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Videos from the Resistance Tonight!

What: Videos
Where: It's A Beautiful Pizza (SE Belmont, about 33rd)
When: Tonight (Monday, January 30th) at 7pm
Why: Because a Picture is Worth a Thousand Police-State Denials

No Cover as always, because capitalism is gross.
Expect an exciting show tonite at IBP. Lots of great videos to show.

On the schedule for tonite:

Eye of the Storm: Released for the first time, police surveillance video of Portland activists. Wait, isn't it against the law to be gathering information about peaceful, law abiding citizens, soley for their political beliefs? Why yes, it is. Why, then, have the police been watching you? Find out the extent of their illegal activities tonite.

Refusing to be Silent: Josh Harper, accused SHAC 7 animal rights activist, speaks out about oppression, tactics, and what we can do in this video, shot at the SHAC benefit in Portland. Features artwork by community artists who donated their work to support the cause.

Bees: Cat's fever dream video.

Which Side are you On: Chronicles the anti-WTO solidarity actions that took place in Portland last month, while the WTO met in Hong Kong and the rest of the world protested.

These and other great videos will show tonite. See you there!
For those that cant make it 30.Jan.2006 13:57


Will these videos get posted online at some point. I don't think I'll be able to make it tonight.

I cant make it either 30.Jan.2006 14:32


but I really want a chance to view it. Can u help?

perhaps within a couple of weeks 01.Feb.2006 04:16

video tech

I'll see if I can get the videos up within 2 weeks. I'm also sure they will also be shown again at the next video showing. The videos that were shown are definitely not to be missed.