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Information on the Confidential Source in the Auburn Arrests

Through several sources across the country, the friends of Eric McDavid, Zachary Jensen and Lauren Weiner - the three environmental activists arrested outside Sacramento on January 13th - have confirmed that the name of the FBI informant is "Anna." According to the FBI's own affidavit, "Anna" was involved in gathering information on 12 separate cases in the anarchist movement. Through discussion with activists across the country, "Anna's" presence or attempted involvement in various events has come to light. She ran as a street medic during the Bio-Democracy protests in Philadelphia last June and attended both the Crimethinc convergence in Indiana and the Feral Visions gathering outside Asheville.

It was also discovered that this informant made an attempt to get involved with the Pittsburgh Organizing Group and attended one or two of their meetings ahead of the Democratic National Convention in Boston. She told POG that she had been involved with the G8 Organizing Committee in Georgia as a direct action outreach coordinator. She wanted to get involved with organizing for the DNC in Boston, and was supposedly talking to various groups about merging "talents and our outreach, [to] put a little more bang in the DNC actions."

Three separate descriptions of "Anna" all match up - a young (early to mid 20's) Caucasian woman, "not super skinny and not chubby." At one point it was reported she had light blonde hair that could have been bleached, possibly with pink streaks in it, and later during her time Philly, she is reported to have had dark hair.

Several medics and other activists have confirmed this information. One of them said they had worked with Anna, that she was pretty sketchy and that the news didnt suprise them as she refused to give her credentials to the other medics during a meeting.

One of the people who knew Anna had this to say:
"4 people went to Auburn together, 3 ended up in jail. The 4th person was Anna. Speculations have been made about her since 2004, about the same time the FBI openly states that they had someone working on the 'inside.' Such speculations have recently been confirmed, and I was told to make everyone aware of this person to watch out for her, and to, like one should do with every snitch, erradicate their prescense from the radical community."

It is our understanding that Anna is now in Auburn, hanging out with her Fed buddies. Because of this case, and her exposure as an agent, she can longer continue the infilitration she had been doing. At the same time, people who know her or worked with her in the past need to be careful, and take precautions. It is not yet understood whether or not she is a cop or just a paid informant.

The photographs have all been confirmed as the same "Anna" that attended the above mentioned gatherings and events, and were taken during Philadelphia's Biotech protests in June. We apologize for the delay in photographs, however we thought it necessary, as to protect those who are already in jail.

Glasses & Head-Scarf 26.Jan.2006 17:31


We're all going to have to keep our eyes out for places to hide cameras on one's person. Maybe it's time to expect anyone going to meetings to take off all head gear, sun-glasses and other unnecessary items. All cell-phones, recording devices, and other electronics should be kept out of meetings too. When traveling, they could be placed in the same kind of lead bags used by photographers were sending film through airport x-ray machines (sold in camera stores), in order to diminish the changes of these decives being used for tracking.

During actions, certain people who have been well cleared and investigated should be designated to do all electronic communications. Anyone else caught text-messaging or making cell-phone calls during an action should be ejected.

more. 26.Jan.2006 18:53


The following was in a Jan. 22 article in the Fresno Bee.

Though the following all apparently came out in open court, it is interesting that almost none of the mainstream media sources covering the case decided to report the following. The source for this is a Fresno Bee article published Jan. 22, which was the only place I've seen this come out:

- the FBI paid the approximately 20-year-old "Confidential Source" in the case - who seems to be the lynch-pin for the whole case - about $75,000 (plus expenses) over the two years she was "embedded" with the group. This means she was approximately 18 or 19 when she started working for the FBI.
- the FBI paid for a house in California where the small group allegedly met to "plot" the action in the weeks before the arrest.
- the FBI provided money to the Confidential Source to buy "bomb-making materials" for the group.
- the Confidential Source was apparently a very active member in the group, authoring part of a book on the group's plans.

Here is the actual article:


why isn't that entrapment of 26.Jan.2006 19:21


some kind if the FBI is actually providing the means to commit a crime?

corrected url 26.Jan.2006 19:25



Eco-terror case ruling expected
Trio accused in bombing campaign seek bail.

By Denny Walsh / The Sacramento Bee

(Updated Sunday, January 22, 2006, 5:41 AM)

SACRAMENTO — Lauren Weiner, one of three people charged in Sacramento federal court with plotting domestic terrorism, once said, "The government blows up stuff, why can't we?" an FBI agent testified Friday.

His testimony came at a bail hearing for the 20-year-old Weiner, who is charged in a criminal complaint with conspiring to use fire or explosives to damage property as a protest against what she perceives as an erosion of the environment in America.

After listening to nearly two hours of testimony and lawyers' arguments, U.S. Magistrate Judge Gregory G. Hollows said he hopes to rule next week on whether to grant bail.

