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lies and wars

speech 31-1-6
Lies and Wars

Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)

"Only the dead know the end of War"


In any system of government, for any leader war should be and always the last resort of any government. A leader should be a leader not bought and sold like so much cattle, we are now in our third year of War; but is the battle were it is suppose to be. September 11. 2001 a day that in President Roosevelt's words will live in Infamy; we lost two thousand nine hundred men. The two thousand of the casualties were aboard the U.S.S BB Arizona pride of the Pacific fleet four hundred died at Hickam and wheeler field and at the Marine Air Station on Ford Island, the rest were civilians killed at Pearl City. I being a former Marine can understand the killing of the military and I can understand collateral damage being Pearl City sat tight to the Naval Base at Pearl Harbor.

On our Pearl Harbor day, the slaughter of innocent civilians for a political message is a totally different story we lost in the World Trade Center two thousand nine hundred killed another three hundred consisting of flights 93, 77, 11 and another making it an even three thousand men and women, emergency services personal, law enforcement and many service members and civilians in the third target which was the headquarters of our military's command and control. We as a nation stood tall that day and vowed to get those who sucker punched us using our own aircraft and innocent civilians, but one group vowed not to be used as a weapon and counter attacked the hijackers and hijackers drove the plane into the ground disintegrating leaving nothing but parts, forty-four men and women and six crewmen.

If they were in the military I would have awarded everyone the Congressional Medal of Honor for paying the ultimate sacrifice their live in the defense of their Nation we owe them a lot and will never forget united flight 93 and the hero's within. The enemy thought we were down for the count, and we gave them a surprise only weeks later when inserted members of the Argosy Special operations forces and they went to work finding the El gaieda training centers, air fields; we began a sacred hunt for the dogs who murdered our people.

I must make it plain and truth that these men, these criminals have nothing to do with the religion of Islam; there are many Muslims in America and the Middle East which will have nothing to do with these criminals who pervert Islam.

As I write to day Muslim Americans are fighting in Afghanistan hunting these animals down, they are Army, Navy, Air force and Marines. Being an American is not a mater of race, religion, culture and sex, it is the en dominible sprit within us. But its one thing to chase the dogs of hell to ground it is another to take the eye of the ball and start a fight with a country that could not fight it way out of a bag.
To start this fight with Iraq, what were the reasons? I would fight and die in her defense yet I would not spill my blood foolishly and not for black gold, and not for the revenge of son for a father's short sightedness in battle. He let the Republican Iraqi Guard get away and he allowed the Kurdish rebellion to be crushed with mustard gas and butchery. It cost him his re-election, which most would say brought relief to the poor, the low income, and the elderly for eight years under President William Jefferson Clinton; we got involved in a few fist fight we had to brake up with NATO help in the Balkans, then we sent the 1st Marine Division to Somalia to restore order and to get the food to those who needed it.

It to them and the War lord who controlled Mogadishu waited till the Marine left and the protection for the food shipment was turned over to the United Nation Security forces. A few month later twenty-three Pakistani soldiers were slaughtered President Clinton sent a Task force of the seventy-fifth Rangers and Delta Force to capture the War lord Mohamed Farad Aided . The operation was one big snafu (situation normal all fracked up) ill equipped, poorly planned, we lost two black birds and over fifty soldiers killed in an all night firefight through the streets of that war torn city.
America watched as special operative Shogart and Gordon were killed defending one of the down crewmen of the black hawk and their bodies defiled and dragged through the street, the crewmen was brutalized and held captive. The rest of the strike had to be rescued by the 10th Mountain and Pakistani Armored units assigned to the United Nations, a hundred men were wounded in the engagement. It was an honorable mission, conceived in justice for the Somali people; but ill planned by military leaders. It was a good try and I honor their service. Then came a dishonor when a republican controlled house tried to put the President of the United States on trial for an act that was only against his wife; not the nation. He is only the second president to be tried for crimes and misdemeanors, it backfired on the Republican controlled house; and got him re-elected for a second term.

In 2000, his vice president lost his bid to the white house to the Texas Governor George Walker Bush. He went to work with his pen by flushing two hundred billion and a shrinking deficit down the flush, to pay his friends, a buy allies. Then came that horrible day in September, we began to chase the Dog of war to ground in Afghanistan; Osama bin laden, we had him trapped at Torah Bora; but guess he got away because George Walker Bush took his eye of the ball.

