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It has become increasingly apparent that there's a conspiracy amongst capitalists across this country. Thier aim is to have the force to define how the rest of us will act. How we will live, breath, eat, sleap, procreate, and die. It is clear that they intend to do this through "cross struggle" imperialist organizing.
We intend to do somthing about it.
We've determined that they've set up cells. Capible of polarizing a diverse array of "issues" against the interests of the majority, and democratic control of our land and resources. These people have organized against public ownership of resources across the country. They've villanized indegenious people for using eminent domain laws to take back land that rightfully belongs to them. They've formed a network of local right wing lobbying organizations to disrupt and shout over the voice of the people. They've infiltrated the halls of local and state government to advance thier imperialist aims.

They stand for property rights for the rich, and against community control. They stand agianst public participation in the democratic process, and thier canvassers lie to get signitures for thier efforts. The next front in this battle is an effort to flood our local government with corperate money, convince the people that the city is "wasting our money," and end publicly funded campaigns. They want to end our chance to have a voice against corperate governance.

We intend to do our part to stop them.

January 10th we uncovered one cell. For more information see:


This is another action in a campaign to uncover and fight the local right.

Join us Sunday Febuary 5th at Pioneer Square 715 sw morrison st.

When: 5:30 pm

See you there!

In common struggle,
Portland Anti-Imperialists

Great Idea But ... 02.Feb.2006 18:29


most people will be watching the Superbowl. That's too bad, but it's a reality. Especially working-class folks. Shit, it'll be the fourth quarter at 5:30.

While this is an excellent idea, and I'd normally be there, I won't. I bet this is true for a lot of people.

Show you're not out of touch and reschedule.


thats dumb 02.Feb.2006 18:36


whats more important to you? the damn superbowl or your rights?

Hopeless 02.Feb.2006 19:42


When people have more of themselves invested in the outcome of a sporting event than in the survival of their own family, clan, community, state, nation -
those people are doomed

sad, but nice for the bugs and rodents

maybe next time they will evolve into something a little more functional

Not the point 02.Feb.2006 19:52


My rights are more important to me then the superbowl. However, if the point of the protest is to spread the word/educate people/have anything to do with people then it will fail, because everyone else will be watching the superbowl. I say reschudal not because the protestors are watching the superbowl but because every else will be.

A start... 02.Feb.2006 20:20


I tend to agree with the premise. In fact, a great starting point would be to find ways to silence/discredit the forum/messages of the propagandist voice of the fascist imperialist right - that being of course is Lars Larson on KXL Radio.

unless of course, there's a specific REASON for it to be at that time 02.Feb.2006 20:51


the event is at that time for a TARGETED reason. be there or be square some other time.

everyone 03.Feb.2006 00:48

will be

watchng the stupor bowl (sic); what is the point of this ill-timing; downtown will be a ghost town; then after the game, all the fights and drunk drivers and wife and child beating begins; thousands of crazed, meth-addicted pizza delivery guys/gals, flaming around in their cars with one headlight, bald tires and duct-taped radiator hoses, peering out through one bad wiper...why not wait till the full moon the next sunday, just before Saint Valentine's Day.

Frickin' activists, sheesh, wanna compete with Super Sunday. Get outta your navel and at least pay some attention to the world around you...as it is! Not as you wish it might be someday. Besides, all life is suffering. Doesn't matter what system of government you live under, or what god you worship: money, allah, jesus, krishna, pizza, seahawks, steelers.

Sure, you can go ahead and overthrow the government; then what, am I gonna have to answer to you. Tell me I can't smoke, watch TV, hurl epitaphs at the shit-brown sky. Maybe I like leather, heh, heh, maybe I like it alot. Maybe I exceed the speed limit, watch the occasional Internet porn, have secret cruhes on Paris, or London...you gonna round me up and put me in a hippie concentration camp, where i can only eat brown rice and walnut shavings.

What if I want to chant aum one minute, and fire off a full thirty-round clip AR-15 at a giant likeness of Geraldo Rivera, the next.

What if I don't want to go quietly into your goodnight, either.

It ain't the system that's broke. It's us. I, we, you, they, them. Broke. Fix yourself. The answer, the golden fleece, the elixir, the honey mead, the milk and honey, the crackers with cheeze whiz, lies within. The answer, God, or, whatever. In you, in me. Right now.

