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Cheney Halliburton-KBR make 'detention camps'; Bush Carlyle Corp. write 'the lists'

Putting the pieces together concerning everything from detention camps (who is building them--Halluburton-KBR), who has the private power to make up their own politcal prisoner lists from a huge data archive of privatized gov't background checks data (the Bush family through their war profiteering vehicle Carlyle Corporation subsidiary CSIS, which has the full federal 1997 'privatized' government security background checks contract, and a mine full of past security/gov't worker data on background checks); they can deliver you there to the camps via railroad: with the Bush/Cheney connections in railcar connections already noted; and the railroad shackled boxcars already reported upon.

Bush's high treason requires impeachment immediately.

Real Republicans (instead of Bush's neocon fascists) understand they are next on the lists?

Are Concentration Camps Coming to U.S.?
Privacy By John Newby

I've heard and seen many reports concerning detention camps that have been built throughout the country. Quite frankly, I viewed them with a bit of skepticism, not that I didn't trust the source or the information, I didn't trust the conclusions. The claims have been many and include information (including pictures) indicating some of these camps are built to hold as many as a million people if need be. While these types of stories are easy to fabricate and can provide plenty of speculation fodder to spread; the following news release should give cause for concern to even the most conspiracy challenged Americans.

Here is the word for word news release:

KBR Awarded Homeland Security contract worth up to $385M. (HAL) (By Katherine Hunt)

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- KBR, the engineering and construction subsidiary of Halliburton Co, (HAL), said Tuesday it has been awarded a contingency contract from the Department of Homeland Security to supports its Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities in the event of an emergency. The maximum total value of the contract is $385 million and consists of a 1-year base period with four 1-year options. KBR held the previous ICE contract from 2000 through 2005. The contract, which is effective immediately, provides for establishing temporary detention and processing capabilities to expand existing ICE Detention and Removal Operations Program facilities in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs, KBR said. The contract may also provide migrant detention support to other government organizations in the event of an immigration emergency, as well as the development of a plan to react to a national emergency, such as a natural disaster, the company said.

If no one has ever heard anything about detention or concentration camps within the United States, the above press release would appear relatively harmless. However, if anyone is waiting for the government and KBR to come out and say "Hey, we're building concentration camps for all you minions," before they will take note, you'll be in those camps 'before' you figure it out.

Several items about this concern me greatly. First, instead of paying $385+ million for the next five years to build detention centers or so they say; why not stop the flow at the borders which would be much cheaper? On the other hand, if the illegals are the real problem and reason for building detention centers; why not cancel all jobs for illegals, stop all government payments to illegals and their off-spring and watch the illegal problem dry up like a drought stricken river. You won't have to send them back, they will leave. But that would mean that the illegals are the real problem being addressed, could there are other reasons for these little mini Gitmos?...

Secondly, what are these other detention center type projects? Maybe they learned something in New Orleans, maybe they learned that they needed detention camps in which to send people that lost their homes during this natural disaster. By having Haliburton (Man, why does Hallibuton get all the plush assignments) build local camps, we can herd the mindless little masses into them whenever a natural disaster or even potential disaster occurs. Not to mention NWO orchestrated disasters.

Now I'm sure that many will say, not to worry, no big deal or your just making a mountain out of molehill. Maybe I am, however I believe our country has survived quite well without detention or concentration camps for the past 200 years. Just not sure why King George feels we need them now? Wasn't there another country that built and operated a few concentration camps about 60 years ago? I wonder what little piece of propaganda Hitler used to convince the little minions to look the other way?

Color me naive, but when I hear talk of cages, detention and/or concentration camps, my mind usually wonders in devious directions. I haven't seen anywhere in history where detention centers and so forth were used as freedom enhancing tools. View this anyway you wish, but do so at your own peril. Consider yourself warned, what you choose to do with this information is only up to you.


Carlyle's USIS Has Your Security Background Check

Carlyle's USIS Has
Your Security Background Check
The Carlyle Group has its hands on millions of sensitive files on American
citizens stored in a limestone mine in Pennsylvania

By Wayne Madsen

The problems with the 1997 privatization of the Office of Federal Investigations (OFI), which ultimately became U.S. Investigations Services (USIS), now owned by The Carlyle Group, were known to members of Congress, according to a former OFI official. A number of employees of OFI, which was part of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) before privatization, refused to accept the terms of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The late Democratic Senator Paul Simon of Illinois was particularly opposed to the privatization of OFI.

