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Tomorrows Protest To-Do List

Hey all you drones, tomorrow is your time to actually make something of your life. You all need to stand the fuck up. Don't be intimidated and don't take no for an answer. Tomorrow there will be a BIG protest at the square at 4 o clock. Here is something you should keep in mind before going to the protest.
Proper dress attire: What all of you will need to do is bring rain proof clothing because it will be cold and rainy tomorrow, and it can shield you from pepperspray. Wear all black in solidarity of those actually taking a fucking stand. You will also want to wear all black because police will have a hard time identifying you over anybody else. This is going to be an un-permitted march so you know what that means, the possibility of pepper spray. What you are going to want to do is get a black t-shirt and flip it inside out. Once it is flipped inside out you will want to rip off the tags. Now slowly put the shirt over your head without putting your arms inside the shirt. Have the head hole right over your eyes and then tie it in the back with the two sleaves of the t shirt. Congradulations, the police will never find out who is under the mask and wont have a clue who you are. Now, I would suggest wearing ski goggles so they cannot pepperspray you, or see your eyes, they profile like mad, believe me, I know first hand. Free speech isnt that free anymore. Now, during the protest DO NOT SAY ANYONE'S NAME. Let me repeat DO NOT SAY ANYONE'S NAME. Last time that happened for me and I became a walking target. Make up a one time use nick name before the protest (as kindergarden as that may sound it will save your ass so don't question it). Don't wear the shoes that you normally do wear and dont wear anything that will make you stick out. Believe me there will be a lot of people wearing black, and it is a night protest so go with the all black to be undetected.

What to bring: Bring thick black markers to write down numbers of jail support, and other things. Bring a pad and pencil to write down any name of an officer that has done something wrong. BRING A FUCKING VIDEO CAMERA. You have no idea how valuable a video camera is in this situation. You can prevent harm from coming your way, you can scare police, you can help those who were beaten by showing the footage in court, and most importantly, Indymedia can make one badass show with your footage, and hey, you'll get a spot in the credits! BRING LOTS OF CHALK. You have no idea how effective that stuff is. And hey, if your feeling a little wild, bring spray-paint too. You will also need a cell phone or some means of communication. This will be useful to either call a lost friend amidst the crowd, being able to know what is happening all over the protest (direct action, cops pepper-spraying etc.), and calling up your portland indymedia radio station to tell reports on what happened or what is currently happening.

What to be aware of and what to say: You always will want to travel in groups. Stay as close to the middle of the march as possible to avoid any confrontation with the police. Remember, if things get sketchy, grab your partner tight and link arms with as much people as possible. Snatch and grabs arent so easy when you are linked with 15 people. If the instance occurs where you are grabbed by a policeman, ask if you are being detained. If he does not say you are being detained ask if you are free to go. Now, if he asks for id over and over and over again just ask him what are the grounds in which you are being detained. If he says no let me see some I.D. say you must formulate a reason to why I'm being detained, then I will give you my I.D. Don't be too cocky, if you slip up they will have a lot of fun arresting you. IF you are actually being detained give them your I.D. (well unless you're really brave) and tell them nothing else and say that you wish to speak with a lawyer. BE SILENT! I don't mean to scare all of you but you will need to take these steps in order to remain 100% safe. There are some scary people out there, and a lot of them lie within the police force.

Contacts to keep in mind: The legal support number is 503 295 6400. Do not be afraid to call them, they are there for you. If you see someone get arrested, if you see the police being violent, and if you just want to know your rights, call them. To connect with the Indymedia radio, who will be there all protest, call 503-715-0994. They are good for information, and they will be more than happy to hear your story. Remember, make a lot of noise, get the message out, and be safe!
Deja Vu 31.Jan.2006 04:58

Some fucking drone

There's something happening here What it is ain't exactly clear There's a man with a gun over there Telling me I got to beware I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound Everybody look what's going down There's battle lines being drawn Nobody's right if everybody's wrong Young people speaking their minds Getting so much resistance from behind I think it's time we stop, hey, what's that sound Everybody look what's going down What a field-day for the heat A thousand people in the street Singing songs and carrying signs Mostly say, hooray for our side It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound Everybody look what's going down Paranoia strikes deep Into your life it will creep It starts when you're always afraid You step out of line, the man come and take you away We better stop, hey, what's that sound Everybody look what's going down Stop, hey, what's that sound Everybody look what's going down Stop, now, what's that sound Everybody look what's going down Stop, children, what's that sound Everybody look what's going down

Rise up Cascadians 31.Jan.2006 06:50


before its too late make your mark. Spread the meme and wear evergreen

ok 31.Jan.2006 10:01


If you're going to start off by insulting your readers, then intimidating them with all the horrible things that could happen, you could at least have the decency to tell them what the protest is about.

back on the streets! 31.Jan.2006 10:24


yes, give us just a few more details.

and you can stop with all the protest instructions. we've seen and done it all before, kids.

but that doesn't mean we won't join it.

love the passion.

love the fact it's happening.

hit the streets again!

spread memes 31.Jan.2006 10:31


Just in case a meme again is an idea that spreads like a virus. Nike uses
"Just do it" and the Nike swoosh.

For Cascadia if you can not get access to the internet (because of blocks and
EMPs in the future) or can not afford or make the Doug or can not make
stickers or wish to get the message out in silence then here is the most
simplest meme to write on a wall in felt tip pen:

Rise Up Cascadians with the stick figure of the Doug Fir (ideally with the
blue, white and green or if just one color dark green or any green or just
black).. if you have the time and artistry then a map of Cascadia would be nice. We should call the stick figure tree "Moolah Stik" which is the Chinook Jargon word for Douglas Fir tree (literally saw mill tree or money tree.. the Chinook Jargon word for Cedar was "kanim stik" meaning canoe tree).

