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photos of todays gathering at Pioneer Square

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The World Can't Wait for us to Wake Up! 31.Jan.2006 21:25


Thanks Navy Dad for the great pictures! Glad to see the 9/11 "Unanswered Questions" signs. I wish there were more of them! Power in numbers! Definately connect the dots, if more people would simply do this we could save ourselves from a lot of time protesting and marching around in the rain. Wake up people! All it takes is a little research on your part if you don't already know that the 'official story' was totally fabricated and a complete lie.

resistance was futile 31.Jan.2006 21:38


So where was everyone? I was there by 5pm and there was only a handful of people there...I heard people left before 5.

a few more 01.Feb.2006 00:09


Great job everyone!

Today was fun 01.Feb.2006 00:35

Matt Reeder

Today was fun. Let's do it again sometime.

seattle imc sad stuff 02.Feb.2006 06:49


It is sad to me that the Seattle IMC has made it impossible for Seattle-ites to use our own IMC to talk about our actions IN Seattle. I hope someday the jokers who are holding Seattle IMC hostage give it UP, so we can have our own IMC back and be allowed to talk about our own local actions on our own local IMC. Since they have driven the Seattle IMC into the ground for years now, no one goes there to look for action announcements, no one goes there to read what happened at Seattle actions. We have to use Portland IMC because the Seattle IMC is being held hostage by a less than 5 people for years now. It is unreal but whatever. I guess this is what Assumed Hierarchy looks like. But the whole Seattle community pays for something like 5 people's bad judgement. Unreal. I guess that is a good example of what can go WRONG with an IMC system but it is sad to me. And yes, many many local journalists have asked to help reestablish that site as viable, and this same group of very few people keeps holding on, locking others out, so...I do not know when they will ever forfeit the reins back to the community but we have waited for years now with zero to little progress. And the site they are running now is simply a mess and not useful to the Seattle community. Seattle goes to Oly's mediaisland or PDX IMC for action updates and report backs. And Seattle IMC has NOTHING to say re this but go away! Amazing shit.