After OFI became USIS, the timeliness and quality of the security background checks conducted on Federal employees quickly deteriorated according to former OFI employees. They saw USIS being turned into a cash laundering operation whereby a few officials at the top became instant millionaires. Insiders also report that USIS "branched" into other operations never before conducted by OFI/OPM. These other operations were the focus of Col. Ted Westhusing's investigation when he was "suicided" in Baghdad.

It is also noteworthy that USIS assumed control of a converted limestone mine in Boyers, Pennsylvania. The mine, built during the Cold War to safeguard files in the event of a nuclear conflict, contains millions of government files, including those held by the federal Employee Service and Records Center. That means that The Carlyle Group now has access to sensitive personnel files on millions of current and past government employees as well as contractors who have applied for security clearances.



Title: FEMA's NAFTA-wide police state: & Bush/Cheney connections in its railcar contracts & lines
Author: the truth will not be televised, so learn to read
Date: 2004.10.18 11:05
Description: IN SHORT: Bush and Cheney have been shown to have ties to KCS, Union Pacific, Trinity Rail Car, The Chamberlain Group, and The Greenbrier Companies, after only a small amount of internet research. Imagine what you could learn if you followed up on this. ***I did not begin looking for a Bush/Cheney connection when I began researching this article, but I sadly ended up there.***




600+ FEMA internment camps within these United States.

A 1996 leak of FEMA strategy: having RED and BLUE priority lists for mass incarceration for these 600+ camps. Total lists then were around 6 million people.

GUNDERSON RAIL CAR COMPANY: Speaking on anonymity, an employee of a manufacturer of railcars stated that Gunderson Rail Car Co. received a contract to build over 400 boxcars. These boxcars were ordered and paid for by the UN. They were white and they had shackles built into them.

THRALL RAILCAR: Another company was making the boxcars as well. A company called Thrall Railcar. Thrall Rail Car merged with Trinity Industries, Inc. in October of 2001 to form the Trinity Rail Group....on Board of Directors of Trinity Rail Group is Craig J. Duchossois, heavy contributor to Bush-Cheney 04 campaign, labeled a Pioneer--someone who contributed more than $100,000 to re-election campaign. Duchossois is Chairman of The Chamberlain Group, sells access and security products for homes and businesses around the world including biometrics.

KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN: Now the white boxcars sometimes have been cited to have such labels as "Kansas City Southern" on the side to make them appear more inconspicuous....KCS is transportation holding company with railroad investments in U.S., Mexico, & Panama. KCS's rail investments are THE PRIMARY components of the NAFTA railway system linking commerical/industrial centers of U.S., Canada, and Mexico. A KCS Director, Robert J. Druten, is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Hallmark Cards, Inc. Robert Druten along with Hallmark have also been making re-election campaign contributions to George W. Bush. --- KCS has railroad investments in Panama, country George Bush Sr. invaded before Desert Storm under pretext of Manuel Noriega's Drug Trafficking. Why KCS has offices in one of the largest drug smuggling ports in the world, Panama City? If Bush Senior/Junior are truly tied up with KCS, it is entirely possible that key CIA drug smuggling has been coming through railroads from Panama, up through Mexico, into Texas, straight on to Houston, Dallas (a.k.a. Bush Central) all on KCS rail lines (along with Union Pacific). On December 4, 2003, KCS announced in Pro-Homeland fashion that it has become a certified member of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program, run by U.S. Customs & Border Protection of Department of Homeland Security. It's important to note that one of the motivations for companies to participate in the CTPAT is that they will be rewarded with fewer customs inspections when their cargo arrives in the US. They are agreeing to "self assess" their security...; While Zedillo was President and George Bush was governor of TX, KCS won a $1.4 billon bid which doubled it's track mileage and made it a key player in growing U.S. Mexican trade by operating Mexico's busiest rail line into the United States.

UNION PACIFIC, OIL, MEXICO, and CHENEY: During role as governor of Texas, George W. Bush met with Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo on multiple occassions. Incidentally, 2001, Zedillo appointed to Union Pacific's Board of Directors, now has a seat on boards of Alcoa and Procter & Gamble corporations and resume very similar to VP Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney also served on the Board of Directors for Proctor & Gamble and served on Union Pacific's Board during Zedillo's presidency. What are the odds? Zedillo bailed out by Clinton Administration to save his administration. Conditions of the bailout required Mexico to deposit all of its export oil revenues as collateral in the Wall Street branch of the U.S. Federal Reserve. This gave the NWO oil cabal even more control over the world's oil supply. Zedillo advises Council on Foreign Relations, the UN, & David Rockefeller's Trilaterals. Union Pacifics/TTX Cheney Connection: friend of Cheney's on Board of Directors, Mr. Robert M. Knight, Jr., Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Union Pacific. They worked together when Cheney was on the Board of Union Pacific as well.

