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let the women lead
Once upon a time, when I was foolish, I thought that all conservatives in politics must be removed from office. That seems so long ago. I watched the mess and lack of concern by the bush criminals during the destruction of New Orleans, and thought, they should all be arrested and thrown into a deep dark hole. The hearings on Alieto changed my mind.

I now think that we men have screwed things up so badly that we should be banned from any leadership role for a period of fifty years. I am reminded by something that John Adams' wife Abigail said------John, don't forget the women they will keep the men from becoming tyrants (paraphrasing.) My new suggestion is to pass a resolution in the Congress that only women can run for office for the next fifty years, send all us men back to the fourth grade and resolve the problems that seem to have started there.

"Whatta ya think?"

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Condi? 02.Feb.2006 13:26



Condi Rice?
Hillary Rodham Clinton?

wow 02.Feb.2006 14:20

two of em?

that's all you can come up with? is two elitist womyn? come on now....

Something else to divide us 02.Feb.2006 15:23


We need to come together not be further divided. The male and female gender roles in our society harm both sexes equally, but in different ways. We should be advocating for inclusive communities where we honor the strength and contributions of both genders. I'll resist all temptations to divide us.

Blaming agression and intolorence on testosterone 02.Feb.2006 15:51


is much like telling a woman who is upset that she must be having her period. Gender has little or nothing to do with the problem. The real problem is a simple formula, it goes something like this

Greed+money+power = deception, more greed and unimaginable violence. The only thing that would work is to remove the money and power, and they'll go somewhere else.

WOW 02.Feb.2006 16:13



a not uncommon sentiment among vets 02.Feb.2006 16:25


Vonnegut wrote similar ideas, I believe in Bluebeard and perhaps other books. He wrote something to the effect of: men have had their chance and they've made a mess of things; now it's time to allow women a chance.

Margaret Thatcher? 02.Feb.2006 17:38

some dude

I'm sure there have been plenty of elitist and destructive women in hisory... I'm not much of a historian. The point is, this is just another kind of discrimination, such as that based on race, or sexual preference, or religion. The facts don't bear out the theory.

Support our troops Commemorate their DICKS 02.Feb.2006 20:25

KVL spiroknave9@gmail.com

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AFTER ALL Even Eve Ensler enjoys them

I just want to make one thing clear! 02.Feb.2006 22:04

Commienokaze aka Commie bastard

Hillary Clinton and Condoleeezzza Rice are not women. And onother thing, saying men have fucked things up and letting women run things is not dividing us at all, it is merely a switch from patriarchy to matriarchy, and that wouldn't be bad at all. In fact let me make a suggestion, not only should women be in charge, but they should be in charge until such a time as they fuck things up as bad as we men have done. And not only that, the male population should be reduced to one for every hundred women. That will help reduce all this ignorant male primate dominance behavior that is at the root of male behavior. Just think of it, a world where the ratio between genders is a hundred to one. That would be VERY NICE.

First, a constitutional amendment 03.Feb.2006 02:46


Women still are not persons under the law.

but why are men in charge in the first place 03.Feb.2006 09:21


yes women were the heads of primitive tribes; that however, changed with private property. It will not change until the property relations change first. Not only do women suffer under capitalism, but all poor people.

Lets focus on those who have all the property. We can then create the conditions that will allow our women to regain their once proud status.

ban the guys 03.Feb.2006 09:56

lone vet


US Senate: 14 women-------86 men
House -------70 women-------365 men

President ----never a woman
Vice ------------never a woman

Number of wars in our history-------------25


The number of people killed in these wars is unknown. The number may be over a hundred million.

This seems to beg the question, if the stats were reversed would we men be calling for the removal of women because they did not know what they were doing?

Ban the men------give the women a shot!

Policy areas
PUBLIC LIFE & DECISION MAKING - Key positions in political decision-making
The objective of more balanced participation of men and women in national governing structures is less an end in itself than a means towards improved quality of governance. Although women in all countries of the ECE region enjoy the legal entitlements necessary for taking part in the political process without restrictions, they continue to face serious difficulties in becoming involved in equitable numbers in the political process. Whatever the constitutional arrangements, the core of decision-making in each country is the executive branch of the government, that is the cabinet and the senior civil service. In the ECE region, women's share in government varies from zero to 50 per cent.
While a few countries are able to show considerable progress in the proportion of women in national assemblies, in the majority of western countries the share of women in power increased only slowly over the last decade. In Central and Eastern Europe as well as in the countries of the CIS, women have found themselves progressively pushed out of public life, and only in the Baltic states and a couple of other countries did women manage to progress sufficiently to make up 15 per cent of the elected parliaments.

 link to www.unece.org

a really long time ago 03.Feb.2006 10:56

just long enough that nobody can prove anything

Different people were in charge of different "primitive tribes." Every primitive tribe was different. There was no golden age. No pagan conservative movement is going to bring back the good old days. The whole concept of "progress" has been under attack for 25 years, and even leftists have forgotten what it means and why it's important.

