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We the Baby Boomers have to motivate the Millennium Generation.

The tried and true methods of speeches and protests still work today, but with limited success. For example, a politician sees a motivating speech and on most occasions, nods his head and nothing is resolved. If you want to resolve important issues in our communities, you got to think like a bureaucrat.

And a question must be addressed; what new forms political expressions are more effective as catalysts for change?
The pen is mightier than hot air
The pen is mightier than hot air
As I bring this forward for discussion, I'm organizing a baby boomers for a writers class within my church and it is my hope we can affect change with well written proposals such as: "mandatory civic duty" specifically, mentorship for all children and teenagers.

First, let me clarify what "mandatory civic duty" means. As US citizens, has to (by law) perform 2 civic duties; jury duty and taxes. That's it folks! Understand, you don't have to become politician, you don't have to vote and you don't have to join the military. If you don't do those things, you won't summand, fined, or jailed. The point is, we need to mobilize the armies within our communities for role models to give hope to many children who have a bleak outlook of the world and the future.

You see, too many people practice Nepotism, passing down knowledge only to their children and race. And, of course, racism still exists. But I say put the hatred aside; the buzz words are cross cultural, Democrats and Republicans not arguing, and helping a worthy political issue most people can believe in.

Don't call it a utopia - but a mobilization of an Army, who wants to battle for the hearts of their neighbor's child, so that there child can have like-minded, better friends who understand each other.
i think 29.Jan.2006 21:19


you mean 'sunrise' generation.

we've heard this before 29.Jan.2006 22:36


Turning the civilian population into an "army" is called "fascism."

No Cadres, Please 29.Jan.2006 22:51


How about diverse minded...who understand each other?

We've heard this before? Excuse Me? 29.Jan.2006 23:30

About the Civilian Army.

An army made up of the civilian population is NOT fascism, it is communism, and it is exactly what we need. Every member of our society should be armed and ready to defend themselves and their neighbors against the fascists in the government that are currently dismantling our republic. You need to wake up and get informed, be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Remember the root words of communism are common, community, and cooperation. The root words of capitalism are conquer, enslave, and exploit. Fascism is nothing more than corporate nationalist socialism. Just ask any Nazi.

"a writers class within my church 30.Jan.2006 00:07

and it is my hope

we can affect change with well written proposals."

Working within the confines of a particular religious belief system will surely limit your outlook and options.

Affect change? "The obligation is not to be personally pure. The obligation is to EFFECT a measurable change." Ward Churchill

Actions speak louder than words.

an army is run by a "commander in chief," a commune is run by its residents 30.Jan.2006 03:05

they're not the same thing, they're opposites

The only difference between being in the Army and being in prison is that you're running around killing people instead of making license plates. Imposing involuntary servitude on the entire population is a funny way to try to improve things in America.

in step, or in lock step? 30.Jan.2006 07:55


A good book to check out (if you know enough history to get the allusions) is:

Generations-the forth turning,

I can't recall the co-authors, but it does show who the players are.

Gen-X (X being the unknown variable), like me, are a "nomadic" generation that doesn't form alliances. Even so nomadic that we don't even like the label Gen-X, or any other label, thank you. Shit, I don't even care how you people spell. And just because we don't form meaningless alliances, doesn't mean we don't enjoy punking out the bullies and manipulators/liars. Like a compass, we don't tell you which way to go. We just let you know where you are in relation to the (power) poles. We know people make thier own choices, and we couldn't care less if you choose the wrong route. And as long as the route you choose doesn't trespass into our lives, we can very easily live around your futility and even extract the entertainment value from your stupidity. Shit, sometimes we even hope you choose to be stupid, just so we can laugh at your sorry ass, and say, I told you so. Maybe the "Casandra" generation would be a better descriptor for us.

The millenial generation is a "hero" generation, and could be used by either forces of evil or forces of good. What I have seen is that they have been split by the 2 forces with the internet leading 1 and media leading the other.

The opportunity for all children have a mentor 30.Jan.2006 08:38

That's the most important part of this article - David C

Our tax dollars are not going fix all our problems and neither is the dependancy in our system.

Makes you wonder; The concept of 'mandatory civic duties' (like paying taxes and jury duty)is facist yet they exist in our system. Confuse not servitude with citizens serving the people. People fear being required to do more, by all means, DO LESS and serve your own agenda. By all means, act like individuals and don't act like a united country.

The fear of God will be in your hearts if we should have a draft in the future. I don't deny, the draft to some people is facist. So was Nazi Germany. Thank your lucky stars we aren't in a World War now.

Too Late 31.Jan.2006 17:48

Oldie but goodie

I disagree with you. We Oldies had our chance and we blew it. We joined the system and fell for thier yuppie traps. The spark of revolution must come from the young who are wise to whats happening and who can inspire the young ones below them.
Our generation started a Great movement, but we went as far as we could. If the youth of today cannot get inspiration on thier own, they will not succeed. We can at best support youthful movements who are going on the journey we failed to finish. But as for leading such a movement, we failed as a generation to succeed to our goal.
Our lust for freedom has lead to a nation of drug addicts and spoiled children who we thought would make better choices with the freedom we gave them ,that we did not have. Our revolution had good results, but it also had negative ones and the sooner us baby boomers realize it, the better role models we can be and the more support we can give the youth movements of today.