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Presidential Images & Mind Control

What I'm writing about here largely takes place on a subconscious level, so you won't be finding it in the press.
The forces at work are also subconscious, but they are instinctively reflecting a very real state of affairs.

There is a deeper reason Cindy Sheehan is being pursued by the government. It has to do with the fact that she has been trying to provoke real face-to-face meetings with George Bush.

This breaks a cardinal rule of mind control: the people are only permitted to see images of the president, not the man.

It seems ridiculous to point this out, but the people of America only know Bush via television. They never see the man, unless he is speaking at carefully controlled venues.

It's all about television and image.

We didn't actually see Bush last night during the State of the Union address. We saw his moving image on television.

This is not an academic distinction.

The real man---if you saw him up close and in person and were talking to him ---would FEEL different. You would be able to gauge your own responses and perceptions.

Imagine for a moment that you only knew your father via television. You never actually met him.

You would never experience your own perceptions of him.

For many people, this means very little. That's because they are already sunk into the IMAGE of things so far that the distinctions escape them.


In person?

My own perceptions?

What is he talking about?

Now, you may not like the image of Bush on television, but you are responding to that image.

If you sat and talked with him, you would come away with something ALIVE. Your own responses. Your own feelings. Your own ideas.

Those responses might be much worse than what you glean from television. I'd predict they would be. If you had the chance to talk to him. You know, like a regular human being.

Perhaps you've seen mainstream reporters interviewing Bush in comfortable settings. Inside the White House. On the lawn of the White House. Cozy one-on-ones. Not interviews to gain information. These are more or less celebrity interviews. And the one clear thing is: the reporters themselves are reacting to the IMAGE. That's right. They're actually there with Bush, but they're reacting to the image. It's weird. It's true, though. It's as if they're on a two-way video stream with Bush, and they can't come out of the trance.

This is all part and parcel of the mind control.

The image is king.

The image is the reality.

There is no person.

There is no president.

Nobody is there.

Only the image.

It works this way with every celebrity.

No one is there.

A real interview with a real person (and I've done many) ALWAYS stimulates the imagination of the interviewer. He always asks questions he hadn't thought of beforehand.

A conversation is CREATIVE.

And in the process, some quite interesting things come to light. Some ALIVE MOMENTS. The very opposite of mind control.



But when you are only dealing with an image, you have a different animal.

So...the image replacing the person also blots out the imagination of the interviewer.

And that is another function and purpose of mind control.

The elimination of creative imagination.

Creative imagination creates life. And when you create new life, you find out things. You experience things. The facades collapse.

Again, what I'm writing here may seem, to some people, to be strange and irrelevant. But it's not. It's of the utmost importance.

Long ago, most people gave up the idea of actually finding out who sits in the White House. But when you think about it, what could be more important, in political terms? And how can you find that out unless you or someone else actually talks to the man at length, in a creative way?

But we are fed the image. And the reporters and pundits respond to that. If you looked again at the after-comments of these pundits last night, when Bush was done, you would see it.

When they say "the president," they are really talking about the images. Nothing more.

They are embedded in the dream.

An automatically "great president" is a person who, on television, projects the feeling that he is really there, is really alive. He makes it seem as if there is no TV.

The last man who did that was JFK.

On a purely subconscious level, beyond any of the machinations of the CIA or the mafia or the anti-Castro Cubans, that is why they killed him.

At the dawn of the era of television, he broke the cardinal rule of mind control.




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Death to Videodrome! 02.Feb.2006 15:33


Long Live the New Flesh!

Speaking of images ... 02.Feb.2006 17:46

Jody Paulson

If you pay attention it's absolutely staggering how often Bush or members of his cabinet are shown with halos, or angel wings, or photographed in such a way as to subliminally indicate "saintliness" -- this page shows just a few examples. Start paying attention to how they deliberately portray these guys, it shows just how broad and deep the propaganda really is.  http://www.angelfire.com/clone2/nimbush/

Calls to mind Bush's limp handshake 03.Feb.2006 16:52

g.d. dem

Anybody remember the King of the Hill episode where Hank Hill - a confirmed Texan Republican voter - actually meets George W. Bush in person for a brief handshake? Turns out, Bush's hand shake was LIMP! A crisis for Hank Hill, who can't vote for a Democrat and even more could never vote for any third party, but who definitely cannot vote for a man with a limp handshake. Hank resolves it by deciding not to vote at all!