Co-defendants Eric Taylor McDavid, 28, and Zachary O. Jenson, 20, are scheduled for bail hearings Tuesday before Hollows.

The trio are accused of planning a bombing campaign in the name of the Earth Liberation Front, labeled by the FBI as an "eco-terrorist" movement.

In Friday's hearing, Miami attorney Jeff Weiner, a cousin of Lauren Weiner and one of two lawyers representing her, told Hollows, "If our client had any role, it was minor and as a follower."

But prosecutors R. Steven Lapham and Ellen Endrizzi argued that the Earth Liberation Front would be ready to supply Weiner with "financial assistance and material support" if she is released on bond and chose to flee to avoid prosecution.

Lapham said the three defendants have already been contacted in the Sacramento County jail "by the movement's prisoner support network."

Weiner's parents from Westchester County in New York were in the courtroom. They want to put up property to secure their daughter's release on bail.

An FBI affidavit supporting the charges against the trio describes the Earth Liberation Front as an "eco-terrorist group that advocates direct action (i.e. criminal activity) against targets identified as contributing to the destruction/exploitation of the earth and its resources."

The three defendants were arrested last week in Auburn after FBI agents allegedly watched them scout possible arson targets, including Nimbus Dam, a nearby fish hatchery and a forest genetics lab in Placerville.

The case against the three is based on extensive electronic surveillance and an FBI "confidential source who is deeply embedded within the subjects' 'cell'" of the ELF, according to the affidavit.

FBI Special Agent Nasson Walker, who signed the affidavit, testified at Weiner's bail hearing Friday that the confidential source wore a hidden recorder during many of the conversations the source had with the defendants.

Walker testified that the FBI financed the source's renting of a house in Auburn where the four stayed for a short time this month.

The agent said the house was rigged with hidden sound and video equipment.

The source is a woman, approximately 20, who has been paid about $75,000 plus expenses over the past two years to infiltrate the ELF and gather information for the FBI, the agent testified.

Walker testified that Weiner once told the source she would like to participate in a revolution to "topple the government and collapse the capitalistic society."

At a meeting at McDavid's parents' home in Foresthill in November, the group discussed building an explosive device with dry ammonia and bleach mixed with plumber's putty, and Weiner offered to supply the putty, Walker testified.

Jeff Weiner tried to show on cross examination of Walker that the FBI's source was a subtle but moving force behind a lot of what the foursome were doing in the days leading up to the arrests.

Walker acknowledged that some of the money used to buy bomb-making materials came through the source from the FBI. He also acknowledged the source authored part of a book on the group's plans.

please post the article contents 26.Jan.2006 19:28

from the fresno bee

please post the text of the fresno bee article here. the link asks me to register, which i do not like to do for privacy reasons and because i think it sucks.

cut and paste the article and post it here please.

Anna was really nice to ne. Score one for J. Edgar. 26.Jan.2006 21:37


I met "Anna" at the BIO convergence in Philly. She seemed very genuine and kind, and appeared to know all the right people. I guess it just goes to show you that you can't trust anyone these days. Hell, one of my best friends (or yours) might be a federal spy. Let's keep our security culture in mind, people. Don't trust anyone you wouldn't sleep with. And then as soon as you've slept with them .... don't trust them either.

clueless 27.Jan.2006 08:06


>>"But prosecutors R. Steven Lapham and Ellen Endrizzi argued that the Earth Liberation Front would be ready to supply Weiner with "financial assistance and material support" if she is released on bond and chose to flee to avoid prosecution.

>>Lapham said the three defendants have already been contacted in the Sacramento County jail "by the movement's prisoner support network." "

They make it sound as if it's a crime to help people in prison. (and that the "ELF" is actually a group. a group with lots of money too.) they are so clueless.

be cautious, though 27.Jan.2006 08:47


In the sixties, one of the FBI cointell-pro tactics was to "out" people as informants who weren't. this deflected energy away from the real informants. If everyone is paranoid of everyone,then nothing will get done.

correction to story 27.Jan.2006 11:36

someone from POG

Just some slight corrections to this-

Anna made an initial attempt to get involved in POG after the Miami FTAA protests not the DNC. Months later she attended one POG meeting before the DNC, not to join the group, but rather to give a presentation on the DNC organizing. We never heard from her after that. And yes, there was much skepticism about her from us as we had people involved in the G8 organizing who had never seen her. We made attempts to contact people in other cities to get more info on her backround but couldn't get any solid info one way or another. The lack of communication within the movement was a big impediment.

