Which means I'll be forced to do this again if we are still living under this fascist capitalist pig police state in five years!) it would need to verify some information, and that I should push this or that button and respond in a normal tone of voice. Then the machine asked me if I was calling from my home. I said I was, feeling creepy talking to a semi-intelligent machine. There was a moment of silence (In mourning for the privacy and liberty we once enjoyed as citizens of our republic, which is obviously dead now.), and then the semi-intelligent machine recited my full name and address and asked me to verify that the information was correct.

I thought I had felt creepy talking to a semi-intelligent machine; imagine how I felt when I realized that this semi-intelligent machine was able to instantly access all this information about me by simply having me verify that the number I was calling from was my home telephone number. That is very frightening.

I, like all of you read the stories being-posted about the neo-con fascists illegally spying on Americans and it is disturbing and needs to be-stopped. Yet think about this: If this predatory capitalist pig company, the "National Mailing List" has a semi-intelligent machine that is so smart, and so connected that it can instantly access my name and current address from information stored (legally) in its database, just imagine what the neo-con fascist pigs running the DHS, NSA, FBI, CIA, DEA, INS, DEA, and all the other abbreviations for the United Police State's Ministries of Truth and Peace, just imagine what their semi-intelligent machines can do. Now imagine what they are capable of doing illegally. A sobering thought, yes?

The capitalist elite, the rich, the corporatists; these fascist pigs are systematically destroying our republic, and stripping us, the citizens, the common people of this republic of our constitutional laws and guarantees. These criminals of war, these traitors and murderers of the innocent are the enemies of the people. We, the common people, must stand together in our diversity, which is our community, our commonality, our communism. We must fight these arrogant, self-serving money worshiping fascists with sedition, and a true patriotism, not to any flag, but to all of the people, to humanity.
Just an After Thought 03.Feb.2006 02:10

Commienokaze aka Commie bastard

If any of you would like to experience how easily the semi-intelligent machine at "National Mailing List" can figure out who you are, call 888-567-8688 and follow the promts for opting-out. It will chill you. Companies that collect personal info on a nations citizens should be outlawed.