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Juvenille arrested at Lloyd Center During Protest Tues.

Please post info./updates
Turns out that at least one person was arrested last night during the Lloyd Center protest. Tyler L.(age 17) was arrested last night for trespassing. He was released after 1am. He said that someone else was also arrested after people called out, "PIGS" to the cops, but he didn't know who. This was around the area of Meier and Frank.

Anyone know about any more arrests?
A reason to carry the jail support number 01.Feb.2006 13:00

catherine portland legal defense network lucciblue@yahoo.com

We really want to be able to help folks when they get arrested. It would have been great if the people that had been with these two had called the legal number and let us know that their friends had been arrested. If these two need referrals to an attorney please email us.

we didnt know 01.Feb.2006 15:41


A large group of us went back to check for people who got arrested. We heard multiple people tell us that nobody was arrested, but we did not believe them until two seperate groups of people that went with us returned who apparently took a different exit out of the mall than we did.

Huh? 01.Feb.2006 17:02


We had no idea. Sorry to whoever got arrested. The group that went up to the second floor (me included) all got out (chased by cops) through meir and frank (or whatever the name is). We went back to the park but quickly realised we were missing a whole bunch of people. We walked back over to the line of cops and tried to find out what was going on. I didn't hear what was being said because on was on a different corner with a camera in case anything happened, but as i stood there, the people we had lost came down the street behind me. We figured that was everybody because they said that there were no arrests in their group, and there were none in ours. Where did the arrests happen?