And you're gonna walk around the red-bricked square in circles carrying some signs, and what...Poof! Puff the Magic Dragon is going to appear and breathe fire on all the scary monster corporations so they wil stop killing people. Brad waves his armpit, Angelina waves her lips and Bono waves his sunglasses, and Poof! all the giant drug companies decide to suddenly cough up the AIDS and TB medication for free, and all the suffering and death and disease stops.

They, them are going to bomb Iran or not bomb Iran whether you like it or don't like it or not. Whether you wave a sign, or not. And you're still going to die.

Life feeds on itself. Life creates and destroys itself. God is on the side of the warrior and the pacifist. Is inherant in everything you can conceive and a million forms that have yet to be...and will also be destroyed, by themself.

And you wanna go marching around the Square on Super Sunday. Mighty fine idea, there. I think I'll pass.

Tools for a Revolution 03.Feb.2006 06:11

a GreenNeck

From Dictatorship to Democracy (pdf)
From Dictatorship to Democracy (pdf)

it is time to talk of secession 03.Feb.2006 06:25


i think we need to start plannin to make people start thinkin of more options that just followin the herd. a march into both Salem and Olympia would at least make people start thinkin. we could even have a ceremony were people had the elected representives a declaration of divorce from the american fascists.
After The Revolution
After The Revolution

Stike a blow against the PPB 03.Feb.2006 13:29


Give the PPB something to do other than watch the superbowl. If we are out there they will be to.

fuck the superbowl 03.Feb.2006 13:49


i am not want to bash healthy competition or tradition but there is nothing healthy about the superbowl. there are more acts of domestic violence comitted on superbowl sunday than any other day of the year, just another reason to stand in solidarity on the streets with our brothers and sisters for a good cause. boycott the fucking superbowl, it is the most corporate, commercialized bullshit on t.v. i say we get together and smash our televisions on this day. i understand that we need to stay in touch with the working class and the "people" in general but it is time that the "people" change their priorities. Lets hit the streets and show portland that we care more about standing up for our rights then a stupid football game.

Hmm . . . 03.Feb.2006 15:50


I appreciate all the "fuck the Superbowl" comments but we have to understand the society we live in. Whether we like it or not, and I have mixed feelings about it, Superbowl Sunday is a big deal to working-class and middle income people. We demonstrate just how out of touch - and subsequently irrelevant - we are by organizing a demonstration when most of the people we're trying to reach - Black, Hispanic, white, etc. will be preoccupied. We can't live in a vacum of make believe. Yeah, of course it would be better if people would hit the streets instead of watching tv, but in order for that to happen we need to engage in sustained organizing and education so someday that'll happen. When the Young Lords Party was organizing in New York in the '60s, they went to the community and said, What do you want? Clean streets was the answer. Not a very romantic idea, not at all revolutionary, but that's what people wanted. So the Lords went down to the sanitation dept, expropriated some brooms, and started cleaning the streets. This lead to the garbage protests in el barrio and the birth of a resistance movement. Let us be as humble, and in tune with the people, as the Young Lords were. Otherwise we simply appear foolish and misguided, which actually sets back our work.


Ditch the Bowl. plan seccession one step at a tiime. 03.Feb.2006 20:52

oregon rednek

Suggestion. Instead of a Rally which does what????....get together with some like minded folks you know and talk about what could really be effective... some ideas... maybe a weekly action against your most despised evil multi-national... have a weekly action against a different corp every week.... go to a busy mall intersection once a week on a nice day with some friends and proclaim your solidarity/mourning for endangered species and indigenous people of the world... creating a free state in your neighborhood.... plan Cascadian seccession for real. defend some ecosystem that is threatened with destruction.... defend you air-shed by cleaning up/stopping industrial diesel pollution.... enough said.thanks

Umm 03.Feb.2006 21:57

an anti imperialist.

How about giving us a chance. I guess it didn't occor to the majority of posters to this thread that maybee the group that's throwing this thing have focused goals that are represented by this action. Goals that they cannot go into explicitly on an open newswire monitered by portland's finest. Sure lets care about the enviroment. I guess you could do that without focusing on the intellegencia or "LEADERS" that create the policy directives our broken and bitter movements are consistantly forced to react to. Maybee this is one of those times where the best defense is a damn fine offense. We think some real nasty shit's coming down the turn pike and we'd like to gather with you, and prepair to defend our community proactively. I'm sorry that conflicts with peoples super bowl plans. It is important to have this event at this time. If the thought that the fucking superbowl even might be more important to you than fighting to protect your community don't post, don't care, and don't take our fucking picture.

just another anti-imperialist.

in common struggle,

agreeing with Oregon Redneck and We NEED to create the GreenNecks 04.Feb.2006 05:29

Ecotopian Yeti

I do think as long as we still work within "their" playing field we will never achieve any real change.

