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Rubio cleared in menacing charge against Sandy police chief

Mr. Rubio was arrested last summer during the Sandy Mountain Festival Parade. It was exactly one month to the day after his son, Carlos, had gone missing under mysterious circumstances. Details are sketchy, but Rubio alleges Sandy Police had been harassing his son and believed they had information regarding his disappearance. Mr. Rubio was passing out flyers to parade watchers and confronted Sandy police chief Skelton, one of the grand marshalls, near the end of the parade route. According to the Post, witnesses said Rubio was yelling at Skelton about the disappearance of his son and compared local police to Nazis. [ read more ]

Helter Skelton-Keep your July calendar open - Folks, the Chief of Police in Sandy, Oregon, Harold "Helter" Skelton, has invited us all out to his neck o the woods for a big shin dig, the Sandy Days Parade. You know you want to be there. This he man, the supposed supervisor of Officer Bergin (You remember him, he murdered Fouad Kaady), was so intimidated by Juan Rubio, that he had to arrest him for being so misguided as to question whether the Sandy Cops were doing anything to find his (at the time) missing son, who was later found, murdered, on a logging road. Mr. Skelton, this paragon of law enforcement, who sees a crack head behind every tree, and in front of each of his murdering cops, charged poor Mr. Rubio with menacing. The trial began on January 24. [ read more ]

Sandy Rants: Kaady, Rubio, Perez - Cops were flying around Sandy today like bats out of hell. I went out several times throughout the day and had to pull over 3 different times right in town (several hours between each) to allow a speeding squad car or two to pass. Also saw 2 cars pulled over by 2 squads earlier in the day. I wanted to go home and hide. [ read more ]

Poor Sheriff Roberts - Well, poor Clackamas County Sheriff Roberts seems to be having a really bad spell, what with all of his officers out on paid administrative leave, while his cronies "investigate" all the murders by cop that have been taking place on his watch. When questioned in this regard, both he and Sandy Police Chief Skelton related that the killings were somehow all related to the "meth epidemic, and the number of mentally ill." [ read more ]

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