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J31 success

Hitting the streets and making noise entices people from their tvs
I arrived a little late, a stream of disabilities was holding up the 14 going downtown, having just gotten off work, and the caffiene slowly wearing off, leaving me tired and cranky, I was not looking foward to walking back over the same bridge in the protest.

As I walked in the square, I was suprised to find out, that the plans have changed, we are getting on the max and going to the Lloyd center. Fine by me man. The cops were lined up directly accross the stage, I diddnt see any of them with cameras of any sort, although, when your downtown anycity, youre on camera most of the time anyway. After some rousing music we board the max. Much to my suprise, the cops didnt follow.

Plans change again.

Im fairly new to the area, even newer participant to a community that gives a fuck. I am also pretty ignorant to what the Black Bloc is about, but what I have seen has been very inspirational. Decisive, influential and most of all, organized. We all have our place and purpose, mine being copwaching, so when the bloc raided the Mall, I had to follow. As I took up the rear I heard the comments of fresh fly urban honeys saying "fucking punk rockers", so on and so forth. I didnt hear much before they were kicked out, but they did get the attention from everyone in there, some shopkeeps even pulled down their gates. Success? I dont know, I need someone to explain it to me, im not trying to be an asshole, I just want to understand. Was the point just to spit in their faces? If so, then I can admire that. Just didnt see any hearts change thats all.

Plans change again.

We all get back together in the park and start to move south. Until about 3/4 of the group left to go protest the military recruiters on broadway. I hope they acieved their goal, and everyone came out okay, although it would have been nice to have their voices and energy with us trough the neighborhood.

As we were running down 12th i got to meet some really good people, raven, blaze and others whos name i didnt get. after a ciggarrette and more running my lungs were burning and and ready for yelling. We finally met up with the others and got to make noise. Chants of "Impeach Bush" and "No more lies" brought paople away from their tvs, and to their windows. Some actually screamed with us. I dont know if anyone joined us on the march but fact is, if they were home, they were at their windows or doors. I dont know what they were thinking, but im almost positive based on their reactions that they werent feeling alone.

The J31 protest has proved that we dont need media coverage. If we go to the neighborhoods, make noise, they will come out of their shells. I did and it felt nice.

At the lucky lab I had the pleasure to sit, talk and drink beer with some stand up gals and guys and seriously discuss topics that would usually have people staring at me like i had three dicks hanging out of my nose. That was nice too. I cant wait to see you all again.

oh yeah, about the cops in the neighborhood, unless they are ninjas, there wasnt a single one. ahhhh paradise.
success was not in the air 01.Feb.2006 08:01


what i saw was a complete lack of organization but most importantly a lack of solidarity. I saw everyone leave the blac bloc first chance when they decided to go to the mall. Everyone needs to learn how to stick together because maybe that would've been more succesful if there was double the people marching through neighborhoods. To me, the neighborhood march was a mistake and it sounds like more was done at the counter-recruitment deom. I say that people in this town need to learn some unity.

the mall 01.Feb.2006 08:27


Everyone should have came into the mall. We would have had larger numbers and wouldnt have gotton kicked out so fast. There was more people in there that would have heard the message than there was that in the neighborhood. Wish such small numbers we needed to do something more effective. We could have always hit up the neighboorhood afterwards. Every damn protests the groups split up, and I usualy go with the group that sounds like they have a more important mission, and that usualy ends up being the kids in black. The older people are to scared to go with us or something. Which is funny, because the groups I go with never start any violent actions, but they arent scared to get in people's faces and be heard either.

We seriously need better organization at these events, and we need to get more people (myself included) involved in gathering more people for the protests. I am sure more would have showed up if the weather was better, which to me is pathetic. People are letting the weather stop them from fighting for their future and for the people who are dying everyday. All in all I had fun, but I don't believe we accomplished much.

is there any leadership from the left? 01.Feb.2006 09:53

f this

I might as well join the republican party. at least the are organized and make things happened. my recap of yesterday:
get to pioneer square to see about a 100 people. I thought the march was supposed to go through downtown?
then everyone gets on the max and heads to the lloyd center. from the lloyd center a group enters the mall while the remaining few stand in the rain. Finally the group decides to start the march(I was surprised by this since it was the first decision made all night. I thought the purpose of the march was to make a lot of noise walking through neighborhoods so people inside their homes, watching the sotu would come out to see all the noise. are there many residential neighborhoods around the llyod center? didn't see any. however there a lot of closed businesses and an interstate we crossed.
i cannot wait for nulcear war. then it will all be over, finally.

