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Watch Video on The Illuminati here:

NEW WORLD ORDER the Centralization Of Power A look at what is happing right before owr eyes.
The Illuminati part 1of2

 link to video.google.com
The Illuminati part 2of2 26.Jan.2006 20:09

(AIM) Australian Independent Media

Quality stuff here! 26.Jan.2006 21:53


People should really check out these two videos if they get a chance! They're both really quite revealing. Shine the light of TRUTH for justice!

Wakey!! Wakey!! Rise n' Shine Boys & Girls! 27.Jan.2006 01:14


Take the time to open your eyes for the first time in your life and watch this.
Skull & Bones
Skull & Bones

no doubt 27.Jan.2006 18:52


good post.

Just a thought . . . 27.Jan.2006 20:47


I'm just wondering if anyone is actually taking the time to watch these videos. If not, you really should try to. Unfortunately, as is always the case, those who would most benefit; (needing to be clued-in) are the ones not watching. What's new?! People make the conscious decision to remain in ignorance. Why on Earth would people make the CHOICE to remain in the dark?? Especially when so much is riding on the ability of people to wake up to the truth. I know...it all comes down to fear.

To those who refuse to believe 9/11 could've possibly been an inside-job, this is a great piece of the puzzle in which to help you to make sense of things. I do realize, the complexity makes it all so hard to fully comprehend. It's complicated deception by design. That's the nature of the tangled web of the N.W.O. .

It's important for us to try and make sense of things, for all of our sake.

Illuminati My Arse 28.Jan.2006 12:04

Mr, Magoo

Pure distractionist crap spawned by goofball libertarians.

quick point 28.Jan.2006 23:28


1. they dont know who the actual leaders at any given time are:
False: the one with the most money (didn't even mention Rothschilds)
2. after citing Sun-Tzu, man says,'wars are never won in defense':
False: Cuban Revolution comes to mind.
3. assumes OBL is somehow a part of the 'illuminati':
False: all you have to do is read his words rather than think what this government would like you to (i.e. that he is somehow in cohoots with the CIA.
4. Exorcisim: at one point the 'mother' says 'father, get the water' and the priest replies 'right! i didnt think of that.' It wasnt translated. Also his Italian is equivalent to english elmer fudd. how do you know that she isnt disturbed to her core by something the family has done - i personally wouldnt put this past the realm of possibilities regarding mankind. the priest always says 'demon' (demonio) yet always translated 'devil'.
5. how can you mention a movement in motion since Napoleons defeat, yet not mention Rothschild? or Zionism as a political arm of these secret societies?

5.1. really now, how does obl fit into all this?

bohemo 29.Jan.2006 00:43

the real magog

and we can reveal to you that we did not see any face of those at Bohemian grove. pure propaganda until proven.

The Illuminati Part 1 of 2 disappearence 13.Jun.2006 18:19


why has google removed the first video? they still have part two but part one is gone... are there any full downloadable versions? or other sites that are showing it??