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PLDN jail support Jan 31'st

The Portland Legal Defense network will be pooling video after the Jan 31'st demo. We have a report that a Indymedia reporter was assaulted outside of Lloyd center. Anyone who witnessed this assault or has it on video please email  lucciblue@yahoo.com
Indymedia is currently doing a live audio-stream of tonight's demo. I highly encourage folks to use this tool so that we can have an archive (and a timeline) of events during these important actions. Anyone with a cell phone can call in off the street. The Indymedia call-in line is 503-715-0994

Indymedia videographers, and the audio collective have both been really important in documenting the police repression we have experienced in Portland over the past five years. Some really important footage used in the A22 case came from Indymedia videographers.

The Portland Legal Defense Network works in close conjunction with Indymedia, NLG legal observers (most of whom are law students), and the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center. We are a growing network.

We would like folks to call us if they have witnessed police misconduct, if they see an arrest, or if they get a ticket for jaywalking. We hear reports all the time of activists being followed after demo's and threatened with arrest if they do not give their names. Please call us if this happens to you. Our phone number is 503-295-6400.

So far, no arrests. But folks are still on the street.