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Wyden plans to join Fillabuster

A spokesperson from Senator Wyden's office said that Wyden would join the Fillabuster against Alito's nomination to the supreme court.
I just called Wyden's Eugene office and cast my vote to have Wyden join the fillabuster. A spokesperson said Wyden WILL join the fillabuster.

No matter what, I will not give my body back to the patriarchy! Just say no to A-lie-too.

Call Wyden's office now.

BTW - The portland office will not answer and their voice mail is full because they are moving. Salem voice mail is full. DC is continuly busy. Call Eugene if you can.

Please call Sen. Wyden right now and ask him to join the filibuster against
Samuel Alito.

Senator Ron Wyden
Phone: 202-224-5244
District Offices:
Bend: 541-330-9142
Eugene: 541-431-0229
La Grande: 541-962-7691
Medford: 541-858-5122
Portland: 503-326-7525
Salem: 503-589-4555
I just called 27.Jan.2006 13:59


Systems were busy but the woman answering just took the comment and didn't say anything about a filibuster. Keep the calls coming.

wyden and the filo-buster 27.Jan.2006 14:28


I just called in too.

The person I spoke with suggested four other people who aren't joining the
philibuster yet as:

Landrieu, LA; Akaka, HI; Salazar, CO; and Dorgan, ND.

Dodd from Conn is in so he carries many democrat and republican senators
with him, who will oftentimes blindly vote the same as he if it's an
issue they don't spend lots of their own time on.

Wyden.. well ... 27.Jan.2006 15:22


Though I hope Wyden does join in for a filabuster I really doubt he will or if he does he will make some show of it while knowing full well Alito is in.

There is only one solution: Secede! Break the fuckin country ... time to tell all your friends, family and associated that we need out of this Corporatist Republic. It is way passed the time that we march on Salem and Olympia demanding Cascadia. We need a constitution that declares our bodies as our own and upholds the rights of every one regardless of social constructed labels.

Try email 27.Jan.2006 21:24

George Bender

If you can't get through by phone you can send Wyden an email from his website:

Senator Clinton to support Alito filibuster 27.Jan.2006 21:46


moment of truth 28.Jan.2006 13:27

g.d. dem

I see references around the net to a vote scheduled on Frist's motion to limit debate. The vote is scheduled for 4:30 PM (EST) -- 1:30 PM PST.

CALL OR E-MAIL WYDEN WITH YOUR SUPPORT. If you don't live in Oregon, call or e-mail whomever.

Maybe also call or e-mail Smith, although he is almost certainly going to back the bosses of the Senate on this Alito thing, since it has been joined in the public mind with the abortion issue.