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Change Who You Imagine You Are

"The roots of climate change lie not just in the technological infrastructure we've built to exploit fossil fuels, but in the habits of mind and heart created by that infrastructure.. Getting over hyper-individualism is as crucial as getting over oil.."
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Cohousing offers one possible solution 02.Feb.2006 13:56

Community advocate

Living in isolated single-family housing lends itself to hyper-individualism. Living in community leads the other direction. You also need much less "stuff" living in community because you have a natural network to share.

Portland has 2 cohousing communities: Trillium Hollow Cohousing Community and Cascadia Commons.

You can find out more by visiting www.Trillium-hollow.org, www.cascadiacommons.org or www.cohousing.org

Cohousing is a wonderful concept. If you're surounded with wonderful people. 02.Feb.2006 16:14


But it's not for everyone. Imagine cohousing with the Christian Coalition, or the KKK. I stayed for a while in a co-housing development in Hawaii. Things were wonderful until the christians showed up. Co-housing requires that you trust all the people around you, and when they showed up and started trouble, I lost my trust. I've come to appreciate our little home, because I can control that.

Jody Paulson 02.Feb.2006 17:52

Along these lines ...

I just wanted to pass along what I thought was a great article on consumerism:

"I ain't buying it"