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ELP Information Bulletin: Good News and Bad News [about Eco-Arrestees & Informants]

Sat, January 28, 2006 10:59 am
ELP Information Bulletin (28th of January 2006)

Dear friends

ELP has three lots of American news for you today:

1) More police informants?
2) Daniel, Jonathan and Suzanne released
3) Lauren to be released

1) Over the past couple of days there has been an excited discussion about
whether some of the defendants, arrested on the 7th of December 2005, have
started cooperating with the police or not. The debate started because of
things which were said at the Bail hearings of some of the defendants.

Having spoken to various people about what was and wasn't said we can report
the following:

Kevin Tubbs - On the 25th of January 2006, at the bail hearing of Daniel
McGowan, Officer Harvey of the EPD, stated, under oath, that Kevin Tubbs had
cooperated with them in their investigation against Daniel McGowan. ELP
does not know the extent of the cooperation Tubbs has given the police
(Officer Harvey did not disclose that) but as a precaution, pending further
investigation, we are removing Kevin Tubbs from our prisoner list.

Sarah Harvey - On the 24th of January 2005, at the bail hearing of Sarah
Harvey, the Prosecutor (Engdal) stated that Harvey should be released on
bail because "She has accepted responsibility for her actions, and is
cooperating." Again ELP does not know the full extent of this cooperation
and we are investigating the matter further. Earlier this month Harvey
distanced herself from the radical environmental movement and asked to be
removed from ELP's prisoner list.

Jen Kolar - Kolar is a woman who has never been charged with any offence in
relation to the on-going investigation against the eleven people accused of
illegal activity in the State of Oregon, however it has been widely believed
for a while that Kolar has been cooperating with the police in their
investigation. This suspicion was confirmed when the well known Earth
First! lawyer, Stu Sugarman, stated, in court, that Jonathan Paul's arrest
was based on the testimony of Jen Kolar.

2) Despite all the bad news about the cooperation of the above named people,
the latest round of bail hearings went quite well. Daniel McGowan and
Suzanne Savoie have both been released on strict conditional bail, with
Jonathan Paul due for release on bail very soon. This means that out of the
people ELP is supporting in this case, only Chelsea Gerlach and Darren
Thurston remain in custody.

However we would like to emphasise that despite all the recent bail releases
Chelsea and Darren do remain inside and they both deserve our support.
Please send letters of support to:

Chelsea Gerlach #1308678
Lane County Jail
101 W 5th Ave
OR 97401

Darren Thurston #701415
Multnomah County Inverness Jail
11540 NE Inverness Dr.
OR 97220

For more information about Chelsea and Darren check out their respective
support campaign websites at www.supportchelsea.org and www.freedarren.org

3) Going back to the positive news of people being released on bail, ELP is
delighted to announce that Lauren Weiner, one of the three people arrested
in Auburn accused of planning to damage the property of the US Forestry
Service, mobile phone masts and power stations, is due to be released on
bail very soon.

However her two co-defendants remain in prison so please continue to send
letters of support to:

Zachary Jenson X-4198632 7E213A
Sacramento County Main Jail
651 "I" Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Eric McDavid X-2972521 4W114A
Sacramento County Main Jail
651 "I" Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

ELP is sad to report that in their case there appears to be two police
informants. One is a woman who is only known by the name of "Anna" and the
other is convicted Earth Liberation Front prisoner Ryan Lewis. It would
appear that following his plea-bargain Ryan decided to follow his
co-defendants lead and start cooperating with the authorities in the hope of
a lighter sentence. Part of his cooperation has been to confirm the image
of Eric McDavid when shown a photo of him. The evidence against Lewis has
been seen by an ELP volunteer.

Just before I finish this e-mail, I would just like to say that in a recent
article about the Auburn Arrestees, it was mentioned that "the three
defendants have already been contacted in the Sacramento County jail 'by the
movement's prisoner support network.'"

