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"It's the eleventh hour, do you know where your children are?"
"The wiretap is coming from INSIDE the country!"

When_an_Idiot_Leads invading a country near you.
There is a speaker from Progressive Christians for Public Activism named Tom Zagone. He will speak to the movement within communities of faith to resist the radical fundamentalists atacking liberty under the cloak of Christianity. Also, there is a congressional Green party candidate named Matt Reeder. He has spoken at many WTO protests, and is rather well spoken. We have also spoken with Stu Sugarman, a local lawyer who has defended many of those who have been deprived of their rights and labeled eco-terra-rists. He has yet to confirm, however.

There is a local musician named Steve Ulrich who will play a few protest songs. Later, we will hear from Patrick Dodd and Small Revolutions. The headliners are the SandPeople, who have a strikingly conscious message and a dancingly catchy groove.

The downtown event starts at 4PM in Pioneer Square, and by 5:20, people will start leaving the Square in groups to march into the four quadrants of Portland. By 6PM, the four quadrants of the city will be ringing with the noise of Portland demanding BUSH STEP DOWN AND TAKE YOUR PROGRAM WITH YOU! This will continue as Bush delivers another Karl Rove masterpiece aimed at furthering this fascist administration's radical plans at home and abroad.

Simultaneously, neighborhoods which organized around Portland to have community and neighborhood events will have gathered at 5PM to speak out about the State of the Community, and what brought them together to Drive Out the Bush Regime. Then at 6PM, they will grab their pots, pans, and drums, and Drown Out Bush's Lies.

The marches will weave through the neighborhoods of Portland in the Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, and Southwest, simultaneously. The marches will converge to their final destinations. On the east side of the river, they will converge to the Lucky Lab for food, beer, and community building at 915 SE HAWTHORNE. Marchers will build connections and make plans for the future, including the March on Washington, DC the weekend of FEB 4. On the west side, they will converge to Kell's Irish Restaurant and Pub for the same at 112 SW 2nd AVE.

homepage: homepage: http://www.ecotv.org
phone: phone: (206) 666 - BUSH

where do the neighborhood marches start? 27.Jan.2006 09:57

want to participate

where do the neighborhood marches start?

neighborhood marches 27.Jan.2006 13:46

little birdy

as i understand it, the march starts at pioneer square. each individual will make a decision about whether they want to walk to a bar in sw or se for happy hour and pizza. some people may bring pots and pans but these are for banging on, not preparing food. despite little or no organization or publicity, people are supposed to pour out of their homes and places of business to 'make noise' to drown out the state of dis-union speech read by herr bush. prepare to be underwhelmed.

ORIGINS 27.Jan.2006 15:24

double dee

you can leave from the square on organized marches or hit the streets in your own neighborhoods .

Further Details... 27.Jan.2006 15:26

Portland Can't Wait portland@worldcantwait.org

The neighborhood marches originate in Pioneer Square.
If you are hosting or attending one of the events in your community
comprised of your neighbors, then it will begin there. You should
have already been contacted by a community organizer if there is an
event in your neighborhood.

If you have more questions, please contact us by email or phone.

Also. We still could use more march coordinators. This is a simple
task, but this way, the police will work through coordinators before taking
action, Help make this OUR march!

If you can help as a march coordinator, making signs, or flyering,
please attend our next meeting on SUNDAY 4PM at Laughing Horse Books.

You may download the flyer at  http://www.ecotv.org/pdf/J31flyer.pdf
Please make as many copies as you can, and leave them at Laughing Horse.
We will keep stacks there for people to pick up and distribute, who can't
make copies for themselves.

(206) 666 - BUSH