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Special Events of "National Significance"

Just another slave in the land of the free.....
BUSHINGTON, D.C.(Dominion of Cheney) Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA),
head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is the author of a new measure which would give the Homeland Security Department's Secret Service branch full authority to arrest "domestic terrorists" who enter into any White House designated "restricted security zones." Of course, this provision was added to the Patriot Act without hearings or debates.

This new provision, now a part of the U.S. Patriot Act, will allow any law enforcement official to arrest protestors at any "special event of national significance". Even if George Bush or any other government official that is protected by the Secret Service is not in attendance in these "security perimeters", demonstrators found in these restricted areas will be charged with a felony and held in jail on "terrorism" charges." The penalty for this felony will be one year in jail.

The Law Is A Lie
George II, going through the pointless & phony exercise of enacting this (and all other) meaningless laws, has given himself absolute authority to designate anyone who displeases him by saying or doing something he finds annoying as a terrorist. Bush's authority is trickling down to all his Gestapo agencies, who have free rein to arrest and detain they deem to be "domestic terrorists."
Specter's office said that the provision removes a loophole and erases any confusion about which law enforcement agency has the authority to arrest and detain demonstrators, and that Senator Specter was "surprised" at the public uproar concerning the provision.

A White House statement, released to Bush-friendly media outlets such as CNN and Faux News, said that the measure was merely a "stand-alone" bill that had been inserted into the Patriot Act by Senator Specter during negotiations held during a joint House-Senate conference. They also said that the American people should have no worries because Bush is protecting America's democracy through the war on terror, both abroad and at home.
The Bush administration said that no individual rights are being trampled on, and that, apart from a few disaffected and disruptive dissendents, America was solidly behind George Bush and his world-wide war against terrorism.
Additionally, the White House said that the American public who are resisting the Bush administration and its policies are a major problem that must be dealt with as they hinder with Bush's efforts to win the war against terror.

Among those who stand behind Bush and his dictatorship is Rocco DiPippo, the editor of The Autonomist Web Log, and a freelance writer for FrontPageMagazine.com.
DiPippo said that some American people have been fighting Bush over his homeland security measures that were (drafted before) and made legal law after 9/11. "Their opposition to Senator Specter's reasonable proposal is just more of the same thing," said DiPippo, "and while I "understand" their suspicions of the U.S. government, the public should not continue with their hate and their Bush-bashing by calling for his[Bush's] resignation and impeachment."

All U.S. governments have spied on the American public, but full-time snooping on the public began with the Reagan administration.
The policy of security perimeters was initiated by Ronald Reagan to distance himself from protestors. This measure allowed Reagan a secure safety zone. This policy was also used by George I and Bill Clinton out of their concerns regarding "domestic terrorists."
After the al CIAduh attack on the WTC, George II took this policy to a higher level by declaring all non-political and political public events as "national special security events."
These "national special security events" have included both of Bush's inaugural balls, Reagan's state funeral, the Superbowl, and Rosa Park's funeral procession. Other NSSE's would include the Olympics, the World Series, and so on.

Under this legislation, law enforcement agencies would, in addition to protecting Bush and/or his minions, be protecting the environs of the event, keeping them free of demonstrators and safe for Bush.
The White House has increased the size of the special security bubble zone to a one-mile radius around the Capitol, in advance of Bush's state-of-the-union address on January 31, 2006. The U.S. government says that this new law is necessary to protect the president from "al Qaeda terrorist attacks", both from abroad and from al Qaeda agents and their supporters within the United
This measure was enacted with nation-wide criticism of Bush and his policies in mind....to ensure that the imbecile Emperor is kept insulated from all anti-bush sentiment. Three people were arrested and escorted from Bush's Social Security speech last year, in Denver, Colorado. The driver's car had an anti-war bumper sticker. School children being arrested and questioned for hours by Chertoff's Homeland Sekurity agents for wearing anti-bush tee shirts, or expressing anti-bush sentiments in other ways.

George II and Court still consider the American public (world) to be stupid enough that they are unable to understand that this "war-on-terror" has nothing to do with keeping George II, the boy-king safe from Osama bin Laden, al Zarqawi, and other assorted bogus terrorist boogey-men. Many American people are well aware that this has everything to do to with ruthlessly
squashing all public dissent and protests against the terrorists in the White House and entire U.S. government system.

The White House demonstrated its willingness to maintain its security-controlled events. Shortly before Bush was scheduled to give his state-of-the-union address, Cindy Sheehan was arrested and removed from the house chamber gallery.
Law enforcement officials said that Sheehan was arrested under anti-terrorism laws for wearing an anti-bush t-shirt and unfurling an anti-bush banner. Sheehan was charged with illegally demonstrating in the Capitol building, and she was processed at a nearby police station, for the entire hour that Bush babbled on.
Cindy Sheehan was released on her own recognizance after Bush's re-warmed speech was over.