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Yippie, Stew Albert: RIP

Stew Albert, a leading member of the "Youth International Party" (Yippie!,) an unindicted co-conspirator in the infamous Chicago 1968 "Conspiracy Trial," an instigator of People's Park and so much more - died today.
Albert had incurable and inoperable liver cancer, but his belief in a better world and his unfaltering activism, kept him busy until the very last moments of his life. On January 30, 2003, the following notice was posted on his weblog: [  http://stewa.blogspot.com ]

>> Day in the Life: Stew died today, January 30, 2003 at 3:20 a.m, age 66. Peacefully, in his sleep, surrounded by Judy, Jessica and his many friends. Funeral services this Wednesday, Feb. 1 at Havurah Shalom in Portland. More will be posted.<<

If you knew Albert, knew of him, or never heard of him, you owe it to yourself to visit his weblog and read what he had been writing - a personal log by an American radical activist who knew he was dying of cancer, but stoically continued to rant against empire. His words were a bitter sweet mixture of hope and despair, a yearning for justice in a world gone mad, and an attempt to find healing both personal and collective. He heroically faced death while urging us all on to continue in our efforts to defend the downtrodden, right wrongs, and fight the "good fight."

Stew Albert - a Yippie until the very end. His journey in this world is over, and his spirit will be missed. Rest in peace brother.

 http://members.aol.com/stewa/ - Stew Albert's website
Stew Albert 31.Jan.2006 02:36

aron pieman kay pieman@pieman.org

i knew stew albert thru my relationships with the yippies....i first saw him at a symposium against repression in 1969 at ucla....then i would follow his acrivities via reading the berkeley bab and berkeley tribe...that led to me along with many others traveling to miami beach in the summer of 1972 to protest the vietnam war....at both the repukelikkkan and the dumbocratic conventions which were being held there....
there i met up with the yippies and i relocated to nyc(prior to that i was living in la, organizing the griffith park love-ins).
anyway i would be in touch with stew now and then especially the last 5-6 years since we renewed our acquaintance online....
it was great that stew was online inspiring progressive folks to rise up against bush along with a multitude of other webspinners.....he will be missed!! i will miss calling him for political inspiration!!! however in stew's memory, we cant give up!!! hey it was the early yippies that got me into political pie throwing!!!

aron pieman kay

agree 31.Jan.2006 08:26


"it was great that stew was online inspiring progressive folks to rise up against bush along with a multitude of other webspinners.....he will be missed!! i will miss calling him for political inspiration!!! however in stew's memory, we cant give up!!! hey it was the early yippies that got me into political pie throwing!!! "


I've been linking to his aol pages for as long as I can remember.
Never met him in person. Seemed like a great human.

Saddened from the loss, but joyous from his inspiring life.

Call me bittersweet. I guess I'm horseradish today.


stew was cool 31.Jan.2006 12:33


I know I sorta trashed Jerry Rubin last week, but Stew Albert? He was a genuine true believer. A true Yippee. ps- don't EVER let Aron use your phone!

dave? 31.Jan.2006 15:46


just curious- anyone out there know whatever became of Dave Yippie? Last I heard he was singing in a band.

