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Haitian Political Prisoner Released - Support needed for other PPs

In 2004, the U.S. France, and Canada helped orchestrate the military coup d'etat that overthrew Haiti's democratically elected president, Jean Betrand Aristide, leader of the Lavalas movement which aimed to empower Haiti's poor majority.
Since the coup, the U.S. supported Haitian government has imprisoned the Fanmi Lavalas leadership as well as the more than 1000 Lavalas sympathizers, without charge or trial for close to 2 years now. One political prisoner, Father Jean Juste, was released for medical treatment on Saturday. Many others, including folk singer and community leader Annette S˛ Ann Auguste,
We support the release of the Haitian political prisoners and the call from the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network to support the political prisoners by contacting the media (see below).

"Men anpil, chay pa lou - Many hands makes the load light!"

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From:  erzilidanto@yahoo.com
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 12:15:54 -0800 (PST)

Father Jean Juste Has been Released Yesterday.

Father Jean Juste was brought to the
Canapervert hospital in Haiti to be seen by
oncologist experts the illegal Haitian
authorities had engaged who never showed up.
Father Jean Juste was visibly suffering from
leukemia and the ravages of pneumonia,
complaining of shortness of breath. After keeping
him at the hospital for three hours, our source
indicates the de facto Haitian authorities told
Jean Juste there was no bed and no doctors to see
him and returned him back to prison.

This morning father Jean Juste was
"conditionally" released from prison and, is
currently, as I write this piece, landed in Miami
and going through immigration. He will then head
to a Miami hospital, accompanied by Bill Quigley,
Dr. Jennifer Furin, from the Harvard Medical
School, representatives from Veye Yo, including
Lavarice Gaudin and Miami's Haitian community.

Men Anpil Chay Pa lou!

But, there are over 1,000 Haitian political
prisoners in Haiti. Like Jean Juste, many of them
were handed over to this US-orchestrated
lawlessness by the MINUSTHA (UN) forces.

Fact is,
Mario Andresol and Latortue's so-called
"preventive detention" is nothing more than official kidnapping.
Today's New York Times article barely scratches
the surface of US meddling in Haitian affairs.

See, "Democracy Undone: Mixed US Signals Helped Tilt Haiti Towards Chaos."

The crucial implication made in this article is
that Ambassador James Foley was MORE amenable to
applying IRI/Stanley Lucas' "no-negotiation"
policy for unseating the elected government of
President Aristide than Ambassador Dean Curran

Yet, the article doesn't mention, what
Haitians see as the callous and criminal roles of
former Ambassador James Foley and now Haiti
Democracy Project's Timothy Carney in the removal
of over 7,000 elected and appointed Haitian
officials and the return of the bloody Haitian
army, with the international community supporting
TEN years back pay to this murderous group. It
does hangs Stanley Lucas out to dry, but fails to
mention the culpability of the respondiat
superior, President Bush, IRI?s ultimate boss.
Or, the culpability of those on IRI?s board, such
as, Republican foreign-policy heavyweights and
lobbyists, and its chairman Senator John McCain,
who some say is the 2008 Republican presidential hopeful to contend

So, perhaps this New York Times article is more
damage control, than a willingness to tell the
truth. Even so, for those who have refused to
give credence to HLLN's advocacy and reporting of
US orchestration of the bi-centennial coup
d'etat, its training of the former Haitian
military and coup d'etat paramilitaries to launch
the violence against Haiti's fledging democracy,
this article is a must read as it is a speck of
truth in the darkness of Washington's bottomless
deceptions and lies about Haiti. It begins to
identify, for the well, the Washington Chimeres.
It begins to outlines why Haitian death and
failures serves Washington's interests and
Halliburton and Chevron's interests. Haiti at war
makes them profits, allows for waste of AID
monies that never helps to develop Haiti, but to
enrich Washington NGO's, former USAID mission
directors, and State Department and UN officials and cronies with jobs.