Scoff away 01.Feb.2006 11:05


good for you and your good energy. let the others scoff if they want, let them poo-poo street action all they want. you did good work and sounds like a good time.

just cant live that negative way 01.Feb.2006 12:42


Im trying to look at the positive here. I say Fuck the media and fuck your sarcastic yippies. You have to look at the positive and build from that. Tony, you are full of shit, you are syaing that a mall full of kids is going to free us from slavery? More so than going into the neighborhoods, stright to the people who are watching the SOTU? Also the kids in black do not have the most important mission just because one kid on the max says, hey lets go to the mall. Again I got nothing wrong with these kids, other than the fact that they are supposed to be participants working towards a common goal, like we are all there for. The organizers plan was to march through the neighborhoods, not the mall. Why not go the mall on your own time, why did the march have to be sacrificed because of some bloc groupthink mentality. As I look back, I think the mall action was selfish and immature and did nothing but hurt the people who are on your side. And then to come back and chastise the people who waited for you to be kicked out of the mall, only to be divided again for the recruiters?

Again there are positives, these involve what the organizers set out to do, and what we all accomplished. And just so we are all sure, you dont have to get tortured by the police to make a difference. And we dont need the fucking media, if I had a vote I would say to avoid them, they do nothing but distort and decieve. Whatever happened to grassroots. why the black, who are we trying to scare?

Like I said before, im pretty ignorant to it all, just know what I see. I am definately getting more involved here on in, all thanks to marching in the rain with some really great people.

To my comrads in black 01.Feb.2006 12:58


Fuck Organization who needs it. What we need is for people to stop complaining and start resisting. A plan that is unorganized but exucuted with lots of energy is better than an organized plan executed with nothing to move it forward. What I was a part of was thrilling energizing it made me smile that people were actuallly doing something sure we didn't accoplish much, but did anybody say the struggle was going to be easy? lets do it again and soon and to all the people who always see the glass half empty when the nazis take over then you will have something really to complain about. Orgainization is something that we should not be so concerned about what we should be concerned about is getting people off their asses and into the street some of the best plans are made on according to the situation it keeps the cops off guard. Cudos to you Gabe.

In soilidarity Brent
Comrads in common struggle
Comrads in common struggle
Marching on loyde center
Marching on loyde center
Shutting down the recruiting center
Shutting down the recruiting center

WHAT WOULD MARCOS DO??!! 01.Feb.2006 13:38


What kind of shit is that, you would say that Marcos would be against going into the mall. Excuse me liberals, I have to puke. O.K. I don't want to make enemies with the liberals here because they have saved our asses in some occassions but wake the fuck up. The city of Portland is fucking liberal. Get that through your head. When you set off to distract the liberals from watching the state of the union adress YOU ARE DOING NOTHING. And honestly, if your target was to distract republicans from their tvs go to a conservative neighborhood. Like the suburbs. Going in the mall was an excellent idea, and probably the most effective plan we could do. It was spur of the moment and that was excellent. Here is why it kicked ass. A) if you want Bush to step down, what is better, telling liberals the same shit they've heard for years, or disrupting his money flow? Capitalism and power is all what the government cares about, they could give a fuck about the people. But, when you disrupt capitalism, then you are going to recieve some attention. The Blac Bloc was not some unorganized group of "kids" you ageist fucks, they were people who put a lot of time and effort trying to solve the problem where it starts. I myself am not an anarchist but I did join the blac bloc because their message was a lot better than anyone elses. And B) going into the mall reached a lot more people than going through neighborhoods. There were a lot of people that stared at us and asked us what we were all about. We told them we didn't like bush and we didn't like the his politics. Information was spoken about how the country is on a crash course, and it reached a crowd more conservative than the liberals in NE. Abercrombie girls, and Polo wearing guys finally took us serious when we took a step into their life and disrupted it with our message. Shops closed their gates, and business was stopped. People were so startled that a band of 50 people in all black and masks came in the mall, that soon everyone found out. In fact, this little situation would probably be talked about to families and to friends. It rose a lot of attention and had a message behind it. So the blac bloc in fact did a lot more than parading through the streets, which, again was for the liberals and probably wouldnt be talked about that much.