If anyone has any questions about this they can contact  pog@mutualaid.org

anna's email addresses 27.Jan.2006 12:09

more information

folks, things like infiltration are very real. i was "friends" with "anna" at the DNC in boston and we exchanged emails up until this year. the two email addresses i have for her are " annadavies99@yahoo.com" and " annaforever9@hotmail.com"

check your lists and your saved emails. information from them may be useful. this is also another way to find out whether or not you have made contact with this particular informer.

more photos would be helpful, especially ones from the dnc and the rnc.

check with the attorneys to see if email exchanges can be useful to the defense. if the offense (the state) can use myspace and livejournal against the defendants, there is no reason the defense cannot use anna's own email interchanges against them to implicate herself and the state in aiding and abetting, perhaps even planning and funding the alleged offenses.

how long was this informant 27.Jan.2006 12:12


known to these people? anyone know? one lesson may be to know people longer/better before confiding in them.

this shouldn't necessarily make people less trusting of the average activist, only more cautious if sharing truly confidential information.

caution is good, but be wary of cliqueishness and closing off activist circles to newcomers, because then how do our movements grow?

Info on Anna 27.Jan.2006 12:27

Sacramento Prisoner Support

We highly encourage anyone who ever was in contact with Anna to contact us so we can put you in contact with the defense lawyers. Please email us at sacprisonersupport [at] riseup [dot] net. Information on the CS is likely going to be extremely important as this case develops.

"Anna" was at the G8... 27.Jan.2006 12:34


That's where I met her. Just because you didn't see someone somewhere or know them, doesn't mean they weren't there.

I agree that there is a distinct lack of communication between people, and this is a bad thing. people have consistently talked about putting together a database of photos of informants/suspected informants/undercovers/cops/etc.

Maybe it's time to stop talking.

I would also suggest we need to organize some kind of dedicated committee who is going to attempt to determine exactly what we know about "Anna" when she surfaced, etc.

Anna should be considered confirmed to have been at the G8, DNC, and Biotech, as well as associating with some folks in the DC area, she allegedly attended some of the ELF/EF/Green style gatherings as well, but I haven't seen confirmation of this yet...


Request for those who have corresponded with "Anna" by email. 27.Jan.2006 12:55


Please post the full headers of her emails here (the content (messages) are not important). I'd like to see what IP addresses her emails came from. It may be useful in identifying other infiltrators using the same computer network.

If you don't know what a full header is, try clicking on the title with the right mouse button and see if a "show headers" option (or something like that) shows up as an option.

Repost of Article by "Anna" on Miami IMC 27.Jan.2006 13:00


Philly BIO Protest Write-UP!
by AnnA Saturday, Jun. 25, 2005 at 6:13 PM
 annadavies99@yahoo.com (email address validated)

I spent a week in Philly with my collective in preparations for the annual BIOTECH meetings, held this year in Philly. The Streets rose up! WHAT an Event!

The BIO weekend began with a Reclaim the Commons festival, featuring free food, music, a Really, Really Democratic Bazaar, and general party fun all around, along with the second annual Hugs for Puppies Anti-Vivisection Congress, which was an amazing experience. The event raised awareness on the cruel and inhumane practice of vivisection, and raised funds for the SHAC-7 (now SHAC 6) legal defense fund.

The next day was spent doing Home Demonstrations with Hugs for Puppies, a local Philly animal rights demonstration and education outreach group. I had never experienced a Home Demonstration before, and happily went along for the experience. How empowering! About 100 people walked throughout Center City Philadelphia, visiting the homes of executives and scientists at GlaxoSmithKline and other BIO companies, holding completely legal protests on public property. With microphones and posters, we shouted "Puppy Killers! GO HOME!" and "Your Money! Your Fault!" The home demos obviously aggravated the intended, but more importantly, they raised awareness throughout the neighborhood to the deeds and actions of their neighbors, and the abhorrent practices of HLS, and the acquiescence of GSK, who continues to do business with HLS.

For the past 18 months, Hugs for Puppies has successfully staged hundreds of Home Demos, resulting on over 11 companies ceasing to do business with Huntingdon Life Sciences, one of the worlds most cruel promoters and practitioners of Vivisection. Hugs for Puppies is leading the campaign to bankrupt HLS by the year 2006! Yeah for Hugs!!

After the Center City protests, about 20 activists (who had access to wheels) traveled to the suburbs to continue the Home Demo's. The first home demo was extremely productive, both for educational outreach and impact. At the second Home Demo, at Mr. George Barrett, CEO of TEVA Pharmaceuticals home, the oh-so-friendly security guard crossed a public street and shouted at the protestors to leave, then sprayed them in the face with pepper spray. The police were called, but no action was taken. Hugs for Puppies states that Civil and Criminal charges are being filed against Mr. Barrett, the Security Guard, and the Company, for attacking peaceful protestors and infringing on their civil liberties.

On Monday, activists gathered outside of Trenton, NJ's courthouse in support of the SHAC 7 trial. The rally garnered significant media attention in the North Eastern metropolitan area, leading to greater awareness of the SHAC cause.