The Death of Our Fatherís Generation 01.Feb.2006 22:14

From Chicago

The Death of Our Father's Generation

This week I watched microcosms of a dieing generation. One in the form of yet another unsuccessful peace march. Another in the form of the death of a friend and mentor.
Firstly, I have been beat down by the American police state, too many times too many to participate in street action any longer. The smell of pepper spray and the sound of sirens and loudspeakers is all too familiar. One good piece of art could have one hundred times the impact of over twenty full scale peace rallies. Also, I fear the Chicago police more then most because I know that in the city life is cheap, and murder even cheaper, especially if you are a oppressive police officer.
Those who participate in peace marches against current President Bush's illegal, imperialist, fascist, war-mongering agenda are typically liberalists who gave up the idea of stopping war long before the war ever started. A peace movement has to claim victory at every stop and never feel disheartening or defeatist. The insignificant peoples movement against bush's war, was exactly disheartening and defeatist from the beginning.
Secondly, Its very depressing for me to think of the united states, with no unified left wing, with no communication between leftists and liberals, with no agenda. Not even a political party that has enough gull to speak up against war profiteering, Environmental destruction- some of unchangeable impact, attacking reproductive woman's rights, and a long list of other faults that could be democratic party platforms. Voting for a republican candidate is like voting for a refrigerator, the light goes on and off, but nothing is going to happen that was not built in. While voting for a democratic candidate is more like re-arranging the deck-chairs on the titanic.
"... The profit system follows the path of least resistance and the path of least resistance makes a river crooked... " Ani Difranco and Utah Phillips sing together the voice of a young woman and an old man melding together as one the sound seeps through my speakers and fills the room. I am listening to comfort music because I feel the generation of my father dieing with the last of the Yippies, and with the ongoing war.
I think everyone has comfort music. My roommate, referring to his new job told me that "... Money makes the world go round" -- But I know money does not make the world go round. If any one single thing could possibly make the entire world spin on its axis, its music. The glue of human kind must be music, the universal communicator, music transcends communication between race, class and sex.
Today I am communicating my feeling of loss for an old mentor and dear friend of mine who this week passed away after a long fight with liver cancer. Stew Albert was a founding member of the Chicago 7 conspirator trials, Founding member of the organization The Yippies, Countercultural Group of the 1960s that organized anti-Vietnam demonstrations, worked heavily with the Black Panthers and Weather Underground. He was Author of: The Sixties Papers, and Who the Hell is Stew Albert. He was also a kind and gentle round elderly man with a long white beard and white mustache, he often sported a Che Guevara t-shirt. Some of his dieing words were that his politics never changed. Stew Albert's wife Judy Albert is also a past revolutionist and feminist writer.
There are little words for how I feel, I feel like our country has lost a true patriot. Although, I know that as I pass through film school here in Chicago, I will be able to take the spirit and knowledge I have gained from my relationship with stew and intertwine it into what I hope will be revolutionary art in film, music and theater.
Stew was one of the most influential people in my life, helping me make a jump from my own identity politics into the realm of organizing people my age. I wanted to fashion the Portland Student Activist Alliance as a internationally recognized group completely free of hierarchy that worked to use art as a means for revolutionarily spirited grass roots change. CHANGE, in the form of ART. The Portland Student Activist Alliance has by local and national papers been labeled as the most radical and influential leftist organizations on the west coast. The S.A.A. perused an Anti-imperialist and anti-war agenda, working along with unions and anti-war groups to change the retched environment of Portland public schools the S.A.A. was the only radically leftist, decentralized, non-hierarchical, youth organization for middle and high school students to voice their rage against war, corporate war profiteering, plutocratic social inequality, and a local public school system that neglected students basic needs.
A newspaper writter had these words to say about the passing of Mr. Albert:

"...Stew Albert, a co-founder of the theatrically unruly Youth International Party -- whose members were more commonly known as Yippies -- and one of the last remaining radical leftists of a colorful cohort that once included Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, Bobby Seale, Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, John Lennon, Timothy Leary, Victor Jara and Tom Hayden, died Monday in Portland of liver cancer. He was 66. Mr. Albert moved to Portland in 1984 with his wife, Judy Gumbo, whom he married in 1977, and young daughter. He worked as a freelance writer and editor from his Northeast Portland home, helped raise his daughter and enjoyed his reputation as a hell-raiser. He was active in Northwest Coalition for Human Dignity, an anti-racism group, and was president of Oregon Jewish Agenda, which in the mid-'80s started promoting Arab (Palestinian)-Jewish dialogue..."

All of the info here is probably true, although, understandibly, it neglected that Stew was also a privet influence on the short lived Radical Student Movement for Portland that was companion to the Anti-war, demos in the days of yaw.

I think our movement against bush-like war mongering oppression, needs to mirror the upbeat movement of the 50s and 60s, rahter then live in its shadow.

in solidarity,
from chicago