To whoever said what would Marcos do, I just hope you read a book. Honestly, in January 1st 1994 what did the zapatistas do? They did direct action and "took" chiapas. But what pray tell were they doing this for. BECAUSE NAFTA (NORTH AMERICAN FREE TRADE AGREEMENT) WAS FUCKING THEM OVER. But wait a second, where do we find a lot of free trade products that encourage things like CAFTA, the WTO, and the FTAA. AT THE FUCKING MALL. Mass produced.

This really sounds like a hate comment but it is not. I'm simply sick and fucking tired of liberals thinking they are always right, and lazy people like American Idol saying that it was good that they missed the protest, and complaining about how it was poorly organized. I mean, the blac bloc sure was fucking organized. We were the most people there. If you complain so much about poorly organized protests organize yourself, you will get a lot more done!

I also would like to thank the liberals for ditching us after they said they would wait for us after we got out of the mall. Breaking up the group really helps a protest. We had a paddy wagon, cameras, 4 cop cars, and lots of cops follow us, and why you ask werent they following the liberals? Because the liberals weren't doing anything to raise awareness and being effective. You wonder why you had no police on you. Usually the amount of police that follow use is how effective you are. They follow you because they dont want your message to get out, and they'll do anything possible to prevent you from free speech.

Afterwards we went to the recruiting office. We went there because, it was directly connected with the Iraq war, and that people had been harassed by police prior to that. WE SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF THE RECRUITERS. They even tried to compensate saying, this is how I make a living. I don't think they have ever been approached like that ever before when recruiting. We were telling recruters to get out and scaring them, while the liberals who were "more effective" were sipping on beer and talking about how well they did.

And Mr. Met, we werent exactly shopping and we didn't kill YOUR march, we were a seperate march of our own. We went into the mall expecting you to wait for us, but guess what, it was your own damn fault. You left without us, so it was you who "sacraficed the march."

Props to democracy catylist and Gabe. My rant is over.

dont be hypocrytical 01.Feb.2006 15:10

Mr. Met

So when someone refers to the bloc as kids, thats in reference to what a member called themselves. No disrespect was intended by me. And at the same time, calling me an ageist fuck still wasnt bad as calling me a liberal, and no it wasnt MY march, and im not associated with a goddamn thing so dont take my opinions as gospil from anybody or any group.

I have done some research and have found the work of the black bloc persons of unspesified age to be beautiful and necessary in our world.

I just saw positives in what I was involved in, and im glad to see you saw positives in where you went BEn, I just hope we can all get our shit together.

In response to the neighborhood not accomplishing anything, I would say that comment was based on ignorence clear and simple. Have you watched the 10pm news? Do you how many pedofiles and terrorists are lurking outside just waiting for the right time to butt rape you? I dont see how you cannot see the significance of a group of people marching in these neighborhoods, inviting people outside, showing them, that you dont have to believe in their fear mongering, and that we can be there for each other.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing

i hope that line doesnt make me sexist, i didnt make it up, i think some jedi said it.

one more thing 01.Feb.2006 16:13

Mr. Met

By the way, I was with you in the mall and I dont have to believe in or agree with anyones political idology to copwatch. My sole purpose by following the bloc was to follow the police. I did, however believe in the organizers stated purpose of the march so I never left you, YOU left us for the recruiters. and God bless you all for doing so. In hindsight, it couldnt have worked any better. Action was taken on two different fronts, and according to people who were actually out there in the rain, wherever they were, there was success.

I am eternally greatful for the "reports" of few or no arrests, I dont want to see anyone arrested for standing up for theirs and others rights, mostly because the police can and have killed and brutalized for less and have gotten paid vacations in return.

It was two different actions that were effective, saying that a police presence is an indication for how effective you are does a huge disservice to all the people who give a fuck, and while i was there sipping my beer with fellow marchers i heard nothing but admiration and respect for all that the bloc has done past and present, so try not bite too quickly when all these people did was follow through with their goal for the protest.

And again, these are my opinons only, Liberals are more forgiving when their actions are belittled. common ground can be found only if you want it.