So the second easy to get out meme (if you have some spare change,
but not lots of money) is to go to a local cheap store (what use to
be called 99 cent stores... maybe there are still around) and buy a
stack of Amerikan flag stickers... the small ones you see on car
windows ... then take permenant felt tip pens and upside down
write "Free Cascadia" on each flag ... I would suggest blue
for "free" and green for "Cascadia"... The upside down flag should
have the indigo blue field of stars on the bottom right. The
word "free" should be in the white and red stripes and the "Cascadia"
should have the "dia" part end up on the indigo blue field (hence why
it should be green so as to show up on the dark blue). I call this
Dia in the Sky (Dia meianing Goddess in Latin).

Then just go around and stick it where lots of people will see it. I
can not personally suggest putting it on cop cars and public buses..
that would be wrong. And putting on federal building would be wrong

And no matter what make sure the sticker is clean .. no one wants to
see unslightly stickers with dirt, grease, finger prints, nose hair
or lint on them. Getting those things on them would be a form of

By the way flying the American flag upside down is not a dishonor of
the flag, but is suppose to indicate "a ship in crises" and I would
say "we" are in crises.


Not the Author 31.Jan.2006 10:47


But it is anti-bush, to drown out the state of the union. 4PM in the square for speakers and music, later there will be a few marches to different parts of the city to make as much noise as possible to drown out the lies.

Fuck WCW - Don't Split the March!!! 31.Jan.2006 11:48


WCW wants to break the march into smaller groups. I guess this is so it's easier to be fucked by the police. Don't Do it!!! STick together, solidarity is key!! See you in a few hours.

Hmm I thought you would know 31.Jan.2006 12:18


Sorry, I thought you would know by now what the protest is about. I didn't want to write an article about the same thing we hear over and over and over again. Maybe something to ensure peoples safety. It seems a lot of you A. werent at the video showing yesterday, and b. are unaware of the risks that happen in protests. If you play any role in a protest, whether you are on the megaphone, making a speech, or look like a (police quote) "leader", you will be profiled and eventually be arrested. Now, if you are like most of us, you have a hard time being silent, and that provokes attention. These are some simple guidelines on how to stay safe during a protest. Just wanted to make sure that everyone didn't burn out if they got pepper sprayed. The police are starting to think like they did back in 02 and it is most important that we all stay safe. If we prepare ourselves, we will not be intimidated and outdone by their tactics. Instead of simply giving up we can show them who is stronger by being prepared. We can actually intimidate them if we come prepared.

I didnt know so much negative feedback would come from a simple reminder on how to stay safe.

I agree with Marik (somewhat) 31.Jan.2006 12:25


Ya Marik, I kind of agree with you, although I don't think it is WCW's intention to have the police beat us up. Um... for all of the youth, radicals/anarchists, don't split up. If possible, try to stick with some liberals, they are our only defense against police besides fighting back. Remember how we disbanded from the liberals on Dec 10th when we went to Schumachers? It might be a good idea to stick together.

Stay in the square! 31.Jan.2006 12:27


Stick together for criminies sake! If we do go anywhere, go against the traffic and don't leave pockets of people isolated from the group. Also, probably not a good idea to storm a governmental office right in the middle of any jail solidarity actions this time.
Rumor has it that some fine freegan juice will be served in the square for those that really don't want to be boozie and cannot afford to pub hop or folks that just like juice.

Info about the march 31.Jan.2006 12:29


It's really plainly out there, but I will post the link anyways. Here is all the info you need to know about the march.  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/01/332778.shtml

bunching up 31.Jan.2006 19:23


just to pick up on this 'stay together' advice, I would say that you should really consider the location and time before deciding that this is always the best approach.
I'm not familiar with Portland police, but in the SF Bay area where I currently live, the SF police are famous for trying to display tolerance for minor incidents for a time, and then an order is given to arrest *Everyone* on the block. The only time I've been arrested was amongst a group of about 350 the day after the Iraq escalation, however, last year I avoided arrest at the inaugural protest because there was a black bloc staying in a tight group, and the police just arrested all of them and dropped charges or had a disobeying orders charge. see:  http://www.indybay.org/news/2004/11/1703168.php
Each police department displays different patterns. In Oakland, it seems like the police often don't use radios and all act as individuals, so the critical mass ride will pass one officer who barely turns his head, but I have seen other ones get out of their car and start running after random cyclists with a baton - and they can get really out of control at larger events like at the docks. Seattle police are famous for issuing tickets when the crosswalk light is already blinking.
At the G8 protest in SF last July, which was deeply flawed in many ways, the fact that clusters of 20 people became spread out over the area between 16th and 22nd street in the Mission neighborhood was somewhat key in resulting in only three arrests despite widespread vandalism, and about 80+ police assigned to monitoring.

march tactics 31.Jan.2006 22:54

Democracy Catalyst info@ecotv.org

Since this resulted in no arrests, I think this march tactic proved to be effective. I don't think any one tactic is the "right one" but this one seemed to work for this event.
Thanks again, everybody, and the freegan juice was awesome.

(206) 20 - ECOTV

so how many people showed up? 31.Jan.2006 23:25

unable to make it

how many people, give or take, showed up for the rally and march(es)?

i was unable to make it.

i am not interested in an exact figure, but more like an order of magnitude.

was it 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, more?


numbers 01.Feb.2006 12:52

Democracy Catalyst info@ecotv.org

i think there were perhaps 250+
hard to say. we will do a head count on the camera.

(206) 20 - ECOTV