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Anti-SUV hate, anger, annoyance, humor

All over the world, annoyance at gas guzzleing SUVs, pickups, and other excessive symbols of greed has been growing, fomenting hatred and frustration at the people who drive such things.
Sweet baby Jesus, can a surrogate penis get any uglier?!
Sweet baby Jesus, can a surrogate penis get any uglier?!
It's probably old news to most Indy Critters, but if you haven't checked into it as yet if you have a camera handy and wish to vent anger at H2 "Hummer" drivers who are contributing twice the death and pollution of normal vehicles, check out the  http://www.fuh2.com/ web site and submit your photographs and horror stories.

Bicycle riders like me who have to contend with SUV and monster pick-up drivers who throw burning objects, bottles, beer cans, and whatever else is handy at them when hiking or biking along America's highways and byways, check out  http://www.elmerfudd.us/ and submit your horror stories, if you would please.

The automotive industry does all that it can to convince the rubes that having an Iraqi-killking gas guzzling surrogare penis will finally make one a real man at last. Web sites created by average, every-day people who recognize such vehicles for what they are and what their use means in this bloody world, can help to provide a little humor and rebuttle to the automotive industry's idiot phalic notions.

The photograph offered here was submitted to the Stop Elmer Fudd web site, a horrid bright pink H2 "Hummer" that's currently infesting the streets of Denver, Colorado.

homepage: homepage: http://www.elmerfudd.us/

i thought it would be funnier 02.Feb.2006 21:34


i thought the pics would be funnier. c'mon people! we can be a little more imaginative than 300 pages of pictures of people flipping off hummers.

how about a sweaty scrotum/genital/or ass imprint on the shiny, clean paint job?
or a hummer with four flat tires (let out of the air valve, of course)?
maybe a nice, juicy loogie on the windshield (like the one i laid on a hummer on sw broadway on the way home last night)?
mooning from a passing vehicle or by a pedestrian on the street?
even extending the middle finger with the driver in the frame would be more thoughtful...

but, hey, let's be mindful that hummer owners, by nature, are also quite likely to own guns and have friendly relationships with the cops. no need to expose yourself to too much risk...

web site is idiotic 03.Feb.2006 01:47

two wheels good

Half of the pictures show people flipping off a hummer from inside a motor vehicle. On the other hand, maybe they're all in diesel autos which run biodiesel.

End oil dependence, go with pedal-power.

Sometimes pouring 03.Feb.2006 10:02

A little coffee

on the hood and fenders of a parked Hummer feels really, really good. Absurd, isn't it? But maybe the owner will get tired of the social pressure and sell it because they do not want to own a hate magnet.

Yeah, it is kind of silly 03.Feb.2006 10:30

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org

> how about a sweaty scrotum/genital/or ass
> imprint on the shiny, clean paint job?

I noticed on the FUH2 web site that people urinating on H2's does take place, with friends taking photographs. I think in the hundreds of photographs there's like 10 so far. Primate male behavior.

The taking of photographs from inside one's own vehicle is also kind of ironic.

The Stop Elmer Fudd web site, though, is a bit less ironic since the creator -- ME! -- rides a bicycle, hikes, camps, and vents without a motorized vehicle.

Come to think of it, many photographs at FUH2 are from people on bicycles or walking around bars.

hairy bigots 04.Feb.2006 11:20


Uh, could someone explain exactly how and why a hairy head equates to virtue, intelligence, or any other positive attribute? I mean, wow, you can grow hair! on top of your head! you must be really, really cool! I am just soooo fucking impressed i could just shit.

god is good, god is fair, gave some men brains,
the others, hair.

monkey doesn't know he's a monkey 05.Feb.2006 16:21

hairy ape

hey monkey.

why do you cut your hair?

or maybe your bald?

i know it's "normal" in our society for men to go bald, but it's an actual disease.
it comes in two forms and is called alopeasia(monkey spelling).
it's an autoimmune disfuntion. basically your body is eating it's own hair to get enough of the nutrients it needs to function. your hair, nails and skin are the first things to go, because your body also knows without any help from you that those things are not vital to your survival.

it's also a proven fact that long hair and especially dread locks help to stimulate parts of the brain that people without long hair never get to stimulate. especially in the creative hemosphere.

maybe that's why stupid jocks hardly ever grow their hair long. the only mainstream sport that I know of where a significant number of the athletes have long hair is soccer. and soccer is a very creative game with much more individualism. you don't have to be big and stupid to play soccer.

wait, what about the military? or cops? or boarding school? or church?

Jesus had long hair why are religious bigots so against long hair??

creaumeau is a dumbass! are you from the mid-west?