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1st Person Accounts of GenoaG8 Diaz Raid Trials Has Made UK IMC

Wherever they are held, the G8 summits, the meetings of the 8 most powerful industrial nations, have a history of attracting campaigners and protestors from all over the world. There are the hard line protestors who believe that unless protest is radical (and for some violent) that nothing will be achieved, there are those who approach the situation with powerful humour and ironic messages such as The Clown Army at the recent G8 meeting in Scotland and those who subscribe to policies of non-violence. However I would argue that this is a simplistic view. At a forum where emotions run high and policing is tough and often intimidatory, any individual whatever their views can be caught up in situations designed by the authorities to contain, stamp out or prematurely end demonstrations. Reports at spike-online.com at the time of the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001 point out that "Condemning the 'mindless violence' of anti-capitalist protestors lets everybody off the hook - protestors and authorities alike." The G8 in Genoa saw arguably the worst violence of all summits, including one demonstrator shot dead. The right wing government at that time had an agenda of repression, intolerance and a determination to totally crush demonstrations. Finally 4 years later they now have a case to answer for the violence inflicted on many attendees at the Genoa G8 meeting in 2001.. [ read more ]

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pic of raid of diaz school convergence space
pic of raid of diaz school convergence space