This article gave a very misleading impression of prisoner support. We
would like to point out that prisoner support work is LEGAL and LAWFUL.
Many, many, groups, all around the world, are involved with prisoner support
including such famous groups as Amnesty International and Prison Writes.

So let me emphasise again, supporting prisoners is legal and lawful. It is
also a highly worthwhile activity and its good fun! By supporting prisoners
you get to hear from people all around the world and learn about issues
which you may of been previously unaware of.

Also the prisoners themselves tell ELP that they enjoy receiving the letters
from all around the world and they learn about campaigns they were
previously unaware of! So go on, write to a prisoner today. Tell them all
about the lawful campaign you're involved with. The prisoner won't be bored
or think your letter dull. They'll welcome your letter and really
appreciate the fact you wrote to them.

So go on, write that letter now! You know you want to!


"Prison is a weapon used by the State to crush individuals who step out of
line" (Michael Collins - former Mayday 2000 prisoner)

Support All Animal & Earth Liberation Prisoners

Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
BM Box 2407, London, WC1N 3XX, England
E-Mail <  ELP4321@hotmail.com >
< www.spiritoffreedom.org.uk >

Earth Liberation Prisoners Poland
c/o E-Mail <  ELP4321@Hotmail.com >

Belgium Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
E-Mail <  elp_bel@hotmail.com >

Italian Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
E-Mail <  italianelp@yahoo.com >
< www.italianelp.net >

North American Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
E-Mail <  naelpsn@mutualaid.org >
< www.ecoprisoners.org >

Turkey Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
E-Mail <  yesilansari@yahoo.com >
< www.geocities.com/yesilanarsi/elp.htm >

Now we need pictures 28.Jan.2006 12:43

Gumby Cascadia

Thanks ELP for the concise statement with regards to informants. Now we need folks to send in pictures of Jen Kolar, whom, I understand, lives on a yacht in Port of Seattle and has been involved (via Google search) in the past with Buffalo Field Campaign. Any Seattle folks who are good at researching legal records could see if she's ever testified before a Grand Jury, or is under indictment of any kind. (Although any indictments may still be sealed.)

I know many people are deeply saddened by news that Kevin Tubbs has decided to cooperate. Many of us have written to him and offered support. Although I take the hardline view of snitches, I think it is important for people to realize that the game isn't over, and that people who have started naming names still have not taken the stand. Game not over, folks. People can change their minds, especially if they do not feel completely demonized and villified... unredeemable. IF you are inclined to continue writing to people, gently remind and encourage them that it's not too late to do the right thing, even though the slope is hella slippery. We shoot ourselves in the foot with our rhetoric when it slams doors that could otherwise remain open. Just a thought....

Under Oath 28.Jan.2006 12:57


Officer Harvey said, under oath, that Kevin is cooperating with the police. Cops never lie under oath. Cops are good people who want to help the movement, so we should do as Harvey says and remove Kevin from our support lists.

Don't know what you're talking about 28.Jan.2006 13:19


Unless you were standing next to Sarah, Kevin or Jen, and heard the words come out of their mouths, I suggest you keep your opinions to yourselves. You do nothing to benefit anyone being held.

more assinine allegations 28.Jan.2006 13:39


Editor- can we please attempt to require allegations of snitchery to be substantiated?????? We are all trying to make heads or tails out of all of this and we all have our own suspitions... If we all start to post all of our allegations of snitchery, without requiring something substantive, we are going to end up destroying each other.

I agree that it is important to expose those who are talking to know who not to trust. I would propose that any allegations posted be linked to a court document or other piece of evidence that the allegation is based on. Otherwise, it ahould be CLEARLY stated that this is an opinion. It walks a fine line of slander if these steps aren't taken, and worse, it further damages our community.