Tuesday was the "Longest Day of Action," as it was June 21, the Summer Solstice. The day began with a public ritual by the Pagan Cluster at LOVE Park, and then we moved downtown to the morning rally outside GSK. On the way, we helped FNB unload and move to the rally site, where they fed all the activists who had gathered for the morning rally. (We love you, FNB!)

From the morning rally, three marches formed and started at various points throughout the city. A march for better Healthcare began from GSK Headquarters, while a march for Environmental and Agricultural Justice began outside the EPA building. My collective and I began our day at the BioWarfare Justice March, which led throughout Philly, and stopped for a short rally at Jefferson BioWeapons Research Lab. The march was unpermitted, but was not interfered with by the 50+ "security escorts;" undercovers, bike cops, plainclothes, feds, and civil affairs officers. The march was lively and spirited, with drums, saxophones and bugles signaling our approach to the Rally at LOVE Park, where all three marches converged, before simultaneously heading down to the Philly Convention Center, where the BIOTECH conference was being held.

As the three marches became one, the energies increased dramatically, especially as Skateboarders from across the East Coast and Ohio River Valley began their simultaneous protest in LOVE Park, and added to the festive atmosphere.

The combined march now began its trek through the city, taking the street and stopping traffic. After only three blocks, the march was stopped by the PD and ordered to disperse. After Legal Observers and the PD Civil Affairs consulted, a new route was agreed upon, and the march continued to the backdoors of the BIO tech conference.

As the march approached the Convention Center, the groups began to rally and chant, while drums and puppets danced in the afternoon. While the protest was cordoned off to the side, we did have an unprecedented amount of sight and sound access. Also notable was the absence of Riot Police - Though an argument can be made that the fleet of Bike Cops, with "Philadelphia's Strike Force" written on their shirts, were the bulldogs and riot police of the event. There was a heavy police presence throughout the morning, with police at every March and throughout the city focusing on the Rally at the Convention Center.

Suddenly, from the front of the crowd, shouting and screaming broke out. The Bike cops began shoving people backwards with their bikes, slamming them into people indiscriminately and brutally. Other cops began to grab kids and beat them into the ground, then drag them, two of whom were unconscious and bleeding from the head, behind the police line and arrested them. Several officers were beating one kid mercilessly, as he lay screaming. The bike cops continued to push people backwards, screaming in peoples faces to "Get Back!"

Behind the bike cops, a civil affairs officer lay on the ground, while other cops gave him CPR. A few minutes later, an ambulance showed up, and under heavy police escort, the cop was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced DOA. (The cause of death was ruled to be a Heart Attack.)

The kids arrested during the fight were taken to the jail and interrogated without lawyers for over 24 hours, while the DA's tried to pin Homicide charges onto each of them, under the guise that the protestors had started a fight with the cop which lead to his heart attack. Luckily, all have been released as of now, and no homicide charges were ever brought.

As the police continued to push back the protestors, a line formed in front of the bike cops in opposition to the loss of public space. The situation was tense for an hour, until a dance and drum circle began, which released a lot of tensions. No arrests were made during this time.

Suddenly, a groups of about 300 skateboard kids skated to the rally site, amid cheers and shouts from the protestors. The skate kids briefly held a meeting, then skated away - unfortunately, right into a police barricade, where innocent skaters were snatched off their boards and thrown into a police van.

The skaters were shocked, not having much experience with mass protest activity and police oppression. A "street alliance" was created (I geeked out totally - it felt like a scene from a RiseUp Comic book!), and the Activists and Skaters stormed the Gov't Plaza and into LOVE Park, where we confronted a police line.

At this time, there were about 500 Protestors and 2000 Skater Kids. Together, it was an unstoppable force, and the sound and rhythm of bucket drums, skater wheels and bugles took over the sounds of the city. As our 2500+ kids approached the police line outside LOVE Park, the police became visibly nervous.

As the skaters tried to enter LOVE Park, they were picked off by the cops and arrested for trespassing. We joined in solidarity in front of the police line and began chanting "Free LOVE Park! Free LOVE Park!"

After some very blood-pumping speeches, drum circles and a "Skater Critical Mass," we all shouted as one and stormed the police line. The line fell!! The Park was ours!!

Into LOVE park we stormed, where gleeful skaters began to skate and grind on the edges they had so coveted (Apparently, a skate ban in Philly was the core reason for the skate protest on that day.) A drum circle formed inside the fountain, and puppets, people, and spirits danced all afternoon.

The Police did nothing to stop the event. Throughout the afternoon, there were two arrests, from when kids "bumped" into undercovers. But for 6 hours, the park was ours and the alliance of Activists and Skaters had prevailed.

In total, there were 15 arrests. After the death earlier that day, a new objective was formed at an afternoon spokescouncil. The previous plan of having a dance party was canceled, and a Vigil for Life was substituted, ultimately leading to a Jail Solidarity rally outside the Police Roundhouse.

