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Pacific Green Party Candidates meet, speak and debate

Last night, 35-40 people turned out at the Downtown library to hear Joe Keating and Ed Winslow discuss their campaigns, plans and ideas for the upcoming Governor's race. Both candidates are seeking the PGP's ballot spot in this race. Other candidates seeking election in other races spoke as well.
For the first time in PGP history the Greens here in Oregon have a contested race. Both Joe Keating (www.KeatingForGovernor.org) and Ed Winslow (www.EdWinslow.com) are seeking the party's ballot spot in the '06 Governor's race. Last night's forum, attended by about 40 people and videotaped for ?? was more cooperative than competitive. Each candidate addressed the audience for 10 minutes before beginning a Q&A session with 3 minute answers.

The questions ranged from Peak Oil, to the so-called spoiler issue, hemp and marijuana, transportion, peace, corporate taxes and the environment, the Fed's interference in Oregon's laws.

At the conclusion of the event, other PGP candidates were invited up to introduce themselves and we heard from Xander Patterson (County Commissioner), Chris Iverson (Porltand City Council) and Matt Reader??? (3rd Congressional District - if he qualifies for residency).

Xander led off with an inspire speech about taking our community back. He talked about raising taxes to pay for important things that will make our community better. His election is coming up in May and he needs to finish in the Top 2 to be in the November runoff.

Chris Iverson introduced himself as a candidate for City Council after having just filed within the past 24 hours. He is a local guy, having graduated from Marshall. He helped lead/found Oregon's first Marijuana dispensary for sick people and got arrested for that after returning from abroad. He is the Director of Voter Power and they just introduced a ballot initiative to make the enforcment of MJ laws the lowest priority here in Portland. Portland has supported past MJ ballot iniatives even when they fail statewide. He expects this issue to prevail. He is seeking the donations of $5 from 1000 people to qualify for the City's Clean Campaign funds. He has about 70 days to collect these funds and you can help him by contacting him via Voter Power at this time.

Finally, Matt Reader (sp?) announced he will take on Earl Blumenhour in the 3rd Congressional District if he satisfies the residency requirement. He was enthusiastic but just getting started so we will have to wait to hear more.

homepage: homepage: http://www.pacificgreens.org

Corporate media won't report PGP or event 02.Feb.2006 17:29

PGP supporter

Last night I happened to be watching Channel 6 news with Jeff Gianola and one of their feature stories was whether or not some Republican woman (don't know here name) was going to run for Governor of not. The corporate media used the usual teasers before a commerercial break "will she or won't she run?". After the break they returned with the news: Republican woman not going to run!

Oh my god, what news. They followed this with a graph showing R and D candidates (2 D's and 3 or 4 R's) for Governor and I heard Jeff Gionola mention that a couple of other candidates were considering independent runs for the Governorship.

No mention that the Pacific Green Party had two candidates nor that they'd even appear on the ballot despite the fact that SOMEONE will be the PGP candidate come this November.

Remember, Greens don't take corporate contributions and work for the values of peace, sustainability, decentralization and grassroots democracy.

Keating and Winslow audio 02.Feb.2006 17:29

gotsoul gotsoulradio@riseup.net

If you couldn't make the event and would like to hear more about Joe Keating and Ed Winslow, the candidates for Governor, you can listen to an hour long interview here.


Yes, I am running for Congress. 04.Feb.2006 01:02

Matt Reeder

To clarify, according to the U.S. Constitution, I can run. I shall file soon.

"No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen."

If I win, I'm sure that part will change along with the rest that's being thrown out.

Matt Reeder 04.Feb.2006 14:23

Ecotopian Yeti

Dear Matt Reeder and the other Pacific Green and Green candidates;

With all the electrial fraud and underhandedness by the two dominant political parties if you were to be elected to office while fraudlent elections occured nation wide would you be willing to consider talk of secession from the corrupt political system if others in the region (namely Oregon and Washington State) to form an independant Cascadia? Or do you think that a corporate corrupted system could be reformed at this point?

* if any Cascadians would like to re-word this question and post it in the various Cascadian Indy medias (Seattle, Portland, Rogue and Bay Area) then you have my deep blessings.

sorry for... 04.Feb.2006 14:35

Ecotopian Yeti

sorry for the misspellings and bad grammer... was doing too many things at once


secession? 04.Feb.2006 17:07

Matt Reeder

Would I be willing to consider the secession talk? That's a good question. It should be talked about, whether or not it is a realistic idea. Would I support secession? Probably not. I am of the opinion that this country can still be saved. May the next ten or so years prove me right.

All Cascadians should read "Ecotopia" 04.Feb.2006 17:34

die hard green

Hey Matt and other Greens,

One of our principles is decentralization. How can you be opposed to breaking up the nation state? I believe one of our major root problems is size. I don't think anything works well trying to please and adapt to 300,000,000 citizens. Our allegiance should be to the planet, not the nation state.

decentralization 04.Feb.2006 17:43

Matt Reeder

In regards to the decentralization aspect, I agree with you. The size of this nation is too large, and it is not sustainable for the planet. What I'm saying (and this is my personal opinion here) is that I'm not sure that's an option on the table at this time. As a future goal, it sounds wonderful. But as a present reality, I'm not sure this is a feasible goal.

Regardless, this is making for a fascinating discussion.

Matt Reeder.. on the table? 05.Feb.2006 00:16

Ecotopian Yeti

Being a geopolitician, I would remind you that independence was not "on the table" for all the Soviet satelite states in Eastern Europe until 1989 when one card fell out of a house of cards.

Also I am assuming that according to the Corporatists most environmental issues like the Biscuit is not on the table nor is withdrawing from Iraq. We MUST make our futures not be dictated as to what that future is. In all this I have seen the Democrats coward and whimper and even lick the Jack-boots of the Amerikan Fascists hoping (or predending publically) that social issues and civil liberties will someday be "on the table". We NEED people of action not people of already existing rhetoric. There is a Homeric expression "Be a Doer of Deeds not just a Sayer of Words". We need people who are willing to be, like Tom McCall, Mavericks and trail blazers. The issue of secession has been raised in Vermont and even Arizona has had people propose it in any event or situation if the US federal government imposes martial law. The every fact that some Cascadians are openly talking of secession and some of us are even living in exile means this issue is on the table. It is only a question if we have a trail blazer to speak it into words and then fellow mavericks to take it into action to see if it is a choice for the Cascadian states within the US empire.

Cascadia 06.Feb.2006 22:58


I think the idea of sucession and a Cascadia is a reality and a goal. I also think that we all understand what Matt Reeder is saying. The problem is that it is frustrating in the initial stages if there have even been any. The idea itself is too radical for even a significant percentage of people to agree with it at this point. That is the frustrating bit. A new question arises: will more people be accepting in the future, or will even less people be accepting of the idea. I think that the latter is the likely outcome in which I'm supporting the Homerian ideal previously presented here. The dumbing down of our nations citizens and the stranglehold of corporate ideals is getting worse. I certainly don't see a democrat helping the situation at all. Not even if there was a democratic revolution on the national level do I see any kind of turnaround. There is just to much corporate money involved.

Residency requirement 12.Mar.2006 11:01


As was found out in the Keane Senate race, one has to only live in Orgegon to run for Congress in any of Oregon's five Districts. One does not have to live in the District one is runing for.