Let's attempt to maintian integrity and dignity and take care of each other as we walk through these tough times.

reply 28.Jan.2006 14:42

indy geek

It is up to people involved in legal support, lawyers, and concerned individuals who attend hearings etc to confirm or deny such allegations. The small number of people who help maintain the site have neither the time nor the resources to fact check all posts. For better or for worse, indymedia is an open posting website. On such allegations as these, and indeed on any story to the site, it is up to readers to understand that indymedia stories evolve over time. New facts emerge, assertions are refuted, and after some time, when working at its best, a story becomes more well rounded than any one persons take on it.

what Gumby said... 28.Jan.2006 15:02

...is so right on

Please give these folks a break instead of relying on the "honesty of cops." How do you know it's not more cointelpro to get McGowen to talk? Be on the REAL safe side and keep writing letters of support.

Besides, if they are cooperating to whatever extent, I am really in no position to judge that decision. I've been in the movement long enough to see some of the most tough-talking radicals turn into yuppies ten years later. I bet gatting facial tattoos lasered off is expensive.

It's so easy to judge from the armchair or, granted, from behind the protest sign, or even from the perspective of someone who has committed civil disobedience and "gotten arrested" (gasp!). I don't think many of the critics are in a postion to know how it feels to do something that would risk life in prison, and then actually face life in prison. Until you are there, how can you say what you'd do?

And don't forget, Jacob Ferguson wore a body wire and according to the AP wire, all of these folks (at least the original 6) incriminated themselves on tape except for Chelsea. Perhaps she did too and it just got typo'ed out of the story. I'd really love to know if that self-incrimination would be enough to convict without corroboration.

Just one more thing, and thanks for listening, sounds like British Prisons are way different than US prisons. No surprise there. So the next British ELP person that makes comments about how "my three years weren't that bad. I had a radio, etc" should educate themselves on the horrors of the prison system in this country.

Gumby is Right ! ! ! ! 28.Jan.2006 15:22

not over till its over

Please! Please! We need to encourage the loose lipped to zip it, not villify & make them feel like the unprincipled sellouts that they are acting like. Much, much damage has been done, however it will be hard to convict people without the testimony of these people, that's why they are in protective custody. You can send them hate mail later, but for now they need to be reminded that they can still choose to not completely shit on their comrades and the beliefs that lead to their (alleged) actions.

"Under Oath" has a good point too.

bullshit - support these folks until verifiable proof otherwise 28.Jan.2006 15:40

stop the green scare

"ELP does not know the extent of the cooperation Tubbs has given the police
(Officer Harvey did not disclose that) but as a precaution, pending further
investigation, we are removing Kevin Tubbs from our prisoner list."

Shouldn't ya'll be saying that as a precuation pending further investigation to confirm what kind of information and how much Tubbs may have given you are keeping Tubbs on your prisoner list. What better way to make a prisoner talk than tell everyone is he talking without full confirmation and cut off all his or her support. [I can just hear it now - you better talk- everyone on indymedia is saying you are talking already]

Cops do lie under oath. Second, for all we know perhaps during some interrogation Tubbs reponded that he recognized a picture of McGowan. The statement given by the cop says nothing about whether or not Tubbs is really cooperating - just that he may have said something instead of remaining silent.

The whole take on rumors about who is and isn't cooperating seems horrible and likely to drive people to point fingers at others. It seems to me we should offer prisoners full support unless there is verifible undeniable proof they are intentionally cooperating with police.

Beyond that I really think we need to rethink how we offer prisoner support to people. I can't imagien what these folks, guilty or innocent, are facing. It seems perfectly arrogant for most of us to condemn them without knowing first hand what that siutation feels like. Every time someone talks I feel like it is partly the failure of a movement that romanticizes actions and doesn't fully make folks aware of how to protect themselves or do a good enough job supporting those arrested. Sure - it sucks that they talked and they shouldn't be made martyrs of - but how the fuck do you know, you wouldn't!

some more thoughts.... 28.Jan.2006 15:47


We should certainly not start to villify people with out VERY trustworthy information. We all know that loose lips sink ships, but we need to remember that unchecked gossip and unfounded rumors undermine community, destroy solidarity and weaken strength.

