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Ecoprisoners Witness/No Contact List Revealed

The list of potential witnesses/no contact people:
This is the current list of potential witnesses/ no contact people
that the federal prosecutor, Kirk Engdahl, provided to Jonathan
Paul's attorney. At this point, you can assume the government is
casting a wide net of potential witnesses that may not necessarily be
subpoenaed for trial. The attorneys will be filing motions or
negotiating the removal of certain individuals from this list (like
the co-defendants) on a case by case basis. If you are on the list,
until you hear otherwise, you should assume that the defendants are
not permitted to have any contact with you until further notice.

Shelley Cater
Brenton Gicker
Robin Terranova
William Barido
Nadia Winstead
Chris Calef
Leeanne Siart
Luke Rudiger
Lacey Phillabaum
Heather Coburn
Tobial (sic) Policha
Steve Bouton
Twiga Whittier
Jennifer Woodruff
Jenn Whitney
Alvin Decker
Gina Lynn
Allison Watson
John Zerzan
Craig Rosebraugh
Jennifer Kolar
Jennifer Adrian
Joseph Dibee
Chelsea Gerlach
Kendall Tankersley
Sarah Kendall Harvey (don't know why they have her listed twice but i'm copying it exactly)
Daniel Gerard McGowan
Stanislas G. Meyerhoff
Josephine Sunshine Overaker
Rebecca Rubin
Suzanne Savoie
Darren Todd Thurston
Kevin Tubbs

According to this list Jacob Ferguson is not being listed as a witness.....???

zerzan? 02.Feb.2006 13:21


Why would John Z be on this list? I dont understand.

everybody they know about 02.Feb.2006 13:46


Apparently they're just grabbing all the accessible public figures in the Eugene scene for the time period in question, as well as anyone who was subpoenaed in the original investigation. Doesn't give the impression they have any real information to go on.

wide net? 02.Feb.2006 14:46

not a fisherman

Can anyone say "casting a wide net?" Clearly an idication that they are fishing. And Jake not being on the list? Sup wit dat?


Why doesn't this posting show up on the PIM main page sidebar or the Prisons & Prisoners sidebar scrolly thing?

on the newswire and prisons & prisoners page 26.Feb.2006 21:17


"Why doesn't this posting show up on the PIM main page sidebar or the Prisons & Prisoners sidebar scrolly thing?"

It's there.


on the newswire and in the center listing as such:

FBI Sweep of Eco-Justice Activists
Other sites that maintain up to date info on these and other victims of
increased FBI harassment and Grand Jury investigations:
fbiwitchhunt.org, NAELP and ELP news | bombsandshields
January 20th summary | All 11 trials set for Oct 31, '06
Jan 28th ELP update on informants & arrestees | Jan 31st legal update
The Civil Liberties Defense Center
Ecoprisoners Witness/No Contact List Revealed

Dammit 27.Feb.2006 07:06

I didn't make the list

I showed up for protests, they took my picture but I guess I'm not good enough in their eyes to make the list.
What are the minimum requirements to make the list?

Posturing 28.Feb.2006 08:20


It's not exactly a badge of honor...be glad you're not on the list and not under that much scrutiny.

grand jury 19.Apr.2006 01:10

brian waters

read up on the nazi nature of grand juries- hALF THE STATES GOT RID OF EM AND THAT IS ALSO CASE IN uk WHERE THEY WERE INVENTED
They are fishing all right- grand juries are prosecutor rubber stamps