Below is the official Legal Update from Philly IMC:

"There were 15 arrested around the Biodemocracy events. All have been released except for two of those arrested in West Philadelphia early Tuesday morning. Douglas Kurz was released from CFCF (on State Road) early Saturday morning, after activists paid his $960 bond ($9,500 bail) Friday evening. Jonathan Slick and Kenneth Holland are expected to be bailed out sometime Saturday, at $960 bond each. Each of the three are charged with 5 counts felony vandalism and 1 count possession of an instrument of a crime.

Seven of the arrests were considered part of the investigation into Officer William's death, which has since been determined to be from natural causes. Kaleb (MA) was released without charges and Tim Kozak (Philly) was released on his own recognizance (ROR) but with charges of 1 count disorderly conduct (misdemeanor), 2 counts resisting arrest (misdemeanor) and 1 count criminal conspiracy (misdemeanor). They were released from the 9th district Thursday morning. Charles Sherrouse (Philly) was released from the 9th district round 4 pm Thursday without bail (ROR), to the dismay of the DA's office, but with charges of 1 count disorderly conduct (misdemeanor), 2 counts resisting arrest (misdemeanor) and 1 count criminal conspiracy (misdemeanor). Guillaume Beaulieu (Canada) was released on $10,010 bond ($100,000 bail) that was raised by his friends and family. He was finally released from CFCF Friday afternoon with charges of 2 counts aggravated assault (felony) 2 counts disorderly conduct (misdemeanor), 2 counts resisting arrest (misdemeanor), 2 counts criminal conspiracy (misdemeanor). Caroline Colesworthy (CA), Mark Garcia (TX), and Brenton Hall (ME) were released about 1 am Saturday on $5,010 bond ($50,000 bail) each. They were each charged with 2 counts disorderly conduct (misdemeanor), 2 counts resisting arrest (misdemeanor) and 2 counts criminal conspiracy (misdemeanor). All 6 will have their first court date on August 11 at the CFC, 13th and Filbert Streets.

It should be noted that none of these 7 arrestees was allowed to make a phone call nor see a lawyer for over 24 hours while the DA's Office went to lengths to ring up murder charges. After it was clear that demonstrators were not responsible for the heart attack nor any serious crimes, the DA tried, unsuccessfully, to raise Guillaume's bail to $500,000 and did increase the bail for Caroline, Mark and Brenton from $2,500 to $50,000 each. Western Union was initially unable to come up with sufficient cash for any of these bails throughout the philadelphia area, delaying the release of Guillaume for over a day. When attempts were made to post bail for Caroline Wednesday night, she was lost in the prison system, between downtown and State Road, delaying her release by a day.

Particular thanks are due to Philly ARA and NEFAC in helping to raise and use these funds quickly amidst adverse conditions. Gratitude is also due to Up Against the Wall Legal Collective for coordinating the flow of information and maintaining the hotline.

Funds are still being raised to repay some short term loans and to help cover travel expense for those returning for trial from out of town. To contribute by paypal visit

To read more details check updates at

The event was an amazing experience, one that is still being processed internally by most of the attendees.

Please refer to Philly IMC for continuing Legal Updates, as well as Media Updates and more Reports from the Streets.

For more information HLS and the SHAC 7, please refer to:  http://www.shac.net/HLS

I am interested in starting a South Florida Anti-Vivisection/ SHAC Outreach group. More updates to follow. If you are interested, please e-mail me at  annadavies99@yahoo.com

Best of luck to you all!


Hopefully, pictures will be added soon - I need to get my act together and develop the film! :)

Prisoner Support 27.Jan.2006 13:02

ELP4321@Hotmail.com elp4321@hotmail.com

>Lapham said the three defendants have already been contacted in the Sacramento County >jail "by the movement's prisoner support network."

I am assuming that the "movements prisoner support network" is ELP (Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network).

For those who don't know us, ELP is a legal lawful group that encourages people to write letters of support to jailed eco-activists (and other people from likeminded movements). And may I just emphasise that writing to a prisoner is perfectly legal.

ELP supports a wide range of prisoners from across the globe so I am sure if you check out our prisoner lists you'll find someone who you'd like to support.

For a full list of eco-prisoners checkout our website www.spiritoffreedom.org.uk

Please note that just because someone is listed by ELP does not mean we nesercarily approve of their action, only that we recognise it was carried out in the sincere belief it would aid the environmental protection movement.