I 200% agree with Oregon Redneck:

"get together with some like minded folks you know and talk about what could really be effective... some ideas... maybe a weekly action against your most despised evil multi-national... have a weekly action against a different corp every week.... go to a busy mall intersection once a week on a nice day with some friends and proclaim your solidarity/mourning for endangered species and indigenous people of the world... creating a free state in your neighborhood.... plan Cascadian seccession for real. defend some ecosystem that is threatened with destruction.... defend you air-shed by cleaning up/stopping industrial diesel pollution"

There are meetings and events everywhere daily in Cascadia with people trying to change the "playing field" groups like the FreeSkools, Peak Oil, Food Not Lawns, cooperatives, EndCorporatePersonhood, religious groups ("liberal" Christians, anti-racist Jewish groups, lots of Pagans, Buddhists, Sufis and tons of others), students groups, unions, freedom speech librarians, environmental groups, veterans for peace and a myriad of other groups which pulled together could make the biggest impact that this "country" has ever seen. Each group holds part of the puzzle we need now to unite the puzzle holders to see the bigger picture. I think Cascadian independence is the most realistic given the corruption of the Amerikan Corporatist fascade. The key to winning a battle is either to control the "playing field" or at least make the enemy have not confidence in their attempt tp control the "playing field".

Side note I think we need a new name of a new identity... instead of Red necks .. we should be Green Necks wearing Evergreen bandanas or scarfs around our necks... remember one possible origin of "Red Neck" is from the unionist workers of the 1930s who wore red bandanas.

Cascadia Freedom from Empire sticker
Cascadia Freedom from Empire sticker




The capitalists behind the scenes in this city are a few steps away from criminalizing the lot of us. A few of us think "we" think we can take them. How about it? Should we pretend like the co-alition of corperations that are funding every effort against us are just hapless wanderers or should we address them as the Facist conspiracy they represent. Or better yet should we pretend like those companies are not spear headed by individuals?

Public power? Community control of the local government? Sit lie ordinances? Forest policy? The war on portlands homeless? Police funding? Drug free zones? Price gouging in the wake of disasters? National alliances of organizations that work in this manner on across issues to repress the people?
Are we to believe that none of this is relevant to our struggle? Now if they sit down at the same table. They organize and in specific places, live, breath, and hurt like the rest of us why should we view them as "invulnurable?"

Maybee the struggle to liberate cascadia should be without context, or regard for time and place, but I don't think so. Maybee it should be single issue without regard to the reality of our situation. I don't think so.

I'll be there.

So? 06.Feb.2006 01:04


So . . . what happened?

We gathered. 06.Feb.2006 18:11

an anti-imperialist

A number of people gathered and read a statement regarding why they were there. We went to Multinomah athletic club. People marched in chanting "Price gouging kills kids" and "fair trade not free trade" and completely disrupted the Liberterian Cascade Policy Institute's event. Thier event was about freedom (meaning privatized markets) and it's enemies. Thier speaker was Jhon Stossil.

After a while another person read a statement, and someone spoke to the corperate media regarding the event.

Here's the text from the handout:

It's clear here in Portland that there is an array of forces aligned against social justice. What isn't clear is exactly who those forces are. This demonstration is aimed at coming to a better understanding of who's behind the policies we fight. To understand our opposition we need to understand how capitalists fight together towards common aims. One method they use is to adopt a common policy objective. Individuals from different right wing organizations often express solidarity towards common ends. Their organizing members don't always overlap, but they work together for common ends. Today we'll talk about local capitalist's common work.

The basis of our struggle is the belief that all land and labor belongs to the people. Not a few people but all people. This belief is not shared by capitalists. Their actions are dictated by their animosity towards the masses. Their deepest fear is described by Alexander Hamilton in the federalist papers as "The tyranny of the masses." The very foundation of our country is this fear. This is how the commons became the "common wealth."

