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More BOA's Orders from Fatherland Security

A post a few days ago a posting was made (not noting a source) re: Homeland Security ordering BOA to refuse distributing valuables in safe deposit boxes
in the event of a "national emergency".

Here's a bit more & some info on Houston area PD hyper-activity.
...credible reports have surfaced from Bank of America branch managers in Houston and the Los Angeles area that Homeland Security agents have been holding instructional meetings in the last two weeks, advising employees how to deal with customers in the case of a "pending national disaster."

Employees have been instructed to remain silent about the orders coming down from Homeland Security, saying it is for national security reasons. Employees in both the LA and Houston areas have come forward saying they have been instructed to remain silent and not to distribute valuables from safety deposit boxes, including gold, silver and firearms in the case of a national emergency.

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