GREENBRIAR COMPANIES: On June 17, 2004, the Greenbrier Companies announced that it has received orders from TTX for nearly 7,000 railcars valued at approximately $400 million principally for production in North America--the largest single award Greenbrier ever received. Greenbrier owns over 12,000 railcars and performs management services for approximately 113,000 railcars. TTX has friend of Cheney's on Board of Directors, Mr. Robert M. Knight, Jr., Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Union Pacific. They worked together when Cheney was on the Board. Why is a friend of Cheney's giving them largest single order Greenbrier ever received? What does Bush/Cheney have planned for 2005-2006?

IN SHORT: Bush and Cheney have been shown to have ties to KCS, Union Pacific, Trinity Rail Car, The Chamberlain Group, and The Greenbrier Companies, after only a small amount of internet research. Imagine what you could learn if you followed up on this.

***I did not begin looking for a Bush/Cheney connection when I began researching this article, but I sadly ended up there.***



Title: SHACKLED BOXCARS in OR,TX,MT,NH,NC; & intervew w/imported NATO crack troops
Author: your 'need to know' basis promotion
Date: 2004.03.02 02:16
Description: It has since been learned that GUNDERSON STEEL FABRICATION is under secret contract from the U.S. government to produce these prisoner boxcars. The company received an order from the federal government to build 107,200 full length railroad boxcars with the shackles inside. Gunderson has a satellite factory for making the boxcars with shackles in TEXAS. Interestingly, Gunderson became the launching pad where then-presidential candidate Governor George W. Bush introduced his plan for social security reform on May 16, 2000, a major part of the current president's platform. Apparently, Mr. Bush has some special relation with Gunderson. --- It is no secret that the U.S. steel industry, which has undergone one of the most horrific depressions of any domestic industry over the past 30 years, is emerging from this long decline with remarkable rapidity. We reported in a Gold-Eagle investment news column in January 2001 that shares of leading U.S. steel maker Bethlehem Steel were being enormously accumulated by insiders. --- Since that initial report in January 2001, Bethlehem Steel shares have risen in excess of 400%. Such an impressive percentage gain in such a short period of time (especially considering the slow-moving nature of this sector) bespeaks of something extremely unusual on the horizon that will improve the fortunes of America's languishing steel industry. --- THAT SOMETHING IS MARSHALL LAW PLANS AND THE CONSTRUCTION OF A POLICE STATE INFRASTRUCTURE. --- Gunderson got over 2 billion dollars. --- One of the cars was seen by Phil Schneider in a rail yard in NORTH PORTLAND, OREGON.

Title: Coming American Holocaust (police state murder infrastructure in place)BOX CAR DEATH CAMPS
Author: Willie Martin
Date: 2004.02.28 08:56
Description: With a seven-inch thick portfolio filled with photographs, news articles, correspondence, etc., Mr. Sea (intentionally anonymous) is a former inspector for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Department of Defense, with 31 years of federal service in the military, nine with the Department of Defense, including two years with the Air Staff --- holder of the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, three awards of the Joint Service Medal --- spoke of the coming American Holocaust of the Government's plans for dealing with the non-New World Orderites --- infrastructure that has already been set up to incarcerate and execute Americans, and the locations of the facilities...all with photographs --- Mr. Sea: "On August 6, 1994, I toured the Amtrak Railcar Repair Facility at Beech Grove, Indianapolis, Indiana. There are at least ten maintenance barns at this facility, covering 129 acres, with two separate fences with the tops leaning inward. The windows of several buildings have been bricked up....There are three helicopter 25-knot aviation wind socks (which aren't the correct ones to use for chemical spills which require 10-knot wind socks). There are high security NSA-style people turnstiles, and high intensity/security lighting for 24-hour operation. The box car (gas chamber) building fence is marked with special 'RED/BLUE Zone' signs [visible in the photo ]. This corresponds to the 'mission' of the RED/BLUE Lists which surfaced in June and July of 1996. Under martial law, this will become a death camp. They're only going to handle category one and two (RED and BLUE) people there. This box car facility will be used for execution.