One post on indymedia is not enough for us to start turning our backs on folks struggling through the belly of the beast, not to mention watching their names, reputations and lives be destroyed.

My heart goes out to all those caught up in this snare. Those of us with the comfort of home, friends and pets near by can not begin to understand the hell that they are going through. We can offer solid support and strong hearts.

Don't forget:

1) cops lie
2) junkies lie
3) nobody has been convicted yet

stop the green scare - 28.Jan.2006 19:12


yes, I feel strongly about this issue too, and how we build and maintain community. These people need support until it is absolutely and specifically verified that they have done something to not deserve it.

Put yourself in those folks' position... say the cop is lying, or the extent of his "cooperation" is something as simple as saying, "yes, that's Daniel"... imagine losing everything, and then being told that you're hated and being called a "snitch" on top of it...how devastating. We need to be really careful about these things.

We get into activism because of our compassion. We need to treat other activists with respect and the compassion and understanding that we would want for ourselves.

trying to save community 28.Jan.2006 21:36

it really sucks doesn't it.....

i understand that people don't like to see infiltrators named here - but let's be clear, ELP is an established organization who would not be posting information like this unless they were sure about it.

the issues are threefold
1) these people should not receive movement support if they are snitching. we shouldn't send them hatemail either - but we should be focusing on those who aren't talking first - for obvious reasons.
2) other people might be in danger from these people informing and there is no other effective way to get it out there but to publicize it loud and clear.
3) waiting until trial to get official transcripts of their snitching is way too late for those who may be making the last minute decision to get out of the way.

ELP is the prisoner support organization that has done the most work on these issues in Europe and North America over the years. You don't have to believe them, it doesn't really matter. But movement publications and websites should not be carrying Kevin's name for support in any case as he asked to be removed from all prisoner support lists before this came out (and now it appears we know why).

It sucks doesn't it? This shit ain't going away and at least one person has already lost their life in this case. We need to hold those responsible up so we can save what's left from their destructive decisions.

until it is absolutely and specifically verified 29.Jan.2006 01:57


is also when it is too late.

Funny thing : every last one of these governemnt agents you read about, it turns out somebody has raised some suspicions. They have been told to shutup and trust, unless they have absolute proof.

We are taught to give absolute unquestioning trust or absolute mindless distrust. "You are either with us or you are with the terrorists."

Real people try to keep a balance : a bit more trust when the stakes are trivial, a bit less when there are real consequences. A bit of suspicion, a few questions asked and real answers required, a bit of investigation when things don't seem right. A bit more credence given to what people actually do, than what they say, or who they know. A bit of disregard for claimed intentions : prison is the same whether your friend was paid by the state or he was stupid.

"ELP Support Network" has stated their evidence above. They have qualified clearly its limitations. They have stated that they seek more information.

In a better world, ELP might have a less drastic alternative to removing Tubbs from its support list. Given our typical bipolar trust/distrust behaviour, perhaps they had little choice. On the other hand, given the careful statement of their evidence, they probably thought carefully before deciding to withdraw support, too.

I expect some caring people may continue to support Tubbs anyway. Remember this anomaly of US jurisprudence. It is legal and acceptable for the state to coerce a witness threats of harsh sentences and promises of reduced charges (equality is for the wealthy). It is tampering with a witness for others to threaten withdrawal of support or promises of forgiveness.

((I hadn't thought of that : A clever government lawyer might convince a thoughtless judge that ELP demoting Tubbs to a conditional support list was an implied promise to forgive if he recants.))

