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Misunderestimating Bush

New exhibit features humorous cartoons on George W. Bush.
The exhibit opened at London's Political Cartoon Gallery on Thursday, showing
the work of U.K. and U.S. artists such as Kevin Kallaugher of the Baltimore Sun and Martyn Turner of the Irish Times, and many other cartoonists.
The gallery's exhibit will run until March 18.

The new exhibit, "Misunderestimating the President Through Cartoons", shows the difference of styles between American and European cartoonists, and looks back humourously at Bush's years in the White House.

Some of the cartoons depict Bush as a dimwitted redneck cowboy, a spider, and a crocodile. Other humourous images show Bush sugarcoating the war in Afghanistan and Iraq -- Bush as a pusher selling black market oil, and
depicting Bush as a chimp who is sometimes accompanied by his lap-poodle
Tony Blair.

Drawings by other artists depict Dubya's image as a gunslinging Texas cowpoke, and other pictures focus on George's quite frequent Bushisms.
Other cartoons depict Bush in a variety of animal images, such as a spider
in "Iraqnophobia" or as a crocodile swimming hungrily in the floodwaters of
New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

A cartoon by Martin Rowson of the Guardian depicts Bush shaking hands with Hu Jintao at a recent visit to Beijing, their hands dripping with blood.
Satirical cartoons show Tony Blair as a turkey, Bush's favourite lapdog, and a
maniacal warmonger with madness in his staring Marty Feldman-esque eyes.


The front man 28.Jan.2006 16:41


It's so incredibly un-believeable that people can watch him
speaking and not easily see he's a moron and an embarassment
to us around the world.

He's the front man. The one who was "electable".

Cheney, Rummy, Turd Blossom, (whoever) is writing his script.

If asked ANY question that isn't on his script, he trips on his own words.

An intersting article about a book by Dr. Justin Frank, director of psychiatry at George
Washington University, Bush On The Couch: Inside the Mind of the President:


he writes, "Bush is an untreated ex-alcoholic with paranoid and megalomaniac tendencies."

That's a no-brainer.