Title: CFR Plan to Eliminate US-Mex.-Canada Borders, to sync w/post 9-11 NORTHCOM/NATO occupation
Author: repost
Date: 2004.11.17 09:48
Description: There has been a great deal of very aristocratic, corporate, and military integrating going on internationally post 9-11 to destroy all democratic feedback against their transnational corporate regime in three major states of North America: US, Canada, and Mexico. See all three links for the continuities. I would have chosen this to go under "forest defense" and "energy & nuclear" categories as well, so read for that. COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS: "A tri-national task force, chaired by former Liberal Party deputy prime minister John Manley, with the full backing of all three [unrepresentative state corporatist] governments, is plotting the roadmap for this new, bolder alliance meant to compete with the European Union. [so they say...there is always someone else to blame for their desire to removing any local democratic feedback to the corporate elites...] William Weld, former governor of Massachusetts and Pedro Aspe, former Mexican finance minister, join Manley on the panel that reports directly to the Council on Foreign Relations." "The "NAFTA-plus" plan has also been referred to as "deep integration." Skeptics see it as a plan to eliminate national sovereignty and erode the American concept of representative government accountable to the people under the framework of the Constitution. Discussions so far indicate that Canada, under the new agreement, would immediately sign on to the U.S. strategic missile defense initiative. Canada would also make its vast lumber resources available to the U.S. [degradative corporations] and Mexican markets and provide more open access [and destruction of environmental laws regarding] to the northern neighbor's oil, natural gas and hydro-electric power resources. KISSINGER APPEARS HERE: "Other members of the task force include: Canadian Finance Minister Michael Wilson and Nelson Cunningham of Henry Kissinger's consulting firm, Kissinger McLarty Associates."

And let's remember that Bush himself comes from a traitorous Nazi-banker family. George W. Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush was Hitler's banker in the U.S.

Grandfather Prescott Bush's Silesian-American Corporation was so close to the Third Reich that Silesian-American got direct shipments of Jewish slave/death camp labor to run its factories, courtesy of the Third Reich.

Next, George W. Bush's father George H. W. Bush was CIA Director during the 1970s 'coup of the Rockefellers'. It continued on with GHWB being responsible for the 1981 assassination attempt on Reagan, that left Bush in control of the Reagan era, secret wars, expansion of goverment and the CIA drug trade into the U.S.A. and a whole lot more.

Next, George W. Bush himself spent some quality time in a thrill kill satanic cult of Brownsville, TX.

see comments and this article:

Title: Bush & MKULTRA Satanic killer who Bush pardoned while Governor, BOTH in same cult in '80s
Date: 2005.01.22 03:42
Description: Bush covers up likely MKULTRA issues. Plus, Bush himself has been associated with mass murder Satan cult rings at Brownsville, Texas. And this connects him to the very person he "pardoned" while governor of Texas--Henry Lee Lucas, for ritualized killings and cannibalism. They both were associated with Brownsville, TX, cults.

Bush's Wild Years: in the 1980s, Bush and serial killer Henry Lee Lucas in TX Satan cult, George W. Bush investigated for six months for mass murder of 17 people who were skinned in the cult--until VP Poppy Bush told then to drop the case.

"Bush, telling reporters and critics to 'stick to the issues that matter', Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush declined to answer questions Monday concerning his alleged involvement in a 1984 Brownsville, TX, mass murder, in which 17 people were ritualistically murdered and skinned. 'I will not stoop to discussing that,' said Bush....

Bush, the son of a billioniare, was strangely living in the most impoverished place in America, Brownsville. Bush was living nearby to and also inside the headquarters of a Satanic Cult of which he was a member. Bush disappeared for three days during which ALL of the other of his fellow Cult Members were slaughtered. After he reappeared he could not explain where he had been.

***The local prosecutor continued to pursue Bush, sole Cult survivor, on mass murder charges for six months thereafter, heavily pressured by Daddy Bush to stop the investigation.***


cannibal? 28.Jan.2006 21:51


GWB: Cannibal? Give me a fucking break. I don't like him either, but this shit is so over the top I have to question it's very presence here. Does he munch on little raw infants too? Jeeeeeesus! What time does the Cannibal Train leave for Auchwitz anyway? Wouldn't want to miss that trip. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Proof" is just a 'click' away 29.Jan.2006 19:28

wake up dude

Just google 'REX 84 camps'. All the info. is there. Otherwise, just stay in your current state of denial. Apathy is easy. It takes more courage for you to take the time and investigate rather than to just attack and criticize because you don't want to believe something to be possible. Ignorance is dangerous.

i did 30.Jan.2006 10:23


I googled it and found zero reference to GWB eating corpses.