When an Euskaldun supporter is arrested by the Spanish, she knows her comrades sympathize and pray for her, but they will avoid her for a long time after she is released, maybe forever, because she is marked, a risk. It is one of the prices of being a serious activist.

snitches get stitches 29.Jan.2006 09:03


i was in court, i heard what detective harvey had to say, and kevin tubbs is a fucking snitch. of course cops lie, i don't think anyone has any doubts about that, but that doesn't mean they ALWAYS lie.

there are 5 snitches, count 'em, 5 "cooperating witnesses" in the latest indictment. harvey only very relunctantly gave up kevin's name, but give it up he did. through all of this snitch debate, kevin's support team has said NOTHING. i cannot imagine them keeping slilent if kevin wasn't a snitch.

if some of y'all want to keep your ostritch heads in the sand, go ahead, but you cannot force the rest of the community to keep YOUR blinders on.


ps. i disagree with gumby. there is no "turning back" once you've snitched. kevin tubbs is a fucking disgrace to himself and to everything he once stood for. taking the easy way out of a horrible situation he has sacrificed his integrity and his ties to our community. we need to support the people whose courage and bravery withstand the forces of repression. revolution ain't no walk in the park, and those who are willing to cast others to the wolves need to be pitched head-first out of our communities. snitches get what?

For Dre and the "more-rad-than-though" talkers 29.Jan.2006 10:37

see ya at the mall when you join the shopaholics in 20 years

And when that 20 years comes, Kevin and others will probably still be in prison when you cash in on your inheritance, cuz Jacob Ferguson wore a body wire for years until he got people to incriminate themselves on tape.

And to the person who said, "we are told to trust everyone until after it's too late." Hey maybe it was already too late when someone is dead and a whole bunch of folks are in jail or up to their necks in the offal of people who flubbed catching the real terrorists on 911. Jacob Ferguson was not a "suspected govt agent," he was a turn-coat.

Why don't y'all tough-talking haters go have a protest outside the Hilton where I've heard the Feds are putting Jake up in the new lifestyle to which he has become accustomed?

hate the game, not the playa 29.Jan.2006 10:48

dre more rad than thou

FUNNY how people don't actually respond to the substance of your post when you've got 'em cornered.

and FUNNY, how your mind turns to the mall when you're angry. scared about where YOU'LL end up in 20 years?

all of the turn-coats, snitches, cw's, what-have-you will get their turn. the state doesn't take care of snitches, it only uses them. and you know what? jacob and the rest deserve whatever it is they get.

Actually, there IS "turning back"...or at least SHUTTING UP 29.Jan.2006 11:27

applying logic

Imagine this scenario:

Pete and Harold robbed First Federal Bank together. Pete got grabbed, and snitched out Harold. Pete sucks. But Pete starts getting hate mail from the rest of the gang, and the pigs are tightening the thumbscrews and offering to let Pete walk if he rats out who robbed Union Bank last year. Everyone hates him anyway, and if he gets freed he'll have to go live in Singapore and change his name. What will Pete do?

Add it up.

To Dre 29.Jan.2006 11:30


You are a stupid fuck that doesn't know what he's talking about. Instead of spreading uncalled for hatred amongst the community, why don't you do something useful. Better to remain silent and look like a fool, than open your mouth and prove it.

To Dre 29.Jan.2006 11:49


I agree with above. Have you done anything to support Kevin? Did you write him? Did you make a donation to his fund? Even a buck? I doubt it. You come across as one of those people who scream and shout about shit you don't know anything about. You like the uproar. You like the hatred. You want more and more of that, so you stir it up. Why don't you take a step back and look at your life. What productive anything have you done for yourself, your family or your community. What would you do if you were isolated from everyone you know and drilled over and over by the FBI? Would you look at a picture of me and say, "hey ya, that's so and so". Shut the fuck up because you are the disgrace and the way you talk about others that are still innocent until proven guilty shows YOUR LACK OF INTEGRITY.

uhhh... 29.Jan.2006 12:32


you know what i would do? shut the fuck up and not cooperate!

curious 29.Jan.2006 14:44


When being interrogated by the FBI....I guess when you say, "I have nothing to say, I'd like to speak to my attorney," the FBI doesn't stop asking you questions. But I don't see what Tubbs would have to gain by answering any questions whatsoever if he wanted to maintain his innocence. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court, so unless Tubbs is planning to bypass court with a guilty plea, I don't know why he'd decide to answer anything.

tomorrow knows 29.Jan.2006 17:42

not a supporter of stan or kevin

well stan and kevin are both being arraigned tomorrow in eugene - so we will see what pleas they enter then. people who can go to court should and report back what is said there.