British ELP volunteer  ELP4321@Hotmail.com

BM Box 2407, London, WC1N 3XX, England

Another comment on Miami IMC by "Anna" 27.Jan.2006 13:06


Response to first one
by AnnA Wednesday, Jun. 08, 2005 at 12:07 AM

The point of protest is NOT violence or "Rock throwing Anarchists," so the newspapers call us. It's a vehicle for dissent, guaranteed by the Constituion in the First Amendment, one of the principles that the nation was founded upon. The "Black Bloc" come together for organized protest against teh violence of a Police State. In solidarity with other political prisoners around the world, and as an anomoulous, symoblic, nameless, faceless, featureless blob, the Black Bloc will act as one to fight repression.
I will proudly join and fight with the bloc, as I have in the past. The Bloc responds to police violence with tactics designed to protect the whole.
The OAS protest was a huge success, in terms of showing the public how much money was wasted on needless, draconian security measures that inspired fear and intimidation to the surrounding neighborhoods, and caused harm to local business. (How much money do you think those shops on 17th made those days?)
As a Medic, I was very happy that the only "injuries" sustained were a heatstroke, a headache, a stubbed toe and some bug bites. Everyone was well hydrated and lubed up in Sunscreen. Everyone was "Street-Medic Smart!"
I could go on forever, but it wont change the opinions of certain stubborn individuals.
Congrats to all! :)

"Anna" trying to use activists to get video footage of USA G8, Georgia 27.Jan.2006 13:09


AnnA annadavies99 at yahoo.com
Sun May 8 12:33:20 PDT 2005

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I worked on the American Organization Committee, G8
Planning Committee and G8 Carnival, for the G8 last
year in Georgia. There were a variety of problems, but
we had something.

I met two Videographers last year, from the UK, who
were workgin on a documentary/training video/info
video/ ?? and shared some drinks with them and partied
one night. They were awesome people and I regret not
getting their contact info. With the G8 is being held
'cross the pond, I'm trying to locate those two and
maybe set up a reciprocal event. I'd like to try and
get over there and do some filming of my own, and
hopefully plug into some of the activities.

If anyone knows who those two guys were, could you
please pass them along this e-mail? I'd love to get in
touch with them again.



"anna" trying to infiltrate anarchist movements in the UK 27.Jan.2006 13:11

[Imc-g8-2005] 'Cross the Pond

AnnA annadavies99 at yahoo.com
Mon May 9 12:06:00 PDT 2005

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Greetings from America!

My name is AnnA and I've been quite heavily involved
with actions over here. I'm tryign to finance my way
to Scotland for the G8. I was a part of the outreach
and organizing DA committee last year when America had
the G8.

I subscribed to the UK INdymedia VIdeo List a few days
ago. I would like to participate in the G8 in a
variety of ways. I'd like to do some filming
specifically on British and European protest tactics
and organizing strategies for my Amerikan
counterparts, as well as direct participation in DA.
One of my collective partners was planning on coming
to the protest as well, but is currently undergoing
some heavy shit in her personal life.

Is there a way I can plug into some events, do some
filming and have a good time? ;) What would be the
best time to arrive? I fly courier, so I have to try
and be as flexible as possible. Also, is there housing
set up?

Best of Luck to you! If you need anything from us,
give a hollar! :)



"I'd like to do some filming" 27.Jan.2006 13:17


Sounds like Devoy's post about her doing documentaries was right on.

prisoner support 27.Jan.2006 13:31


also you realize that these people are denying involvement in any action on behalf of the environment. we should assume that they are innocent and not presume that the government allegations (which they are denying) are true. The government is playing politics with these people's lives and we should not support their accusations. cases where the defendants claimed to have done the acts in defense of the earth (such as jeff luers), but in cases where those accused are pleading not guilty, those of us on the outside, especially those who get into contact with the arrestees, should be mindful of what we say when the government/media can easily use our words against them. This is of course not a criticism of prisoner support by any means, but it is something to be mindful of when making such statements.

DC Radio pirates say "Stop Snitching! 27.Jan.2006 13:52

WSQT radio

Although Anna is not named in the statements about snitching after the song, three other snitches(from other cases) are. We need to get serious about informer control. There's a reason organized crime has Omerta!

writings by anna at miami indy 27.Jan.2006 14:44


These are writings Anna has made:

This was found fairly easily with two google searches.
I imagine someone better at boolean and thinking like
a search engine in realtime might find even more!



"I spent a week in Philly with my collective in preparations for the annual BIOTECH meetings, held this year in Philly. The Streets rose up! WHAT an Event!"


"I will proudly join and fight with the bloc, as I have in the past. The Bloc responds to police violence with tactics designed to protect the whole. "


"and shared some drinks with them and partied
one night. They were awesome people and I regret not
getting their contact info. With the G8 is being held
'cross the pond, I'm trying to locate those two and
maybe set up a reciprocal event."


"I'm tryign to finance my way
to Scotland for the G8. I was a part of...

"Is there a way I can plug into some events, do some
filming and have a good time? ;) What would be the
best time to arrive? I fly courier, so I have to try
and be as flexible as possible. Also, is there housing
set up?"


