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SHAC 7 video to show at VFTR Monday night

What: Videos from the Resistance
Where: It's a Beautiful PIzza (SE Belmont at baout 33rd)
When: Monday, January 30th, 7pm

As always, no cover. (Because capitalism sux.)
The animal rights activists known as the SHAC 7 are about to be tried as terrorists for the crime of speaking. They join animal rights and environmental activists across the country, who are being swept up in a government witch hunt intended to silence effective activists. The government's efforts are not going to work. Because animal rights activists refuse to be silent.

Josh Harper, one of the "accused," recently attended a benefit held for the SHAC 7. He spoke eloquently about what is happening to him and his fellow activists, and about the need for people to wake up and realize where the world is headed. He also had some very inspiring words about what we can do to change things.

"Refusing to be Silent," a video about what is happening to animal rights and environmental activists centering around an interview with Josh Harper, will be shown Monday night at Videos from the Resistance. See you there.

(And don't forget, there will be many other videos, including a special treat: "Eye of the Storm" promises to release some very interesting police surveillance video of Portland activists. Bet the PPB didn't want THAT to go public....)