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forest defense

Fall Creek Alert !

New road flagged to be cut into Fall Creek
Yes, there are trees falling in the Clark burn area. Lotsa' chainsaws screaming in the distance (from camp). Weather was too shitty for me to go in and get specifics (Bikes rock/ carsuk, usually, though today i would have welcomed one). Also, potentially more important, one of our old trails near Io (the 420/425 junction in the Clark timber sale (aka Fall Creek)) is flagged for a road, marked "Fall Thin". Fore$t $ervice "thins" are in truth clearcuts w/ a few trees left to legalize the lie.Also there's 26 acre unit 34 in Clark to worry about. The money-grubbin' forest rapin' Bush bitches could come in and clearcut that any time ( we could'nt find voles there). Why am i even bothering w/this??????? The Fore$t $ervice and Bureau of Land Mismanagement are planning MASSIVE timber sales for this Spring/Summer. Who will have the courage to actually be out in the forest to make them stop? If next logging season is like last, hardly anybody. Are there any real forest defenders 'round here any more amidst this pathetic collection of drunks, fashion punks, big-time talkers, ink/money/control politicians, pretentiousfuk frauds and fear freaks? Maybe there are and they don't even know it. How will they ever know if they don't EVER take time out between endless meetings and fund raisings to get their sorry asses out to the forest and keep some trees vertical for a change. Please stay tuned............................
more info please 30.Jan.2006 10:00


Dear Writer:

I can understand your frustration. Mostly it is fear; so much other activity is a smokescreen cloaking the real nature of public reluctance to step forward in the name of our foests. Anyone who has driven highway 20 between Philomath and Newport recently knows what I mean. I stopped the truck and wept.
So please tell people how to get to the sites you mention, how the general public can show up in sufficient numbers to make mass arrests a problem. I expect that 'mass arrests' are definitely in the pipeline, but while we can we will protect the forests where ever they are threatened.


make the Earth smile 30.Jan.2006 23:39

you know the ISP

Silent protest is the best
...you, the trees, and the darkness
Giant monster frozen in the moonlight
...touch the ground and grasp the elements
Mother Earth is with you now
...share her sandy spirits with open heart
Choking, coughing, gasping breath
...one more monster laid to rest
Invisible eyes and illuminous fields
...surrounding us all,our ancestors,our teachers

what to do, humans needed now 31.Jan.2006 21:49


Please valid info. on what to do. I want to know if I should be there, as I am hundreds of miles away. Anything please, I am cautious about randoms on the streets in Eugene.I guess Just go to the woods, I would, I am a person on my own, I guess if no one throws a bone. I'll just go.