Still even though this "Democracy Undone" article
still speaks in (Einaudi, Reich, Noreiga's)
forked tongue, it is a marked departure for the
New York Times from the normal obfuscations and
half-truths. It begin an analysis we hope shall
continue and be delved further into.
It renews our campaign to request an
investigation of US officials in Haiti and their
corrupting roles. The article should interests
some US Congresspeople to press again for an investigation.
The timing though is interesting. Why now?
Poukisa New York Times kase kord avek Bush
kounye-a? A few days before the State of the
Union Address? The day Jean Juste is released?

Those of us in the know merely see another con
job in the making. For, I know for a fact, was
there at the Montana Hotel on Dec. 31, 2003 when
Luigi R. Einaudi, who led the so-called
"international effort" to find a political
settlement on behalf of the Organization of
American States to Haiti's manufactured crisis,
said very pointedly and CLEARLY not that the
problem in Haiti was, as the New York Times
article writes he said "What you had was the
constant undermining of the credibility of the
negotiators, by (IRI)" but Luigi R. Einaudi, said
very clearly and audibly that "the problem in
Haiti is that the international community is so
screwed up, it is letting Haitians run Haiti..."
This is not second hand info. He said it in front
of me. I wrote it down I was so aghast at the
blatant and racist acknowledgement of why coup
d'etat was necessary and, this said, by the chief
OAS negotiator for democratic principles!!!.

France, Canada and the US used their considerable
political, diplomatic and economic powers to help
orchestrate Haiti's bi-centennial coup d'etat and
occupation, while the New York Times and other
major corporate media ran this international
community's spins, - ran their spiel that the
violence in Haiti was a "popular movement" that
rose up from Haitian soil, (not out of IRI and
USAID democracy enhancement programs, the denial
of IDB loans and/or from Dominican hotels
meetings and conference with Guy Phillipe in
possible attendance.) No, the New York Times
trumpeted, to all and sundry, the Otto
Reich/Roger Noriega line, that President Aristide
had lost popular support and backing, was as
corrupt as former dictators and said corruption
led to the coup d'etat. It hardly ever tempered
that main lines with the truth of US involvement,
with USAID/Ire?s involvement - its subverting
Haiti's judges, journalists, and so-called civil
society with visas, jobs and other rewards in
order to oppose the democratically elected
government, or talk of the training of the armed
Haitian soldiers and paramilitaries in the
Dominican Republic, or Ambassador Foley's and
Noreiga's role or culpability in helping to
undermine and then remove Haiti's fragile
democratic institutions and elected government.
So, why now is IRI being exposed and Einaudi
spouting this "moderate" position on Haiti?
Wasn?t Einaudi part of the cabal helping block an
OAS investigation into the coup d'etat, and
before that the Caricom and UN suggestions for
investigation? Would Einaudi now care to push for
an OAS investigation into the coup d'etat?
In our opinion, today, because of Ennui?s (OAS)
"negotiations" or lack thereof in good faith,
because of the Ottawa Initiative, because of the
IRI conferences in the Dominican Republic and
their consequences, over 10,000 Haitians are
dead; the US Marines put 70-year old grandmother,
So Ann, in indefinite detentions while US prison
cells floating off Haiti on US ships are
reportedly holding and torturing
Haitian-Americans and Haitians who resist Haiti's lost of

Who will tell this Haitian story? Definitely, not
the New York Times. In fact, based on this Jan.
29, 2006 article, the Times owe Haitians an
apology. For all the untruths, half-truths and
misinformation they published back in 2002-2004,
that pushed the momentum for the bi-centennial
coup d'etat and current unparallel chaos and
lawlessness Haitians now must face and transform.

Without question, So Ann, who is also suffering
with medical problems, along with Prime Minister
Yvon Neptune, Jacques Mathelier and even children
as young as 10, who also were rounded up, like
cattle and warehoused by the US-supported and
maintained Baco Raton regime must be let go also, and immediately.

