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Go East Young Man Go East

A draft blows across America
Baghdad -- sung to the tune of Jackson

We got drafted in a fever
hotter than a pepper sprout
We've been talkin' 'bout Baghdad
ever since we got shipped out
Yeah, we're going to Baghdad
and that's a fact
Yeah, we're going to Baghdad
and ain't never comin' back.

Donald Rumsfeld, along with the Bush administration, are forcing 50,000+ troops to continue serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Invoking the stop-loss policy, which the White House claims is necessary to maintain fully manned units that are battle-experienced and ready to fight, the U.S. military are forcing G.I.'s to serve another 18 months after their terms of enlistment expires.

Despite Rumsfeld's claims to the contrary, U.S. military forces in Iraq are stretched extremely thin due to a high casualty rate.
This stop-loss policy(created by Rumsfeld), is being used as ploy to make voluntary enlistment appear attractive to potential new recruits. "There is no plan to discontinue the stop-loss program any time soon," said Rumsfeld, "and commanding officers in Iraq and Afghanistan have been told to continue using the stop-loss policy indefinitely. I have taken the concerns of the troops
into consideration and I really "understand" the hardships they are going through, but the stop-loss policy will not be discontinued."

Since Rumsfeld initiated the stop-loss program in 2002, over 150,000 troops have had their terms of service extended again and again. There are approximately 12,500 regular army and national guard/reserve troops currently serving involuntarily in Iraq.
As the Iraqi Resistance Guerrillas continue to wage an effective war against U.S. troops, the military branches are facing a severe man/woman-power shortage. The Pentagon claims that only 2,242 U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq. It seems odd then, because the U.S. has about 425,000 troops in Iraq, with redeployment of troops from Europe, South Korea, Okinawa, and fresh recruits shipped to the Middle East. Realistically, the U.S. troop casualty rate is closer to 9,000 - 10,000 dead. This is why Bush made it illegal to reveal any information concerning dead troops flown back to America. This is why in their panic, they impose the stop-loss policy, which will only work for a short time.

As U.S. casualties continue to rise, the Bush administration, in its haste
to maintain its illusion of military victory, will begin conscripting recruits to make up for high troop losses.
The Pentagon said the stop-loss program was only a short-term fix to the military's need for more troops, because the policy "risks breaking military forces as recruitment and retention problems continue to rise."
Feel a Draft? The Pentagon further added that "the persistent use of the stop-loss policy underscores the fact that the war-fighting burden is being carried by a handful of troops while the vast majority of citizens (draft recruits) incur no sacrifice at all."
What is the Definition of Slaverey? 02.Feb.2006 00:25

Commienokaze aka Commie bastard

THE DRAFT! (And apparently voluntary service too!) RESIST, REFUSE THE WAR PIG'S SLAVERY. JUST SAY NO, TO ANY WAR!