Feminine Nationalism? 04.Feb.2006 01:20

why not?

Nationalism is the ultimate in identity politics. Actual existing nations are the ultimate goal of every nationalism. But then actual existing nations, of course, must go to war.

Let's see -- we have seen many nationalisms come and go. In the Balkans, there's always a group that was left out the last time, so there has to be yet another war to decide which nationality gets to run which 'nation'. Many of us with Irish and Italian roots recall that both the modern nation of Ireland and the modern nation of Italy were formed out of radical nationalist movements only about a century ago. The United States began as a radical nationalist movement!

And in the U.S. today, there are quite a few nationalist movements for the 'First Nations'. We also have - at least here at Indymedia - a regional nationalist movement. Of course, we have seen Black Nationalism come and mostly go over the past generation.

But this is the first that I recall of Feminine Nationalism proposed as a serious political movement! (Other than Plato's description of the Amazon nation of ancient Atlantis.)

There's a problem here, something overlooked. It's no accident that the Nineteenth Amendment (allowing women to vote) was enacted during or shortly after World War I. One of the anticipated results was that nothing like World War I could ever happen again, now that women could veto any such thing. Didn't work that way, did it?


Come to think of it, wasn't this idea the theme of the ancient Greek comedy, LYSISTRATA, by Aristtophanes?

< After Athens was badly defeated in the foolish Sicilian disaster, Aristophanes produced perhaps the greatest of the peace protest plays in 411 BC with Lysistrata. In this bawdy comedy Lysistrata has organized the women of Athens and other cities to insist their men make peace. Representatives arrive from Anagyra, Sparta, and Corinth. . . . Lysistrata proposes that they must refrain from sex with men until peace is made. By dressing in transparent gowns they will get their mates' tools up and then refuse them. Even if forced, they will not cooperate so as to remove the real pleasure. Already the older women are seizing the citadel of the Acropolis. The women take an oath to have nothing to do with their lovers or husbands voluntarily, and they seal it by drinking wine. . . . The elderly men of Athens come to the Acropolis with torches, but instead of fighting fire with fire, the women use water to douse the men and their firebrands. When the men try to break into the Acropolis, Lysistrata comes out and says what is needed is not bolts and bars but common sense. Each Scythian who tries to arrest her is met by another woman, and they fall back in terror dirtying themselves. Lysistrata says they have seized the treasury to stop the war; the women intend to administer it just as they do their household expenses. Their first principle is no war, and they will save the men whether they like it or not. So far the women have been ignored when they asked for peace, as the men went from one war madness to another while telling the women to stick to their weaving. Now the women have decided to save Greece by disentangling the various cities. They have suffered the loss of their sons, and the best young men and their husbands are not available for the pleasures of love. However, Lysistrata soon finds that the women want to lay too, and some are trying to escape the protest action; but she persuades them that the men want them just as much. . . . The husband of Myrrhiné arrives looking for her. His erection goes unsatisfied as she continues to tease him and delay undressing until he agrees to make a sound treaty to end the war. The magistrate and the Lacedaemonian herald have similar protrusions under their clothes, as Lampito has instigated the women of Sparta. The beautiful goddess of Peace appears in the nude, as Lysistrata complains how the men cut each other's throats and sack Hellenic cities. She reminds the Laconians how Cimon marched to help them against Messenia, and the Athenians how the Laconians helped fight off the Thessalians and the tyranny of Hippias. The lusty men, seeing beautiful Peace, agree to the treaty, and the women invite them to a feast. The magistrate notes how sober envoys are always picking quarrels with each other.

< In his comedy at least Aristophanes has got the ancient Greeks to make love not war.>


IMMATURE! 04.Feb.2006 18:49


oh, CHRIST- come on. most people outgrow that attitude in their adolescence. it's just a tad more complex than that. valerie solanas did not save the world, and hate-mongers and bigots in any form will not. and, yes- one or two examples of elitist womaen are all you need, b/c one exception is all that's necessary to topple any argument.

how many men do you think you alienate from joining the activist community with that trip? grow up.