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US gov Terrorism

Smoke and mirrors and US government terrorizing you. This audio illustrates the system problem that historically includes the popular media and the Democratic and Republican parties
The Politics of Failure
The Politics of Failure
There is much panic, shock, and dismay with in the 'social justice' movement and portions of the american population overall. This concern is over how this current administration is using it's 'war on terrorism' trick bag to further erode the 'rights' of people with in this society. But if these groupings spent half as much time facing the reality that has been unleashed by the State and administered by the democrats and republicans against the slaves under the banner of a war on drugs' . A 'war' that's been in effect since the 1970's. The current and historical links would be clear. This hour Slave Revolt! attempts to do just that with the assistance of Dan Baum author of the book 'Smoke and mirrors'. This (Beyond the shadow) segment named 'Wars made easy' deals with how when the masses of people on Sam's plantation allow themselves to be lost in the smoke and trick mirrors of the american myth wars by this savage Empire are made easy.

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