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Hollywood's Neocons Strike Back; 'FLIGHT 93' movie on A&E Tonight

As the 911 truth movement picks up steam, the scum who pulled it off are fighting back bigtime with film propaganda worthy of Josef Goebbels
Tonight the 'Arts & Entertainment' channel brings you a movie that purportedly shows what really happened on ill-fated Flight 93 on 911. It's a "Moving tribute to the courageous passengers on Flight 93 who fought back against the terrorists". But, as they say in Hollywood, it's not just a movie, it's an event. A&E's website directs you to Flight 93 related items. Nothing like capitalizing on tragedy I say. '911 Terrorists: The Men Behind the Madness", a 250 minute 5 DVD collection that will tell you "who was responsible, their followers, and the reasons for their actions". Only $99.99. Or how about "911-The Total Story", another five disc set for only $99.99. Then there's the "Ground Zero America" 4 disc set for only $89.99. There's also the "Defending America", "Al-Qaeida", "Fireboats of 911", and "WTC in Memoriam" DVD's for sale. There's also a link where you can contribute to the "Flight 93 National Memorial Fund", whatever that is. Here's the description of tonight's offering: "ordinary citizens fight back against the terrorists"-"the courageous revolt led to a deadly crash"-"prevented the plane from being used as a deadly missle against the White House"-"BASED ON FULLY ANNOTATED FACTS FROM THE PUBLIC RECORD"-"includes the EXTRAORDINARY communications that took place between the doomed passengers and their loved ones on the ground" (especially since cell phones DO NOT FUNCTION in cruising jetliners)- "horrifying scenarios discussed by the US military as they prepared to SHOOT DOWN THE PLANE IF NECESSARY". So who produced this masterpiece of disinformation anyway? Why no other than four-time Emmy nominee David Gerber,a "veteran of over 50 TV movies and dramas". Directed by Peter Markle, who's previous gig was directing that other Troll Spectacular, "Saving Jessics Lynch", a non-stop bullshitter special. The very existence of prime-time hit-pieces like this are living proof that the perps of 911 are solidly entrenched in the entertainment world, and are scared shitless of the growing awareness of the public that 911 was an inside government operatiom from top to bottom. Thus the need for unadulterated damage control operations such as this. We step up our opposition and they step up theirs. They're digging their own grave with this sort of thing. When the truth becomes common knowledge, these sorts of coverup jobs will enrage the public even more as they discover how they've been systematically duped about 911 on every level. Tune in for a good glimpse of the NWO in action.
i'd be interested 30.Jan.2006 16:01


in a critique of it.

ditto 31.Jan.2006 03:54

former president jimmy catter

I knew there was a reason why Roz and me saved all that Billy Beer.
It helped us get through the movie.....and we stayed away from pretzels.

well 31.Jan.2006 11:05


did they include the part about david beamer and the pentagoin contracts after his 'heroic' non-dead son persidhed in a non-existent plane?

Cell telephone nonsense 31.Jan.2006 12:42

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org

That bit about the cell telephones is something new that the 911 conspiracy kooks have picked up lately. The bizarre notion that cell telephones won't work in "cruising jet airliners" is pretty silly considering the number of people who utilize their telephones in aircraft -- against the rules, yes, but it's not a matter of security or safety: it's a matter of _billing_ for the cell packet carriers, and a matter of software design on the packet network.

The metals and plastics of the jet aircraft will attenuate the line-of-sight RF, but so long as an aircraft can see a cell tower, they'll work -- though there's software problems with the hopping and hand-off algorythems employed by the carrier's systems. }:-}

We all know that the Bush regime is the world's worst terrorist State bar none, and we all know that the fascist regime allowed Saudi Arabian corporate partners and long-time family friends to attack New York with total immunity. And we all know that this fascist regime allowed the Saudi Royal Family here in the United States to escape back to Saudi whenb real citizens were grounded.

But the 911 denial conspiracy kooks aren't satisfied with this fascist regime's crimes and atrocities against humanity; they're not satisfied with this regime's treason against America. They have to play pretend and contrive elaborate kook spew about how demolition munitions were utilized within the World Trade Center buildings and how an aircraft really didn't impact the Pentagon, and now how all the cell telephone calls that managed to get recorded are forgeries and hoaxes.

As if this brutal fascist regime's crimes against humanity weren't bad enough on their own.

My opinions only and only my opinions.

actually.... 31.Jan.2006 13:13


Airplanes are made of Aluminum alloy that actually SHIELDS RF signals. So do the carbon-based composite materials in the plane's shell. Cell pphones only work when you have 'line of sight' with a cellphone tower. Even if a tower miraculously lines up with the phone through a tiny window at 500 MPH, the connection would only last a few seconds at most as the jet hauls ass away. Cell towers have a weak signal 'lobe' above the towers. They're designed to radiate laterally, not vertically into the Stratosphere. It's all complete BS that you can make calls. You'd think a disinfo pro could come up with something better to support his BS than a snide quip about being too dumb to turn it on. Bugger off buddy!

9/11 was a "Movie of the Week" 31.Jan.2006 13:19


Todd Beamer identified himself to his mother as "Todd Beamer" instead of "Hi Mom". Also funny how ALL passengers and flight crew referred to the weapons as "boxcutters".

hey Fred- 31.Jan.2006 15:42


Instead of blowing smoke out of your butt, go to KBOO and listen to David Ray Griffin's MP3 on the demolitions in the WTC and then explain to us here why he's wrong. We'd love to hear your expertise.

A much scarier movie... PAINFUL DECEPTIONS 29.Apr.2006 14:11

Stan Plock stanplock@comcast.net

PAINFUL DECEPTIONS is a lot scarier and more believable.

Part 1 Pentagon Drone

Part 2 WTC 7 and Larry Silverstein

Part 3 Media cover-up.

Scary stuff. I wonder when hollywood will release a movie like that.

Reality is stranger than fiction. And scarier too!!!!

WAKE UP AMERICA before it's too late... Maybe is already...

Best Wishes,
Stan Plock
San Jose CA
NAZI America