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There is, at present, an ominous silence from the Anti-War Movement about the dangers of a Nuclear Attack on Iran by the USA and Israel.
There is, at present, an ominous silence from the Anti-War Movement about the dangers of a Nuclear Attack on Iran by the USA and Israel.

It is not my wish to act like a doomsayer or to alarm anyone unnecessarily. In the dark times we live that would be a cruel and unforgivable thing to do.

The western countries have, in the most cynical fashion, chosen to demonize and persecute the Islamic world, to turn it into a new "menace" (now that the "Red Menace" no longer exists) in order to justify to their peoples a state of "permanent war". It is a very frightening situation in which we are now but very few are aware of what the warmongers are preparing. In my opinion, and in the growing awareness of many others, the new 21st Century imperialism we now face is already just as bad as the nazism of Hitler's Third Reich.

Some of you will know that the regime presently running the USA is now planning, along with the cooperation of NATO (including the UK and Israel), a pre-emptive (first strike) attack on Iran. This attack will probably be to destroy Iran's nuclear reactors and air defences. Most of these defence systems are buried in hardened shelters, deep underground. They are built specifically to withstand the heaviest assault by conventional weapons so what the US intends to use against them are so-called 'tactical mini-nukes', nuclear missile warheads of an explosive yield of anything between half to four or five times the size of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

These mini-nukes are intended to pierce the earth before exploding. Not only would such weapons leave huge open craters but they would still cause immense devastation to the surrounding area. It is impossible to believe that such devastation will not spread into civilian towns and cities. Moreover, massive radioactive clouds will blow across the planet carrying deadly radiation to many other countries. The annual monsoon weather could carry radioactive clouds south-eastwards and this could mean Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and parts of SE Asia will be affected.

I find the prospect of such a thing happening so horrific that waking every day feels to be entering into a nightmare world. But a nightmare world is precisely what these madmen have created. It is time that all sane, decent folk stand up against this unspeakable insanity and say, "Enough! Stop!"

You would think that peace organizations would be working 24/7 to alert the people of the world to this serious danger. But many seem to be so shocked by the terrible belligerence of Washington DC's war-makers that they have turned into so many tiny rabbits being mesmerized by a great cobra. At the moment, all we are hearing from the Anti-War Movement about Iran is an ominous silence. This silence needs to be broken and broken now. A lot of time has already been wasted. Let no one waste another second.

That is why I am now appealing to you. At the moment, it appears there are only a few individuals who are ringing the alarm-bells. But everything starts in a small way.

Speaking to you from my heart, I have every faith in the tremendous potential of human communities everywhere to work for Peace and the New World that is surely coming. But time is running very short. The proposed attack on Iran is in March 2006.

There isn't very much time. But instead of being paralyzed by fear and powerlessness think what you can do in the name of Mother Earth. And then do it!

For those who want more evidence that my warnings are not false, please consult the Medialens archive, BUSH/CHENEY, US WAR DOCTRINE & PLANS TO NUKE IRAN

CAMPAIGN IRAN  http://www.campaigniran.org/

homepage: homepage: http://chimesofreedom.blogspot.com/

Frightening possibilities/realities 27.Jan.2006 22:08

g.d. dem

Excellent article.

Very well researched assemblage of links at CampaignIran --


From one of those links, an investment oriented web-site:

< The market makes the odds at about 2-1 against an air strike. However, a 32-39 percent chance of another war is substantial.

< An air strike will cause a sharp rise in the price of oil. This will torpedo Western economies for a while.

< The U.S. military forces are not prepared for an Iranian engagement at this time.>


I have been thinking of it as close to a 50-50 toss-up, but leaning toward the assumption that all-out war on Iran won't happen because it's so absolutely insane and wrong-headed.

On the other hand, there are so many little indicators all pointing in the same direction.

What is really scary is the history of World War II: turned back in the Battle of Britain, Hitler ordered war against the Soviet Union, even though his own intelligence services told him there was no chance of ultimate success. Then again, I wonder whether Bush is anything like as decisive and determined (about anything) as Hitler was about his plan for world conquest.

I put the odds of ultimate success of BushCo in an Iran war - which really will be World War III - at close to zero. But meanwhile the world would suffer horribly.

For sure, anti-war resistance needs to happen -- whether all-out war on Iran takes place this year, or not.

