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impeachment proceeding?

At this point we as Americans should Impeach the Cabal simply to make an example of them. We as Americans will not stand for this type of Monarchical behavior and anyone who tries it will be called out and sent packing.

They work for us. They've done plenty wrong, and they tell us if we call them out on it we're not up to snuff on our "patriotism" - and they are doing our best interest. It's in their doctrine. I'm FAR more afraid of them, (and that's what they want) then I am of "muslim anthrax"...

dry drunks are known to make bad decisions aren't they? fuego arbusto.

if we are going to be bound to the "system" we need to have sensitive control of the system, and a positive interface with it. And that needs to be implemented before the rich and elite get too far in. Cause we don't want to have to tear it down just to get some semblance of self determination back from the monster.
Fuego Arbusto. Fire Bush.