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Michael Golembewski, photographer

Interview with photographer Michael Golembewski who uses a flatbed scanner as a camera
Michael Golembewski
Michael Golembewski
Interview with photographer Michael Golembewski. We discuss what led him to use a flatbed scanner as a camera; researching 19th century cameras; how his scanner/camera creates distorted images; how sound and vibration plays a role in the photographs; how he further develop[ed his technique and equipment; utilizing the SANE project's open source scanner software; why his photographs are black and white; the limitations and strengths of using a scanner as a camera; other photographers who use cameras in their work; motion distortion photography used in horse races and aerial photographs; other uncovnetional methods of photography he is currently working on; the small WORLD/Tobie Kerridge connection.

Featured song is "Daddy" by B.M.O.B..

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congratulations 16.Feb.2007 12:48

ed golembewski

mike thats a great picture of your mom.uncle eddy.