Again HLLN appeals for their release, appeals for
an investigation into the coup d'etat, an apology
from the mainstream media for their
misinformation and, herein, reissues our action
alert below asking for the release of all the political prisoners in

Call, agitate, and let's not relent until the
gates of these new Duvalierist prisons are forced
See: Matters for International Tribunal
and OAS/CARICOM/African Union/U.S. Congress, et
al - Investigating Haiti's Bi-centennial Coup D'etat

See also: Bush Bloodbath Brought to Haiti: Coup
D'etat Massacres, Victims and Human Rights
Abuses:  http://www.margueritelaurent.com/law/massupdates1.html

Marguerite Laurent, Esq.
Founder and Chair, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
(Dedicated to protecting the human, civil and
cultural rights of Haitians, living at home and abroad)
January 29, 2006


Given the length of time Prime Minister Yvon
Neptune, Interior Minister Privert, So Ann,
Jacques Mathelier have spent in jail for no good cause that justice
deferred is justice denied.

It is equally obvious that concerned Haitians MUST do something beyond
to the US Congress and State Department so that Latortue will OPEN the
doors to free the Fanmi Lavalas leadership as well as the more than
Lavalas sympathizers he has jailed without charge or trial for close to
years now. We stress that the keys to Latortue's jails as well as
liberation rest squarely in the able hands of the Haitian people.
HLLN therefore appeals again, directly to the HAITIANS in Haiti,
given those prison keys to hold, to stop following orders or ?doing
jobs? and, instead, do the moral and ethical thing: Take positive
action and
open the prison gates. Let's not forget the over
100 Haitian detainees shot DEAD by Latortue's prison guards on Feb. 19,
Haitians don't want charity. We don't want
USAID's sort of "AID" - like its prisons newly
built for Haitian children. If foreigners would
stop meddling in Haiti's affairs, Haitians could
develop Haiti in less than five years!
Haitians want and deserve justice. With justice
we won't need your charity or be dependent.

Stop the injustices, sufferings and deaths the
political prisoners in Haiti. Please. All the
political prisoners NEED to be released
immediately. It?s time for the law to be brought into application.
Life is too precious to be caged in what de facto
authority, Mario Andresol is calling "preventive detention!!!"

We are asking for our Network, especially Haitians and those who speak
Kreyol, to immediately call the newspapers, television stations and
stations IN HAITI. (See list below)
We must let the PEOPLE OF HAITI know that Mario
Andresol and Latortue's "preventive detention" is
nothing more than official kidnapping.

Ayisyen, nou pa kapab ap ret chita tann "GWO MOUN" lan etazini pou ede
Fok Ayisyen leve kampe pou sove lavi p? Jean Juste jodi a menm!!!
Krimin?l ki lage kidnap? Stanley Handal ak asasin Louis Jodel Chamblain
yo pa
p p? touye p? Jean Juste.

We must defend our own, ourselves. We are our own liberators. We urge
Haitians to call the Haitian radio stations in
Haiti. Let them know too many Haitians have
already died because of this coup d'etat and
return of the Duvalierists and their morally repugnant elites.

At this critical juncture, with Father
Jean-Juste's being released, with the current
January 29, 2006 New York Times article showing
some of the truth that Haitians have known all
along and been trying to tell the world, let's
built the momentun, take this time to flood the
media in Haiti and in the Diaspora, request the
resignation of Latortue and in an investigation
of the role of the US and the IRI in the
resurrection of the Haitian army and this current
rule by force, coup d'etat and dictatorship. Agitate, agitate, agitate
and the
gates will open and our liberation will come.

Ayisyen, want justice and their sovereignty, not
charity, dependency or UN protectorate.

Contact information for US local and national media is:
íLibertad a todos los presos polÝticos!

Jericho Boston
P.O. Box 301057
JP, MA 02130
jericho_boston (at) yahoo (dot) com