He made accusations of weapons of mass destruction being made in Iraq; he said that he had intelligence to prove this. How come the world did not have this intelligence? It was all a lie, intelligence made up in the minds of Secretary Rice and George Tenant the former head of the Central Intelligence Agency and the director of the NSA both answerable to secretary which now heads the state department.

I ask why not? Did Secretary Powell stay on in the second term? I think he would not play the games of Washington or dance the Potomac two steps. As designee of the President he lied to the house and senate foreign relation committee, as designee of the President of the United States he lied to the United Nations Security council, as designee of the President of the United States he lied to the foreign ministers of NATO. He knew the intelligence provided by the National Security agency and the Central Intelligence agency was flawed and bull frack who both directors were answerable to the present Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice. General Powell resigned because he would not shovel the crape that Mr. Bush wanted anymore.

Our soldiers and sailors, airmen, and Marines are fighting and dying on bloody killing fields. Yet they curtail the rights of those who serve in silence because of their private lives. I watched tonight the State of the Union, he said he mourned the civil rights leader Mr. King's widow, yet this government denies the right because of orientation or private lives; because of religion and fear, hate, and mistrust of people who did nothing wrong boys like Mathew Shepard and many others murdered because of their private lives.

United States mean united, not divided and one nation regardless of race, culture, religion, sex and sexual orientation. He is no Roosevelt, Kennedy, Truman, Reagan he is just stupid a lousy businessmen and a fool. I have to go back to work just to survive thus gone is my medical care, gone is my disability, gone is SSI because of the world he created. I mean, he is cutting Medicare, he is cutting Medicaid, he is cutting education, he his cutting food stamps, and sending our warriors into harms way for what a lie.

A figment of George Walker Bush's mind, yes we are facing a lot of evil in the World; we and Russia have lost control of the nuclear monster we created in 1945 to end the Second World War. States like India, Pakistan, Iran and North Korea rough nations with the power of world death at their hands. Two super powers remain the Peoples Republic of China and the United States of America and the republic of Russia.

We must regain rationality, from irrationality and preserve the peace of this one tiny world in a universe we call home... .unification in our own homeland is important to be a true leader of the world. Mr. Bush has stolen that from, by dividing us with fear, mistrust, and hate of anyone different I ask everyone to read the articles I have written and ask for you're self has his leadership failed us as a country and as nation.

Domestically, foreign policy now there is something to laugh about, his speech tonight last about an hour and it was a sea of contradictions and lies. The Iraq war has cost us twenty seven hundred lives add that to the three thousand killed on our second Pearl Harbor; So far we have lost five thousand seven hundred and fifty soul with thousands more of our warriors wounded and changed forever because of it.

We are fighting and dying more in the ITO (Iraqi theater of operations) then we are; in the ATO (Afghanistan Theater of operations) we must defeat terror but there is a right and a wrong way to do it. It is one thing to fight and die for a just cause like the liberation of Kuwait, and chasing the dog who murdered our people on September 11, 2001, it's another to die for black gold and revenge of son for a father's dismal failure as a leader in War. Bring our son's and daughters, our fathers and mothers, our brothers and sisters home from Iraq.

It is a war we can not win; yet we are fighting and dying at the hands of insurgents filtering through the strainer that is Iraq's borders on all sides. It is our new Vietnam and we are losing our people in a sea of blood from roadside bombs, gorilla attacks. Yet we feel we are above the law and above the rules of war. In the 1930's we signed a document you know the Geneva Convention. Yes Vietnam ignored it and so did Japan in the Second World War, which does not make it right for us to ignore or sponsor unbridled torture or detention on the basis of race and prejudice.

If we lead, we obey the rules of law and rules regardless of who the enemy is. As I said lies and wars and all I see in our future wars of a thousand generations. Now we are about to repeat the bloody history of Europe all I ask is if I fight it be a just and noble cause not a new world order, or for the sake of friendship of a tiny country called Israel. We died on every battlefield on the earth let us now as a nation unite as one, and create a firestorm by voting the Ultra right conservatives of the Republican Party. He called a protectionist action I call it an act of freedom for all Americans. We need to defend ourselves, defend our borders, but unite as one nation; not dividing or paralyzing our people with fear of future, of each other of a person's private life. I hope that everyone understands what I am trying to say and my message.