Lessons learned 27.Jan.2006 20:29

Black Sheep

Sounds like further validation of Judy Bari's first rule of activism: "The person who offers to buy the dynamite is always the FBI agent."

You can say, "NO!", hour after hour 28.Jan.2006 00:17


But the moment you give in with a weak "yes" or "ok" or "maybe", you have conspired to commit a felony. So has the cop, but she is allowed to.

No means NO!

Shut from your life anybody who does not respect that.

Never agree to "go out and look at it for fun, to see how easy it is".

Lead bags do not Farraday Cages make 28.Jan.2006 00:55


The lead in a camera bag stops X-rays, not electromagnetic waves of other wave lengths. It will not stop a cell phone from tracking you any more than a paper cup would. If in doubt, pull out the battery.

If you want to make sure that the person you're doing direct action with is not a current informant:

make plans in the turkish steam bath, nekkid.

shave yer heads and keep 'em clean - helps when cops want to jerk you to the ground with a 'hair hold' as well. You can always wear a wig, but for planning and talking after action you should go bold and go bald. Keep the dark glasses at home. Keep the illusion that you have hair with anyone in your mundane life, and you will be even more covert if you show up at an event where you are photo'd.

once it is done, it stays unmentioned. What happened in Vegas stays in Vegas, Mohammed Atta might say. NEVER SPEAK OF IT AGAIN.

Have dinner with them, at their place. Snitches do not like to know that you're hip to their living situation.

Do the action yourself and involve no one else.

plan the action to use the least illegal means to achive the maximum goal. Don't do a banner drop, for instance, if it involves stealing a vehicle to get to the site.

If someone brags to you that they want to do D/A the first year you have known them, chances are an informant has heard their little ego masturbation as well. THE MOVEMENT IS NOT ABOUT STROKING YOUR EGO. Brag not lest ye be a martyr.

Traveling more than 15 miles to do an action raises all kinds of records of expenses, public trans, highway stops, etc. You are local 99% of the time, so stay local and work locally. This maximizes the knowledge you have about the targets and the goals, anyway. If you think you have no targets within a 15 mile circle, congradulations for living in the middle of Antarctica.

Have a distress passphrase. Everyone at a meeting should know a primary and a secondary passphrase. Use the primary for when things are OK, use the distress phrase for when things are coerced. If someone is flipped, they will know that they can warn you of danger simply by fucking up the passphrase or speaking the distress phrase. DO NOT WRITE THIS PHRASE DOWN.
If someone uses the distress phrase, leave the meeting along a route which is random - and do not go home. Seek a safe house or place to go which is public and keep your wits about you (plan an alternate place to go in the event of a distress phrase). You ARE being watched at this point and you need to look really f*ing innocent for a while. Getting into a car at this point is the same as handing over your ID to whoever is watching.

Use the time rule: If they are 15 minutes late, you leave, to reconnect exactly one week, one day, or one hour later (your choice on interval). Do not keep a regular schedule for meetings, vary it a bit and move the place you meet often enough that someone out of the loop will not be able to find you meeting with your cell in a year or a month later at the same place you met them last.

Use forest names in cells of people who do not know each other at all well in emergency or temporary situations - and then disband, so that you do not ever speak of it again. Keep the action you do down to a misdemeanor or low felony, and KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS IN THE FIRST PLACE. Do not ever use the same forest name again, or with anyone who knows your mundane identity.

Have a "buddy." This is someone you know long term and that you do not sleep with. (if a love begins to take root, cultivate another buddy). this person is your chance to vent, check in, reflect, and know that when you go into an unsafe situation, they will check up on you. Like telling someone that you are going into the cave, who stays behind and knows when to expect you back. They call in the searchers (prison support, etc.)

Have fun! Snitches are nervous people and they will not often let their hair down, since they are working long hours to meet their handlers and debrief with them. They will be especially unwilling to be spontaneous and loose.

If anyone offers to buy dynamite, explosives, etc just stare at them until they leave and never work with them again. If you have to burn something down you will find everything you need on site, just bring a lighter or something simple like matches. If you're comfortable with electricity then shut down the breakers and scrape some wire so that the electrics will do the job when you flip them back on.

there is more, much more. Think like a spy.

A Patten ::: AnnA: Any Media/Photos or Video from J21? 28.Jan.2006 01:21


Any Media/Photos or Video from J21?
By AnnA | 06.26.2005
Does anyone else have any photos, videos, or other media from the day? My pictures haven't come out yet.
Hey everybody!
I'm just looking for more media of the day. It was such an unforgettable experience, with very dramatic highs and lows - I'm tryign to explain everything to my friends 'round the country, but they can't quite fathom it. Pictures would be amazing! :) Mine aren't very good. Anyone else out there have some good shots??


- e-mail::  annadavies99@yahoo.com


ps: note she says "My pictures haven't come out yet" and then "Pictures would be amazing! Mine aren't very good." A wee bit contradictory, eh?

