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Some World News Links About World Social Forum 2006

More info on the happenings in Caracas
Here are some world news links to news about WSF2006.

Chavez ends World Social Forum, warning US against attacking Iran
CBC News - Canada
A series of fiery speeches totalling seven hours by Chavez on Sunday
closed the
six-day World Social Forum, and he used the event for some of his
strongest ...

World Social Forum calls for global protests
Bangkok Post - Thailand
Caracas (dpa) - Globalization critics closed the World Social Forum Sunday in
Venezuela with a call for worldwide protests against war and imperialism. ...

Venezuelan Politics Touch Sixth World Social Forum Youth Camp
Venezuelanalysis.com - Caracas,Venezuela
.. Artes, the arts center of Caracas, was transformed this week by the
thousands of campers who came to the Caracas gathering of the sixth World
Social Forum. ...

World Social Forum ends with debate on govt participation
Xinhua - China
29 (Xinhuanet) -- The World Social Forum ended on Sunday with a debate
on how to
include governments and political parties, beyond the non-government ...
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