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Civil Liberties Defense Center... website for eco-trial

The Eugene-based Civil Liberties Defense Center has their website up. Included are links to many PDF documents relating to the Northwest eco-withchunt.
From the website:

"We are a nonprofit organization of practicing public interest attorneys and organizers focused on defending the civil rights of all citizens, particularly activists exercising their constitutional rights, and confronting recent political and legislative attacks on basic liberties. The CLDC seeks to educate the public regarding current threats to their constitutionally guaranteed rights, and act as a legal resource for activists and legal workers."



Please mark your calendars and plan to attend the first annual Civil Liberties Defense Center's Raffle and Reception for Rights on February 4, 2006! This fun event will be hosted at DIVA at 110 W. Broadway and starts at 6:30pm. The reception will feature live music, eclectic food and local drink along with a Fusion Fundraiser. Admission is $10 per person and includes 2 free Fusion Fundraiser raffle tickets!
We will also be raffling off three Grand Raffle prizes including:
(1) A trip for two to Breitenbush,
(2) A year's supply of organic chocolate from Conscious Creations and Dagoba, and
(3) A $350 bike from Revolution Cycles.
Grand Raffle tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20.

If you can't make the Reception, but would still like to purchase Grand Raffle tickets, email Misha at  misha@cldc.org for more information. We thank you for your support!
info 27.Jan.2006 11:07

Gumby Cascadia

The "trial dates" section for the eco-defendants has not yet been updated to reflect the changes from the new indictments. Hopefully it will be updated today.

Lauren Regan, kickass CL lawyer, is the founder of the CLDC.

Gumby Rocks! 27.Jan.2006 13:08


Once again, GC, you have provided valuable info at a crucial time, thanks! The CLDC does much needed work and it appears their website can be a major learning (read the affidavits section!) and information distro point. Given the devisive comments made recently concerning who does and does not get released on bail, I applaud your timely posting of the CLDC website. I recall a whining request for funds to cover these legal proceedings because there was no local resource for reporting them at the poster's self-aggrandized level of skill and training. You have not only disproved that contention but gone on to become a seed for a networking of the various support groups. I want to be in YOUR revolution!