Protest in San Francisco 01.Feb.2006 17:31

Jody Paulson

I went to the protest in San Francisco and it was awesome! The crowd was energetic, there were plenty of cops (and many non-political people I talked to today took note of this) but there was no trouble that I'm aware of -- and it was held in a very high-profile "Attention Macy's shoppers" type area -- Union Square. There was a lot of youthful energy and they had a lot of good ideas, including fanning out earlier in the day in to drum up support from all over the bay area.

How does indybay.org report this event? A "60-minute hate". I won't even go into what I think about that indymedia except there's another example of heavy infiltration. But the protest was awesome, and it included such a huge cross-section of the community -- a very positive sign.

Mr Met: 01.Feb.2006 22:28


i say that it's more effective to storm a mall than to march through the most liberal part of portland. Last time i checked there wasn't one republican marching which is why I left. I felt that going to the counter-recruitment would've been more successful than going to a march were everyone was basically preaching to the choir. I regret every descision I made at that protest.

oh what fun it is to run//in the rain// 01.Feb.2006 22:47


Organization, not really and i feared this from the beginning, however, it was good to shake up the regular routine of an average day in an average mall. People were stopping to see why exactly "scary people" dressed in black clothing were prancing around in their hang-out? It possibly got some to think? By the time the group (too small of one i might add) joined with the others, the only thing I heard being announced was to end up at the bar, which is very uncreative. So i thought the mall to be the most effective way of getting some sort of message accross to our community. I thought that also going through the neighborhoods would have been a great idea as well, but not if the main attraction was to end at the bar.

Fell down a whole? 01.Feb.2006 23:27


Where was everyone? Not trying to be negative....but It was announced that the march would start at 6pm. I even got off work an hour early to be there by 5, and everyone had pretty much left. Not good planing.

arguing and defeatism end in defeat 01.Feb.2006 23:41


I was the one who ended up being at the front of the neighborhood march. I was also one of the speakers at the rally.

Despite the rain, we should be both happy and frustrated that turnout was what it was, and that the marches were what they were. Happy? Because we mobilized people, got them to think about what is going on, to ignore the President while he lies his ass off in front of the nation, and to know that there is resistance. Upset? We could have done better, across the board.

But we need more unity. I for one think that our success will be measured when those that represent us by oppressing are finally driven from office, one by one. That is to say, I take the political route to help foster change. However, I also respect and appreciate groups like the Black Bloc, even if I think your tactics don't work. (And they don't, or at least they didn't in Chicago) We're all on the same side, and if we work towards a common goal of ending the war or exposing corruption or stopping environmental degradation, we can be at the vanguard of change and see the fruits of our labor.

We need to also be optimistic about this. I mean, we should be working FOR change, not against a regressive autocrat. That's what this is about-change.

Let's see some more unity. Please?

unity and coordination 02.Feb.2006 02:18


Yes. I agree demos like this could use more unity and coordination. One issue that was voiced here was the decision to end at a bar. While I do not know the minors policy of lucky lab, it makes sense to have a super inclusive atmosphere in the end to celebrate our unity. We should really value the participation of those under 21, and make sure they can have fun at the end of a good march.

Us agaisnt Us not Us against U.S 02.Feb.2006 11:54

Link jsm_link_jsm@yahoo.com

Lloyd Center was great. We got more of a message out storming through a public mall and having our voices rumbling through parking lots. America these days involve fat people watching their fat televisons. How many people would even give two shits if your loud as hell in a residential neighborhood befor ten-o-clock? We had people cheering, speaking with us and people following to have thier voices heard. Group organizations are just as bad as the bush regime. I tip my hat to the black bloc for showing me how easy it is to have a voice against wrongfull doings. Skrew you guys for not having the balls to be heard.

AMEN BEN! 03.Feb.2006 22:56



Sure it could have been better, but who the fuck are they to lead from the sidelines? A buch of defeatist dictators. So they had "concerns" but they didn't have the guts to step up and contact you, and address those concerns face to face? Or try to work with you in person to determine some better more effective path? Just shoot you in the back as you pass them by?
Do what you know is right, and learn from that. Leave the haters to hating.

amen brother.


minors were allowed in lucky lab 04.Feb.2006 00:12

minor who went to lucky lab

these were restaurant/pubs. minors were able to go until 9pm. there was no disclusion.