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Please send a letter to help monkeys in labs


(of course feel free to modify and add your own comments as well)
Right now, there are four rhesus monkeys being held at
the University of Connecticut's Farmington campus
Health Center for use by the Neuroscience Department.
Each individual has had a large hole drilled into the
top of his/her head and has been fitted with a
permanent data collection chamber atop the wound.
Furthermore, small stainless steel springs have been
implanted in their eyes. The researcher, Dr. David
Waitzman, then intentionally inflicts damage to the
brain and measures neurological activity related to
eye movements. At the end of the study, the monkeys
are killed and decapitated.

These experiments are cruel to animals and they
discourage advancements in the search for humane
alternatives by continuing introduce animal models as
our defaults for the study of human anatomy and
physiology. Additionally, UConn has an abysmal record
of Animal Welfare Act violations related to the
treatment of animals in their charge. The school was
fined over $129,000 in 2001 for nearly 100 incidents
of non-compliance and the USDA reported another 23
violations in 2004.

Dr. Waitzman's protocol expires on March 31, 2006 at
which time we are requesting that these rhesus monkeys
be rehabilitated and relocated to an accredited
sanctuary. Furthermore, we are requesting that a
permanent moratorium be placed on the use of nonhuman
primates in all research at University-affiliated


You can write University President Philip Austin and
Health Center VP Dr. Peter Deckers an email stating
that you are opposed to the use of nonhuman primates
in research at the University of CT and would like the
four rhesus monkeys at UCHC released. Feel
free to copy and paste the text below.

To:  philip.austin@uconn.edu,  deckers@nso.uchc.edu

Dear Dr. Austin and Dr. Deckers:

Thank you for your time. As a concerned citizen I
support the UConn Animal Rights Collective's request
that the rhesus monkeys being held captive at the
UConn Health Center be rehabilitated and relocated to
an accredited sanctuary upon the expiration of Dr.
David Waitzman's protocol on March 31, 2006.

Furthermore, I request that, from April 2006 forward,
a permanent moratorium be placed on the use of
nonhuman primates in all biomedical research at all
University-affiliated facilities. As a forerunner in
progressive science, it is the University's obligation
to employ ethical, humane research practices. The use
of nonhuman primates for experimentation, in any
capacity, is a clear violation of this imperative, as
their moral rights as sentient beings and capacity to
suffer is undeniable.

I look forward to the announcement of a positive
resolution to the above matter.


(insert name)
Thank You 02.Feb.2006 00:21


I will send my letter :)