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Wild Oat's announces another Portland are store closure

wild oats announces the closure of an undisclosed location in portland. see 8-k SEC

fil http://biz.yahoo.com/e/060127/oats8-k.htmlling.
the company had announced in a previous quarterly report that it will close upto 20 stores nation wide over a period of two years.

this will be the 4th store to close in Oregon in the last two years.

wild oats continues to struggle to keep the very successful old nature's stores open, while New Seasons market, whole foods, market of choice and trader joes are still expanding in the very lucretive oregon natural foods market.

oat's has come under fire from ex-employees as hostile to worker rights and has systematically reduced pay and benefits to employees over the last 4 years. as a shopper, i have noticed they are very hostile to local companies as well. it's very hard to find more than a few local items.

they are following the wal-mart model.

full time workers are hard to find in their stores. starting wages are just over oregon's minimum wage. raises? what raise? product discount for employees has been cut to 15% from 20. floor managers are exempt from overtime eventhough most of their work is physical labor and are required to work over 40 hours a week. health insurance costs have been shifted more and more to workers, but the best way to avoid covering your employees is to work them part time.

note: federal labor law clearly states that if a job is 40% or more physical labor, then over time must be paid.

i would advise the local community to boycott their stores as much as possible.

except for the occasional munchies!
hearsay 28.Jan.2006 19:02


Just after Bridgeport opened, we went over to take a look. (YUK!) While there, we overheard some 'developer' types talking about how a Whole Foods was going in just across the street. Wild Oats had barely opened. We were surprised to be hearing this, so we sort of kept listening. Seems a BIG Whole Foods is planned for the area. I pass this along as is....pure snooping and not confirmed in any way. BTW, don't bother with Bridgeport. That place gives me the creeps....all kinda New New Orleans and such.

Wild Oats SE Division store 28.Jan.2006 23:44

Billy Goat

Just got back from Vancouver BC this evening and stopped at the SE
Division store. I needed a few things that unfortunately People's
doesn't have, or I would have gone there. A guy working there told
me it will be closing, I don't recall the date, but sometime soon.
He attributed the downfall to the nearby New Seasons store.

it didn't fall because of new seasons. 29.Jan.2006 14:11

that's a lie

sonja tuitele is the wild oat's spokeswoman/lawyer and she knows how to streeeeeetch the truth.

there's plenty of room for two large natural food stores on Division.

i blame this closure on bad upper management at wild oats. they are made up of old, fat conventional grocery rejects. their leader is the guy that sold ben and jerry's to Unilever corporation of slavery fame and makes $550/yr(whole foods CEO salary $115,000)

they have no idea what they're doing. when nature's was under local/regional management, itwas able to compete and stay open even with new seasons nearby. basically a war between local managment and boulder ensued for two years at the end of which only a hand full of regional managers were still with wild oats. most are working for new seasons and love seeing oats closings.

the regionals acted as a buffer to the out of touch policies of upper management with regards to labor, product selection, marketing and logistics(warehousing/vendors/trucking). once the regionals were removed, boulder started to institute it's weak policies on the oregon stores with negative results.

in my humble upinion, the reason they have closed so many stores while operating in one of the fastest growing segments of retail is simple mis-management and really bad execution at the executive levels.

a good example is people's. they were able to find a way to not only survive, but thrive only a couple of blocks from new seasons. keep in mind, people's tiny size makes it volnarable to big stores, but it has done well in making "local products" part of its mission. hats off!

Use words without degrading groups of people. 30.Jan.2006 12:10

fat grrl

Why bother with mentioning "fat" and "old" while talking about the "rejects". If they were failures, keep it at that rather than use such descriptions as degrading remarks!

Wild Oats failured for so many reasons it's hard to blame one. No customer service, lacks of options, no listening to customer's demands and more. Just more business for Peoples and other grocery stores more worthy of profit.

1 down,wildoats and wholefoods to go... 31.Jan.2006 05:20

Brian Rohten & Stan Army

Our plan is working well.We had expected them to give in sooner,but there are too many bleeding heart liberals in Southeast,that still support,food stores that only carry Organic and natural foods and products.But when we have taken over the Portland food store ,market and got rid of Wildoats and Wholefoods, and those pesky little Copperative markets,the people will have no choice but to consume at our stores.
Oh and please stop referring to us as "New Zupans",it really upsets the staff. we like to think we came up with the concept of placing garbage,corporate foods next to Organic and natural in a bourgoise supermarket setting,so that the perception becomes a natural food store, and the consumers will pay more."Suckers".
Anyway sorry about the loss of jobs,but you should have joined the "Fiendless Store In Town",instead of the enemy ,that's not even local.
Yes I know most of our products are not local,Blah,blah,blah....





J's, whole foods, Market of Choice, New Seasons, your friendly Coop, all those . . .

There so many high dollar earners who shop there that gentrify the fuck out of
so called environmentally friendly organic, free range natural foods, 4 or 5 times the same price of

non-organic foods that feel, taste, smell, and crap out the same . . .

that there's no incentive to grow them in mass quantities at competitve prices to conventional crops.


Stan Amy the Sellout and Brian Groder the Toader 14.Mar.2006 13:32

ex-nature's employees

You are less than New Zupans except with a touchy-feely exterior and mostly lies and bullshit on the inside.

Did you forget that it was you same dopes who sold out to GNC the first go-around; that you are not unionized and your workers do not have a collective bargaining agreement; that you maintain the welcome mat to all employees that reads "employment at will"; that, yes many Oats employees defected to Seasons, but almost all at a wage decrease...

Hey Brian Toader, smell my hot dorrito-coke burp that I am blowing in your general direction.

WFM sux, Oats sux, and you New Seasons, are really no different.

Shop your farmer's markets and co-ops peeps, that is, if you really care.

-Five Fingers to the Face

P.S. I was there when the "Flagship" sank like dead weight.