pay attention 10.Feb.2006 04:43


Read what is being said here. Everything points to the facts. Bush/Cheney want government reduced to Zero, except their exclusive rule, to allow corporations to flourish in a "free market". They are trying to destroy our social infrastructure. The propaganda is widescale and many American citizens have been convinced. Take a step back. Why is the rest of the world laughing at us, or filled with hatred? All of Europe sees it for what it is. Fascism is the takeover of a government by big money. They take the people by surprise and rob them of their liberty. Now we have detention camps being built, and federal agents listening to average citizens. They have used fear tactics to get us in their grip and then claim we are UnAmerican if we do not comply with their fascist dictates. We must listen to each other - and THINK about what we see and hear. Wisdom demands our full attention - our American Democracy is at stake.

all aboard 11.Mar.2006 12:57


I hope gunderson has a huge secret goverment order, since our livleyhood depends on it. the current backlong at gunderson tends to dispute that rumor however. and correct me if i'm wrong, but is mexico in on this? they must be since all the new contracts are be outsourced to the mexico plant. we've never seen these shackeled cars and we're there five days a week for several years now. I think thats the roach coach beaner bus that comes through at lunch time that people are seeing and the shackels are optional.

Get Real 20.Apr.2006 18:30


Give Haliburton's track record, I seriously doubt they would be able to build a very large detention center for $385 million dollars. After they finish padding their wallets, that would what? 10 undocumented workers. The Mexican immigrants down here in LA are trying to fight a serious movement for their rights. Why cloud up the facts with all this conspiracy stuff. Their are enough real injustices to correct.

FEMA camps are for real... you better wake up. 07.May.2006 07:30


this is no conspiracy theory. for those of you who seem to enjoy slinging those words around carelessly and out of context, you'd better wake up.

so far, the only conspracy theories around are those emminating straight out of our own government. no one is making this shit up. google REX 84 and Garden Plot. while you're at it, check out The Armageddon Plan and The Doomsday Plan.

if you choose to not believe it and live in denial, fine; go for it. it's your prerogative. have a nice life and i hope you manage to NOT end up in a FEMA camp.

i have seen camp krome in the florida everglades. it's just off kroma avenue, which runs northward from florida city/homestead area and up into the state. camp krome is on the edge of the everglades, not too far away from the broward correctional facility- state prison, region 4. it's one of the worst places for a prison/camp... nevermind the critters one may cross paths with (snakes of all kind, panthers, 'gators) and nevermind the indigenous indian tribes (who don't especially care for whitey)... consider the year-round mosquitos. in deep summer you cannot keep them outside. they find ways in to where the blood is. enough of them might carry you away.

they don't need to build new camps; the camps- most converted old military bases- are already in place. they're now being upgraded and fully staffed. armed guards have been in place at some sites for quite a while now.

i don't know anything about bush eating corpses. that looks ridiculous on its face, but somehow it wouldn't surprise me.

...but nevermind the GWB night of the living dead fantasy. FEMA camps are here.

geez, you people, pay attention. if the bush regime is playing straight from hitlers play book, why would a concentration camp be so far-fetched? it's already well known that pier 51 in NYC served as a concentration camp for the RNC in 04. no big secret, so why is this so hard to imagine?

people just don't want to face the big ugly truth. people don't feel that they should hve to. people do not want their illusions to end, they wish their sleep would just continue.

time to wake up.

Where's the beef? 24.Jul.2006 10:34

Ralph Malph na@na.com

At best all I see is wild speculation. Basically everything that I have read is rubish. If pier 51 in NYC was a concentration camp in 04 where's the proof? The only things I see in a quick google search is you and Alex Jones' garbage. Both as non-biased as a John Kerry commercial. Why is there no source linked to CNN, NBC, or even Fox? Its not like every time I turn on the news Bush isn't being bashed. Some rightfully so others are not.

Honestly I can't stand Bush. He is spending us into a blackhole and our children will have to pay for it. I hear little even from the right wing except the deficit is less than expected. Great we have slightly less red than expected. The point being why make crap up? Bush has decided to spend close to 1 trillion dollars on a medicare perscription drug policy when we don't have money to save social security. Even if you disagree with Iraq we could have saved social security, went to Iraq and paid to rebuild it. What is this moron thinking?

Its easy to come up with conspiracy theories for ANY administration. The Chinese got nuclear weapons during the Clinton administration and the Clintons receieved large campaign donations from the chinese. Here is where I can insert a bunch of mumbo jumbo and have a stupid theory that is backed by a bunch of right wing nuts.

Argue on merits not on bogus theories made up by one stupid writer with little to nothing to back them up. There is plenty of reasons to hate Bush (ie: his public speaking, his out of control spending, foriegn policy, etc). You don't need a UFO cover up to put him down. I have as many sources that link Clinton to Enron as Bush to Enron, same goes for North Korea and Nukes, even concentration camps under Clinton. Please get a life and argue based on ligit sources!!!