There is no easy way out 30.Jan.2006 11:32

Dre is the fucking disgrace

Why do I sense that dre may just be Jake trying to shake up the community and spew some hatred from his comfy suite at local Hilton?

Tubbs is no disgrace. dre is the fucking disgrace. Shame on you for bringing so much hate into this community. Shame on you for casting stones at people in situations you know nothing about. Hate talkers are the ones who need to be thrown head first out of the community, not good people caught up in bad situations. The latter are the ones that need our support.

Saying that Tubbs is 'taking the easy way out of a horrible situation' is a joke. There is no easy way out. These people are all fucked.

It sure is easy to pass judgment on these folks from the comforts of our homes, surrounded by friends and family and good food and our freedom. None of us have ever faced anything like this. And I hope none of us ever will. These people are up against unprecedented amounts of time. They need some compassion, some respect and some understanding on our parts. Including those who may not have taken the road you think you would have taken. You know ALL of these people have good hearts and are good people, or they wouldn't be caught up in this mess.

Don't be so quick to judge.

All I know 03.Feb.2006 02:11


They ALL appear to have said something incriminating to somebody they didn't know well enough.

Also, if Tubbs has turned, we know he is not strong enough to be trusted. He probably can't stop a speeding bullet either, so we better not count on him to do so. Finally, the government will carefully preserve the evidence and remind him from time to time that they hold it hanging just over his head.

Never trust anyone because they have a pretty face or because some fool insists it is your christian duty.

so interesting 03.Feb.2006 22:59


I think it's so interesting that NOW that Kevin has started to cooperate with the police we are supposed to be very understanding and not call him a "snitch" (the only person who I think is a snitch is Jacob Ferguson, but that's just me). When it was revealed that Stan was cooperating he was vilified and labeled a "snitch" and some even when so far as to suggest that no one can be held responsible for what may happen to snitches. BUT...Kevin Tubbs is cooperating, now we have to fall all over our selves with possible reasons and explanations and keep in mind that it's very hard for them, etc. Tubbs was primarily an animal rights activist, Stan was primarily an anarchist. Funny, isn't it?

What's with the 'tude? 07.Feb.2006 14:38


Wow--this "dialogue" between Dre and others has gotten weird. I can't help but notice though, it's not Dre who seems to be involved in the really nasty, negative language. He did make the rather inflamitory, "snitches get stitches" comment but other than that he has maintained that he feels that the defendents shouldn't cooperate and even reminds us to support those who have not cooperated. I have to say, as I have gone over various postings I keep coming across comments which stridently defend Kevin Tubbs, in particular and yet very few people seem to be willing to address the fact that despite what everyone wants to believe there are those who have NOT in any way, shape or form cooperated with law enforcement. Is the Kevin Tubbs fan base rallying around the rest of the defendents? And why is there an assumption that if you denounce those who cooperate you are a 20 something male anarchist? No? That's not the assumption? Well, that's how I am reading these posts. I am a 40 something female socialist (if anything) who has a STRONG grasp of solidarity. Where has solidarity gone, by the way?

A cop perjuring himself is a wonderful thing 31.Mar.2006 21:54


Yo I want to point this out.

Sure cops lie, but its really really stupid for them to lie on stand.

If a defense catches a cop lying in a prelim that cops testimony on anything else in the trial is dead in the water.

They have no credibility. Anything that cops testifies to afterward is going to be toast--they have impeached themselves. Any defense lawyer worth their salt would crucify them if they lied under oath, esp early on at a prelim.

Plus it really pisses off the Pros attn to lose a cop as a witness cause they lied under oath.