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9.11 investigation

Think About It

The Defying of Logic About 9/11
Think about things logically and you'll see things as they really happened, as they really are.

1) It takes many years of training to be able to pilot a large commercial jet. A flight school would train a student on basic, simple flight priciples, start with a small trainer and steadily build upon those lessons. A flight school would not train a novice to just master the the in-flight skills. An FAA certified flight school would teach a step-by-step course. Flying commercial jets without learning first how to take-off or land makes no sense. Don't believe it that the terrorists who struck us on 9/11 were not professional, highly-trained pilots.

2) Two successful, pinpoint attacks on the World Trade Center would require the perfect combination of training and timing. Think about it, we are being told that semi-trained pilots were able to fly for about 40 minutes without communications and without prompting a response from NORAD. And these pilots were able to home in on two structures right next to each other in a very crowded city. Don't believe it that the terrorists who struck us on 9/11 were not professional and highly-trained pilots. The lack of a NORAD response only makes sense if you understand that these planes were allowed to fly undisturbed.

3) The Pentagon was hit at just the right angle. Some very good flying for semi-trained pilots. No, the pilots who flew the plane into the Pentagon were highly trained.

What makes sense is that the terrorists who flew the planes on 9/11/01 were probably Saudi Air Force fighter pilots who were just fanatical enough to go on these suicide missions. Why not? In World War II, the Japanese carried out a lot of suicide missions using planes.

You have to ask why our government would tell us something completely different. The government also stonewalled the 9/11 Commission and redacted 19 pages of the report that detailed Saudi involvement.

The government has been using 9/11 as an excuse to get away with all sorts of crimes against U.S. citizens and foreigners.

This is my logical conclusion about 9/11 and how it enabled Bush-Cheney to establish a dictatorship in the U.S.A. You probably never thought you'd be living here in the U.S. under a dictatorship.

But we have it now. A thoroughly weakened Congress, a stacked Supreme Court, warrentless domestic spying, torture, suspension of habeous corpus, concentration camps, the non-response to Katrina (read sometime about the Irish Potato Famine and you'll see how the British used that opportunity to punish the hated Irish. The Katrina response is a similar tactic to what the British used), propaganda, rigged elections, the confiscation of wealth through regressive tax policy, unprovoked war, outing of a CIA agent, suppression of the press, scandals, etc. etc. etc.

The most sobering truth has yet to play out. You'll see, Bush-Cheney will not leave the White House in 2008.
scary 27.Jan.2006 10:17


The scariest part is that not a single person replied to this thread, even though the topic of this thread is the Mother issue of our nation's history.

9/11 WAS an inside job, folks. So why discuss it you might ask (stupidly)? Because if 9/11 was planned and carried out by our own government, doesn't it stand to reason that they will attempt to do it again?

9/11 Inside Job 27.Jan.2006 13:34


It's much easier to go through life being OBLIVIOUS to facts than to make the effort & do the research, get truly informed about the subject, and understand the OBVIOUS. The majority of people just really don't give a crap because they're 'BLINDERSHEEP'.

I wondered why they had pictures of the accused shortly after the buildings fell 29.Jan.2006 07:05

Pravda or Consequences

I'd say they looked in pretty good shape after having tons of debris fall on them. And to be selected from all other international souls who worked at the WTC.

No Saudi Kamikaze pilots 06.Feb.2006 18:30

Commienokaze aka Commie bastard

Ever heard of remote guidance technology. The U.S. has been using it for years. Its intended use is to take over a hijacked commercial jet and safely land it, but on 9-11, my guess is they used this remote technology to allow highly trained U.S. black opts pilots to fly these planes into the WTC. Did you know on 9-11 they were running several training excercises, which included crashing planes into the WTC? What's to say some gullible remote pilot is told he is taking part in an excercise and told to act as the threat, and remotely pilot these simulated flights into these simulated buildings, and gee don't feel too bad soldier, I mean how could any of us known that it was really happening, even as we practiced. BUt then I'm being generous, of course the remote pilots knew exactly what they were doing.