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just a personal hero.

Stew passed away early this morning after a heroic battle with liver cancer.
A service will be held on Wednesday, February 1, at 1:00 at the Havurah
Shalom at 825 NW 18th Ave in Portland, Oregon . Some of his last words were that
"his politics had not changed". Rememberances can be sent to Planned
Parenthood in Portland or the Rosenberg Fund for Children
thats pretty much it.

this isnt really an annoucement or shout out. its just that, if Mr Albert who faught for real freedom ment anything to you
then now yer updated.

Past articals on Mr. Albert

Title: YIPPIE activist STEW ALBERT speaks!
Author: Fat Stender
Date: 2004.05.21 07:19
Description: 7pm at laughing horse books 3652 se division st 503-236-2893 sat may 22nd. Stew will be speaking and reading from his NEW autobiography, WHO THE HELL IS STEW ALBERT!

Title: Stew Albert, Jeff Jones at Laughing Horse
Date: 2004.05.24 10:29
Description: Stew Albert read from his new memoir "Who the Hell is Stew Albert" Saturday night at Laughing Horse Books. While the event was rather sparsely attended,it was fascinating to hear Albert answer questions about the state of the 'movement' today as compared to his heyday. Also in the audience was former SDS leader and Weatherman, Jeff Jones. It was somewhat mind-blowing to chat with Jones for awhile after the reading was over. Albert, not surprisingly, was quite whimsical. He joked about being followed by the F.B.I. through New York City in the early 70s and for vegans to forgive his fondness for "good pastrami". He was dead-serious, however, in his condemnation of the "near facist" regime of BushCo. His memoir is a nice first hand account of one of the iconic figure of the 60s counter-culture.

Title: Stew Albert, Jeff Jones at Laughing Horse
Author: PDXTeach
Date: 2004.05.23 02:45
Description: Former Yippie Stew Albert read from his new memoir Saturday (May 22) night.

Title: Poem about oct22 anti police brutality march by Stew Albert
Author: Fay stender
Date: 2003.10.24 07:45
Description: This is a poem written by long time revolutionary activist STEW ALBERT.

Title: free movie showing at laughing horse friday june 20
Author: fleeta drumgo
Date: 2003.06.20 01:41
Description: We will show films from nine ti midnight. At which time we will be selling the new HARRY POTTER 5 book. We will be showing UNDERGROUND at nine with and introduction by Stew and Judith Albert.

Title: The Daily Poetry Movement
Author: Migratory Bird
Date: 2004.04.07 12:48
Description: Ahh, PDX, do you know how much I miss your spring tulips? What a good spring nest is Portland. May all of you greet each other with flowers, smiles, bare bike legs, vegan chocolates. May you toast each others health, spend days watching forest park change, may your eyes look far off into the sky kind of squinting as if to see me coming back again to hug you.

Author: Fay Stender
Date: 2004.03.22 01:27
Description: Here is a nice story, about a nice man who, tackled the white male u.s. imperialists and LIVED to tell the tale. Stew has a new book out about this buried, and erased his-and herstory of the REAL ameriKan revolutionary war. Stew has not been feeling well, let us all show some support for our friend by hearing him speak tuesday March 23,7pm at Broadway Books. Yeah I know and we can tell him to speak at Laughing horse books next time!

Title: New radical magazine
Author: David Latimer
Date: 2001.11.28 02:09
Description: Now online.Dedicated to non-sectarian political and cultural theory, analysis,reporting and entertainment.

Title: A report from the October 22nd march
Date: 2003.10.25 12:14
Description: I arrived at the South Park by Salmon Street at about 3:45. Michael D. and company were just setting up tables and a couple of speakers. As I was I walking up the steps. Michael was talking to Commander Sizer, and Officer Meyers. I sat down to wait. It was raining slightly. Not too many people were around yet. I was talking to a friend as people began to arrive. The police began to accumulate too; first it was just Sizer, Meyers, and a bicycle cop. More black clad people began to arrive. The rain increased. The police accumulated. By 4:10 PM there were about 50 black clad citizens waiting. I saw mounted police, bycycle police and the truck with the robocops swung by once.
Michael introduced the first speaker, I didn't catch his name. He taunted the police, making remarks about "Good cop, bad cop." He spoke of his problems with police overreaction during the august 21st visit By George II, and how he was arrested by police in a related protest later that month. He joked about how a Christian fundamentalist had tried to convince him that Christians needed to "form and alliance" with anarchists. [ Read more... ]

Poem about oct22 anti police brutality march by Stew Albert
Speaking again
at a Portland rally
against police brutality
in the wind and rain
I was the only one
to mention George Bush

last year the crowd was twice the size
no cops were present
we marched in the street
slightly disrupted traffic
and no fuzz.
It was an inexpensive day
for taxpayers and civil libertarians

what a difference
a Bush year makes
now we have
swaggering cops
arms folded leaning on trees broadcasting strutting messages
of control freak power
when the march came
so did the posse

*** if this artical seems in bad taste feel free to yank it indy kids.