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Pacific Green Party candidate forum this Wednesday

Pacific Green Party candidates for governor Joe Keating and Ed Winslow will face off in a town hall forum this Wednesday February 1st at 6pm in downtown Portland at the Central Library in the US bank room. Both candidates will take questions from the audience about their candidacy for governor.
This is a great opportuntity for people to learn more about the two excellent Pacific Green party candidates for governor. For the first time in the history of the PGP, we have a contested nomination.

We have two excellent candidates, Joe Keating (www.keatingforgovernor.org) and Ed Winslow (Edwinslow.com) with very diverse backgrounds but who both share Green values and who will be presenting very different ideas to the corporate owned duopoly (aka as the Democrats and Republicans).

homepage: homepage: http://www.keatingforgovenor.org

Wrong url 29.Jan.2006 12:20


The Keating for governor website url is actually....


Join us on Got Soul Radio 29.Jan.2006 21:00

gotsoulradio gotsoulradio@riseup.net

LIVE RADIO APPEARANCE! on Portland Indymedia Web Radio Ed and Joe will be special guests in the studio on Wednesday Feb.1 from 3:45pm until 4:45pm Tune in to listen live and participate through phone calls and AOL Instant Messenger: PortlandIMCradio Or send in questions via e-mail. Join us for a special "Green Governor" edition of Got Soul Radio?

just wondering 02.Feb.2006 12:42


does either candidates' paltform include porjects for creating an infrastructure to feed the people besides industrial exportation agriculture? like creating a department with funding to develop food production systems inside urban centers held and controlled by the people living in those communities. coupled with subsidies to helping rural people to reestablish the tradition of farmers etc providing a large portion of their own food from their own land. coupled with a program to bolster rural urban economic solidarity, alternative high quality ag products, a program to export urban volunteers to assist rural people with their labor liek WWOOF. i dont see any political room for a third ("best") cop in a system which maintains the basic economic life support systems. its an inefficiency and for the PGP to aspire to such a position will limit their support to people with the wealth to vote their ideals against their basic welfare.

To Just Wondering 03.Feb.2006 11:26


I forwarded your comments to both. I doubt they have a detailed program but the direction you discuss is certainly Green. Here's an email I sent to both of them after the event:

Yesterday's Oregonian had an article stating regarding the rapid rise in adult diabetes. Here's a novel approach to solving this and related issues:

We pay local farmers to grow organic food which is either given away or heavily subsidized to make it cheaply available to everyone. This saves farms, local economies, our youth and makes a lot more sense than trying to fund high-tech medical interventions on the back end of life. This also unplugs us from the corporate/frankenfood (GMO's, hydrongenated oils, chemicals, packaging, 1,500+ miles from farm to table). It also helps create the infrastructure we'll need to survive Peak Oil. Childhood diabetes is out of control as well with something like 30% of kids obese.