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Let's take Indymedia to the streets

How do we the news and views from here to a wider audience?
I was thinking about taking a few articles from here and getting them out into the public. One thought was to enlarge the article then use some wheat paste to distribute it where it might be read. I also thought about a soap box downtown and using a non-electronic megaphone to read the stories/opinions/articles. Any thoughts? We need to get beyond this small group.
attack the corporate media 02.Feb.2006 17:21

anti-mainstream media

Perhaps Indymedia "field operators" should begin the radical task of following corporate TV journalists around when doing their coverage on current events. Sort of a Greenpeace style way of taking on the media. Look for corporate news vans...follow them to the scene and begin the REAL work of reporting. Make this into a regular Indymedia function.
Yep, it's time to FINALLY start taking things to the next level. We need to begin harassing the corporate media. It's long overdue.

a bigger reach than you think 02.Feb.2006 17:29

indy geek

This small group?

portland indymedia content has been heard, read, viewed by millions of people around the world. Not arguing with your ideas at all, just giving a clearer perspective on the reach of independent media.

I like Broadsides 02.Feb.2006 17:57


Revolutinary ideas and radical news were distributed on Broadside papers in Colonial America.

Just put together a one sheet poster of several stories and maybe a few graphics and staple it up around telephone polls and in the glass of empty "real estate magazine" boxes downtown.

Many folks can read each copy and they can provoke public discourse--however, most of them will be ripped down in a a day or so. You could just post the page here and anyone that wanted could download, print, and hang it in their neighborhood.

I would reccomend that you think hard about what stories you would include and try to come up with some recognizable visual theme that will be obvious from a distance. I would also avoid any obvious political graphics that will pigeonhole people's impressions. For example, most people just ignore the Socialist papers around Pioneer Square--only because they have inbuilt biases against the obvious symbols and rhetoric of Socialism--they won't even take the time to read it.

Another thought is that you could figure out the size of the ad signs on Max trains, and fit posters into empty slots. I imagine Tri-Met would catch you before long, but if you put a good graphic and photo on Indymedia along with some good manifesto style quotable ideas, I bet some lacky from the oregonian would steal the story idea and you could get some good publicicity and use corporate media against itself.

graphic idea 02.Feb.2006 18:57


I think the ((i)) symbol is perfect to identify the indy news. Single sheet bulletins is a great idea! I hope they also show up here so those of us who live in the hinterlands could also stick them up around the rural roads.

Great idea 02.Feb.2006 19:26

Jody Paulson

Yes, Portland Indymedia is read all over the world, I recognize a lot of posters from my old haunt at the (now defunct) Global Newswire -- I consider this the best English-language newswire and have for a long time. But does it reach Joe Average? Get him to realize there's an alternative to CNN! Broadsides, pamphlets ... dang, I'm ready to move to Portland!

Flyering 02.Feb.2006 20:02


People may respond to flyers posted around town. Just print up a few, even something as simple as:
Don't hate the media,
Be the Media!
and stick them up in downtown, in the park blocks, PSU, anywhere. Sometime soon i'll make up a real poster and put it up here to be available for printing. Spread the word! I think that reading articles in dowtown is a great idea. I also like the idea of bugging the corp. media, but it won't work. The idea is to get people on our side, right? By bugging who "regular joe" percieves as a guy just doing his job (ie us bugging the reporter) we alienate him. We are not going to be able to convince people to give up watching the corp media (face it, we do not have on the ground reporters all over the world, they do. If indy ever gets the financial means to employ foreign correspondants i will be the first to sign up.) we just want people to use this site as a media outlet, not the only media they read/watch/listen to. Save attacking the corp. media for your free time and leave indy out of it. (but give me a call when you do and i'll come along)

Focus on giving the people the power/Don't pretend your marginal 03.Feb.2006 00:10

Sean sean.rains@gmail.com

I think the inherent problem here is everyone talks about going out into the public with their self-admitted "radical" ideas.

Some of the ideas put out on this site are by all means unpopular, and outside the mainstream. But some of them are almost common sense, that the mainstream media ignore because they have a vested interested in not talking about it. Don't marginalize yourself, it delegitimizes your ideas. Socialism is not a radical concept. Fighting against xenophobia and racism are not radical. Paint yourself as radical and if you get any audience at all, it'll be people that already agree with you. Paint yourself as a new source of ideas, or a paper for the people (hey, if politicians and large corporations can be "for the people", than the folks who actually are sure as hell have a right to call themselves such). I say be causual about the process. If you right a newsletter of some sort, take a few copies to Starbucks or Seattle's Best and set them down on a few tables as if they were just general reading material, and leave info on how to read it again. And put an exposť on Starbucks on page 2. People will read it, we're a curious lot, and hell, you'll be hitting exactly the audience you need to, people who are "owned" by the powers that be and don't realize it. That's my suggestion anyway. Which is why I'm planning on calming introducing a socialist newsletter into a sleepy little rural conservative town (when I finally get my other contributing authors to contribute). Because people will get curious, read it, realize it's not that crazy, and start thinking about it. Even talking about it. And that's the point, not to just reinforce "radical" ideas in the minds of like-minded folks, but to pique the curiousity of people who would never have thought of it.

buses? 03.Feb.2006 07:32


Maybe soemthing to read for people on buses might be a good idea: attractively formatted trifolds distributed before rush hour, for example...

Distribution should begin with idealogy... 03.Feb.2006 11:15

Pravda or Consequences

What is the target market? Sorry for the militaristic term, but do radicals all shop at the same store? If they do, then poster that place.

If the message is to make folks aware of PDX IndyMedia, then something newsworthy needs to happen that is reported by KOIN, KEX, etc. to get mainstream attention.

long term view 03.Feb.2006 14:05


I'm happy to see people enthusiastic about spreading the word about alternative media. Anything we can do to do that is a good thing.

I would like to inject a small note of caution, though, regarding what to immediately expect from any such endeavors. Bear in mind that we are not simply faced with a lack of media alternatives in this country. More accurately and more importantly, we are also faced with a public which is largely not seeking out the many alternatives that already exist. The important thing is to make sure those alternatives are available and visible for WHEN THEY DO start to seek them out.

When the internal crises and contradictions of the system start to make themselves painfully evident to people who have been living fully immersed in this "Culture of Make Believe," to quote Derrick Jensen, then they will urgently need and seek out a source of enlightenment. If they have been exposed to alternative media, even in passing, and anything in it resonated with them, that's when the work you are talking about doing right now will finally come to fruition.

Consider Argentina. When the piqueteros started their struggles against neoliberal repression there, the middle classes watched distrustfully from the sidelines. But when the shit hit the fan in every middle class home in the country, the piqueteros were suddenly the heros of the hour.

awesome! 04.Feb.2006 08:08


great that you did this. we need more doing!

I've done this a few times... 07.Feb.2006 10:57


If something particularly pisses me off, and I think other people will connect with it, then I make a flyer and spread it around town. I usually include:
-Quick summary of the issue and it's current context
-A few facts + statistics (including sources)
-Suggestions for taking action

And I'm gearing up to do it again with the murderous imbalance between America's military and social spending... Look out for it in the next day or so...!

indymedia on the streets 08.Feb.2006 06:10

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

i wish i had the money to do mass mailing