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Native people protest Calpine for Medicine Lake. Will sacred land power be sold to you?

On January 27th, Native Americans and their supporters from across the country gathered at the Calpine energy company headquarters in San Jose to protest the company's proposed plans to build power plants and drill for geothermal energy in the culturally important Medicine Lake Highlands, located in Northeastern California. The tribal members and supporters demand that Calpine immediately cease and desist from its proposed energy extraction plans as this would devastate the Native cultural and natural environmental landscape around Medicine Lake. This power, like the Klamath dams power, would be used in Porltand and other Oregon cities.
Medicine Lake cadera with Mt Shasta,this area may soon be an industrial waseland
Medicine Lake cadera with Mt Shasta,this area may soon be an industrial waseland
The Highlands comprises the largest shield volcano on this continent and is home to many rare birds and animals that live in the lava tubes, obsidian flows, old-growth forests and craters. The spring waters in this area are some of the clearest and cleanest in the country. This area, used since time immemorial for healing, ceremony and other cultural purposes by Native peoples, is sacred to the tribes of the Pit River, Modoc, Shasta, Karuk, Wintu and many others. Calpine has federal energy development leases that cover eight square miles, and if built a nine-story high power plant complex would annually produce tons of toxic hydrogen sulfide gas and other heavy metals such as arsenic and mercury.

The sacred and natural area would be clearcut to make space to build toxic slump ponds, roads, pipelines, cooling towers, and the tallest building in northeastern California, which would be fully lit around the clock. This project threatens the underlying aquifer which is California's largest spring system. Native peoples, homeowners, environmentalists and other concerned citizens have been opposing this project since it was first proposed. Ironically, the geothermal energy extracted from the area would be bought and sold as "green energy" mainly in Oregon.

In Related news: Also on Friday the Undam the Klamath roadshow began in Arcata California. At least 200 people came out for this multi-media presentation that featured Native American Rock and Roll, three indy movies about the Klamath River and native people and local speakers. The next stop on this roadshow is Ashland, OR

Energy for both of these struggles that pit Native people and other earth lovers against mega energy giants Pacific Power and Calipine will be going to to Portland, Eugene and other Oregon Cities

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Is Calpine still up to this? 31.Jan.2006 23:22


Calpine declared bankruptcy in November 2005. That doesn't stop the limited liability companies that spring like viruses from the corps, of course,; just wondering if anyone knows if this is a post from this January, rather than a couple years ago.