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Are Unemployed Persons Idlers?

According to the neoliberal myth, increased profits lead to increased investments and more jobs. In reality, corporations repress the worsening domestic economy through foreign takeovers.Are the unemployed, seniors, students and disabled made invisible?

By Attac Germany

[This tract from December 2003 is translated from the German on the World Wide Web  http://www.attac.de/aktuell/rundbriefe/sig/SiG34.pdf,]

In 1973 there were 273,000 unemployed.

In 2004 there were 4,400,000.

Are we becoming increasingly lazy?

0.4 million open jobs are available for 4.4 million unemployed.

Are the 4 million unemployed idlers?

In 2000 there were 1.3 million more unemployed than 1991.

Did laziness increase by leaps and bounds in the 1990s?

50-year olds are more than twice as often jobless than 25-year olds.

Does laziness increase with growing age?

Construction workers are frequently jobless in the winter.

Does laziness skyrocket in the winter?

Unemployment is nearly twice as high in East Germany than in the West.

Are East Germans more than twice as lazy than West Germans?

Receivers of unemployment assistance receive on average 522 Euro.

Do you really think "laziness" is rewarding?

Two-thirds of the unemployed have vocational training.

Is someone lazy who will not accept any job?

Employed workers who do not want to work longer and more are also stylized as idlers. Whoever has capital is allegedly always diligent!


More and more workers become superfluous with constantly improved machines and plants. Whether they were diligent or not does not matter.
Workers are ultimately only employed when they bring a profit. The benefits of work for the society do not count much.
Whoever brings too little because he or she is too old, for example, hardly finds work.
Capital is too lazy to work - when the profit isn't right.
Modern machines reduce the working hours for products. Still the working hours are lengthened and costly investments are worthwhile. Crises arise because too much is produced, not because too little is produced out of laziness, too many goods, too much capital. This makes profit fall. The overproduction must be destroyed. Even better machines are bought to come out of the crisis. Everything only goes back to the beginning.

The more diligent the employees and the more capital they produce, the more they will be unemployed and the longer they will remain jobless.

We work too much! We have a right to laziness!

We have no interest in working longer for less pay only to avoid being stigmatized as idlers by millionaires.

Millionaires only live in luxury because they have others working for them.

Working less =
Less unemployed!

30 hours a week is enough!

The lines run between top and bottom,
not between the nations.

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address: address: http://www.corpwatch.org

plus 30.Jan.2006 16:22


Shit, I know quite a few employed people who are idlers. Most of them have government jobs. And the people trying (?) to find those who did the anthrax attacks, wouldn't they be considered idlers too? They don't even seem to be trying to find the ONLY people EVER to attack Americans on US soil with WMDs.

Here are some lazy bastards 30.Jan.2006 16:31


I know of one unemployed idler who never did a single piece of work in her whole life. She was a sponger who lived off the state. She received a huge allowance, had her home paid for her. Not only that her husband liked the idea, so he did nothing and got money from the state. Then they had kids who also never worked, just taking money from the state. What a bunch of blood suckers. Now these kids had kids who also have learned to live off the state, in state paid for housing. It's time to get rid of this awful family.
The name of the family is the Windsor's.
But they are better known as the British royal family.
Mmmmm. I think the French and the Russians had the right idea!

Give me a job 31.Jan.2006 00:50

for real

I dropped out of capitalist society at sixteen, to live on the road, thanks to Marx, Baukunin, and those beatnik bastards. Now I'm twenty two with no resume, I'm desperate to get job so I can get out of the American Reich, before Lord Bush declares a police state in 2008. I can't even wrok the McDonalds! Guess I'll join the gun club.

actually 31.Jan.2006 01:32

i think

eight hours a week should be considered full time...that's about all i can take of the average low-wage service sector job