Here's some of the culprits:
THE GOVERNORS COUNCIL OF ECONOMIC ADVISORS: This council is packed with industry lobbyists. This organization creates economic policy directives for the governor of Oregon. Here's a list of their members and "qualifications: Chair: Ralph Shaw, Shaw Ventures, Inc. Members: Jennifer Black, Jennifer Black & Associates Dr. Bill Boggess, Oregon State University William B. Conerly, Conerly Consulting LLC, and Cascade Policy Institute Joseph Cortright, Impresa, Inc. David Cox, Mason, Bruce & Girard Rebecca Johnson, Oregon State University B. Starr McMullen, Oregon State University Ham Nguyen, Portland General Electric Randall Pozdena, ECONorthwest Hans Radtke Phillip J. Romero, Lundquist College of Business Oran Teater, Bank of the Cascades It's interesting to us that both PGE, and Cascade Policy Institute have members on this board. Both Cascade, and PGE/Enron have stood against public ownership of our resources. The firm ECO-northwest does analysis for both conservation groups, and resource policy assessment for the very groups that kill the land.

CASCADE POLICY INSTITUTE: Over the last eight years with opposition mounting to corporate influence in federal government and the government approval ratings dropping like lead- Right wing think tanks have been sprouting up like weeds all across the country. Their efforts are focused on taking control of local institutions and power. These organizations are not classically imperialist in the sense that they're focused on bringing capitalisms worst to a single issue or community. For example a group that lobbies strictly to build a power plant on native land. They're modern post 60's imperialists that work on common fronts across issues against the people and common justice. Search for ones name and you will find that almost every state in America has more than one group working in this capacity. CPI's president and CEO published the following classics: Free Market Environmentalism: Not an Oxymoron Wheels to Wealth: Why Low-Income Workers Need Cars, Not Transit Save the World, Ignore Global Warming They've issued policy papers against Public Power efforts, called for the end of the endangered species act, and publicly financed campaigns. In the wake of Katrina they're currently hosting an article called "The Case for Price Gouging." Their chairman of the board William B. Conerly, PhD. is also a member of Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski's Council of Economic Advisors. They're arguably the one of the most influential right wing think tanks in Oregon. THE PORTLAND BUISINESS ALLIANCE: In the 2004 Portland Business Alliance census and survey, downtown business owners and managers ranked panhandlers and "transients" as the top two factors needing improvement. Then they lobbied for, and got Portland's sit lie ordinance, which makes it a crime to "obstruct pedestrian traffic." This ordinance was later used to tear down the "Portland Peace Encampment." They've also lobbied for bars under freeway overpasses. According to Deputy City Attorney David Woboril the PBA also drafted the "Drug Free Zone" ordinance. Aimed at further criminalizing the poor and people of color.

After receiving a single letter from the Franklin Kimbrough, president of the Portland Business Alliance (PBA), the bid in city council to oppose the war failed. This is a short history of their power and vicious behavior. Recently their Political Action Committee has begun a campaign to stop publicly funded elections in Portland. GARD AND GERBER: Imagine what will happen if people like this are allowed to pack the halls of local government. Imagine if the Resident Bush was your mayor. That's where they're taking this. Imagine the degree to which dissent will be criminalized. The PBA's set up a ballot initiative to kill publicly funded elections. This is the first time Portland Business Alliance has attempted to put an issue "on the ballot." They're backing a corporate shill candidate Ginny Burdick with ENRON's pr firm, Gard & Gerber with a corporate coup campaign called ""First Things First Committee." This campaign has come to my door, and more than 40,000 other Cascadians spreading lies. They said that the city budget for schools, and cops would be negatively affected, when the schools and cops are paid for largely with Multnomah County money. Instead of complying with the spending caps that are part of Portland's publicly-funded elections, Ginny Burdick will take unlimited amounts of corporate money. This first thing first's campaign website is registered to Tanya Partem at Gard & Gerber. The only reason they're getting away with this is because the state government is too corrupt to uphold our campaign finance restrictions, and we haven't stopped them. Gard and Gerber ran millions in the effort to kill the campaign by Portland's citizens to take control of their Public Power (PGE.) They even went so far as to donate 100,000 to the Libertarian Party of Oregon. A group that hangs on the every word of from Cascade Policy Institute. Immediately after The "libertarians" ran an initiative effort to kill public power in Portland. Demonic doesn't seem adequate to describe them.