Prepare to defend the people of Iran? Prepare to defend the world! Prepare to defend ourselves!

A mazing space 28.Jan.2006 00:12

a mazed

looks like most folks are intent to stand by in dull fascination as Hell comes to breakfast! Well, what more could you have expected from a bunch of tv mezmerized mindless masticating mannequins. If Wolf Blitzer didn't mention all the fallout and stuff, well, they can't be expected to think it up! What ya need to do is send out a little flyer with some coupons to everyone's house, give 'em a discount on some tostitos or some other fattening face food, and put a little drawing of a nuke cloud rising out of Iran and being wafted across the globe. Think of all the yummy foods that we might get if all the plants were irradiated. Maybe banana oranges, or grape strawberries. Humans must really hate being alive since most of them seem to enjoy screwing themselves. Too bad, some people are never satisfied...

Time to organize, folks 28.Jan.2006 08:52


Good words, g.d. dem, but your passivity, again, is a pain in the *** !

Everybody knows there is a quick solution:


It's a blitzkrieg on our minds ! This situation must be stopped quickly as possible, propaganda has already progressed.
The use of nuclear weapon begins to be accepted again !! Do you realize ?!
Let's act before it paralyses the whole country, and above all, our military force's mind.

The principal targets of the national demo-march :

- The Pentagon and the White House (sitting, non-stop occupation, for a whole month if necessary, we have to get ready to take it over if the situation reveals critical)

- The minds of military force and police force (the hardest task, but quite easy after all: we're talking about a nuclear holocaust)

Let's make everyone realize that if we dare dropping those f*cking bombs on Iran,
we'll be considered a new f*cking fascist state by other nations !
and they will have not only the right, but the DUTY, to use force against us, bombing down the whole country !!


Let's tell everyone that the only states using the terms of 'nuclear threat' is ours ! And absolutely not Iran and his stupid head-of-state puppet !

We can counter the propaganda by calling it by its name in the demos. Let's use the words 'propaganda', 'nuclear holocaust', 'fascist state'...etc.
It will work : the propagandists will be forced to expose these words on TV, necessarily waking up a lot of people.

Everyone is needed !
NOW !!!

let's show other nations who really is the american people.
Let's show our nation what our constitution really means !
It's OUR country, OUR democracy, remember that !
If we have to occupy the pentagon, we'll do it !
And if we have to fight, we will fight !

Not in our name,
and NOT AT ALL !!


John. Anti-war activist, ready for war.
who's this guy ? huh ?
who's this guy ? huh ?

... 28.Jan.2006 09:22

this thing here

if there is so much as the slightest indication of an imminent attack against iran, and given the fact that it would be such a massive disaster for this country and the world (for the reasons g.d. dem pointed out), i would heartily support a massive march on the pentagon.

i am reminded of the small band of protesters who tried to enter the pentagon during the anti-viet nam war protests of the late '60's.

in my opinion, they failed because there were so few, and because they tried to enter the building.

but what if 100,000 (or however many it would take) people marched on the pentagon, and slowly formed a circle around the entire pentagon? why get violent. why start a fight. just stand there in a gigantic circle and let the truly violent security forces attack us and illustrate their true nature, and the true nature of the bush admin.

the symbolism, in my mind, would be immensely, undeniably powerful, especially when both ends of the circle link up.

not that this would happen without the security forces desperately macing, bludgeoning, and tazering the protesters endlessly to prevent the ends of the circle from touching... but if there were enough of us. that is the key, enough protesters. enough protesters to make it all the way around the pentagon and enough protesters to overwhelm the security forces...

Excellent 28.Jan.2006 10:21


Let's do it

but don't forget your gun 28.Jan.2006 15:07


you never know

So what happens when a nuke goes awry?... 29.Jan.2006 08:19

Pravda or Consequences

Pakistan was the unlikely beneficary when a cruise missle landed there intended for bin Laden.

So who is going to cop to mass murder (parden me, manslaughter because the genocide was not intentional) when that 'accident' happens.

GW is so good at shooting himself in the foot that maybe we should just watch as the Three Stooges play it out.

Angry 30.Jan.2006 08:33


I know just how you feel, believe me I do, don't be angry at them, its not their fault, this is how society programs people to react. Help them. Keep writing, people read it; in independent media we all have an opportunity to make a difference!