Another Photo: Anna at june 3-5, 2005 OAS protests in Ft. Lauderdale? 28.Jan.2006 01:33


picture here:

posted on this thread:

if that's her, it appears that she darkened her hair color between OAS and Biodev...

Anna the alleged F.B.I. informant. 28.Jan.2006 07:35

Jock O'Hazeldene

Surely it is one's duty, as a citizen of the U.S.A., to inform the F.B.I. of any relevant illegality. Everyone welcomes positive action, even those of the conscientious agent provocateur.
The U.S.A. is under constant attack from world terrorism, hence all actions are justifiable in it's defence regardless of "collateral damage".

God bless the U.S.A., It's president and that cute little dog of his, which is also under attack.

Amazing find regarding "Anna at june 3-5, 2005 OAS protests in Ft. Lauderdal" 28.Jan.2006 10:29


I just found a reference to her in an article on a rightwing website. This must be her. It is about the Broward Antiwar Coalition. This MUST be "Anna".

>>> Just last year, in the days leading to the protest against American States meeting in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Del Papa spoke on phone to another member about the need for a medic at the protest. Less than 24 hours later, a woman showed up out of the blue at a group meeting, claiming to be a medic.

On the day of the protest, the woman organized a group of young people to plant themselves in front of the police. The youths sat down less than 15 feet from a group of police officers, who were fully dressed in riot gear.

"It was 4 p.m. and we were supposed to disperse at 5 p.m. because that was when the permit was going to expire," he said. "We weren't sure if the kids were going to disperse and we didn't want to give the cops an excuse to do what they did in Miami."

They managed to get the young people to stand up before the 5 p.m. deadline without incident. The woman never returned.<<<

***NOTICE: The only way the FBI could have pulled this off was to have monitored their telephone calls. ***

Here's the URL to the article:
 link to www.globalresearch.ca

above poster 28.Jan.2006 10:55


to the person posting the pictures above. please send them to  sacprisonersupport@riseup.net

i think they are looking to collect as many photos as possible.

medics 28.Jan.2006 14:47


There is nothing to be criticized about street medic training, but it has occurred to me before that they aren't exactly playing a particularly crucial role, compared to regular attendees. However, it does give people a slight whiff of leadership role. In my opinion, people who want to 'serve the group' by taking up a task could be more useful by becoming a green hat NLG legal observer who goes around writing down notes, or filming the police so that false charges cannot be brought later.
Medics can play a simple role of being the ones to remember to bring extra supplies of things. The reason I think this is that all or most people present should learn basic first aid like all parents should, or be carrying things like extra water and sunblock, and when more serious issues arise, they probably aren't going to have the tools, or time and space, to be able to address them like at a hospital emergency room. e.g. people have mentioned medics treating people who got pepper spray in their eyes, and on rare occasions pepper spray is released, but most people would be best off just getting on a bus and going home, or could be treated by any smart person two blocks away carrying water. But there is a list of more serious things such where a hospital would be brought in.
Can anyone chime in who has gone through the training or considers themselves a medic? What types of incidents seem to come up?

Fort Lauderdale OAS 28.Jan.2006 15:06


yes - I hadn't even been aware of this Organization of American states meeting - but I googled it, and have just been going through this set of photographs of the protest - and the already found photo of Anna was in there. You're right, it would be very likely that she was trying to organize the younger participants to confront the police as mentioned in the article. I'm still trying to locate the specific conflict where people were sitting down after being encouraged by a medic


photos of incident, not her 28.Jan.2006 15:43


there are pictures of protesters sitting in front of a police line by a Walgreens here. It would be interesting if we could find earlier photos of her encouraging them to do that, and establish a pattern that she was pushing others to do illegal things. I mean -there are about a dozen photographers shown here on 'day 1', so pictures have to exist of her.:  http://www.pbase.com/lautermilch/oas

asdf 28.Jan.2006 15:47


"Remember", you have a great point. I hope to learn more about it in the coming months and years. Thanks for the tip! But I DO think that some infiltrators give off a less-than-hospitible "vibe" and it's easy to detect at times. As for people with poor social skills, such as myself, we have to figure out a way to tell them apart from the actual infiltrators. Remember, infiltrators are flawed humans too...their tactics are not fool-proof, as despicable as they are.

AnnA on MYSPACE 28.Jan.2006 18:19


using the email  annadavies99@yahoo.com
she set up a profile.
it doesnt have anything on it other then being 25 a virgo and last login to be july 25 2005


PW's and Freerepublic fascists hired by FBI to spy on anti war activists 28.Jan.2006 20:40


To everyone who is an activist... You should watch your back.. You never know when one of the ProtestWiners or Freerepublic fascists will be in your group, spying on you for money from the FBI.

Oh yea, I forgot... They are being paid for by the FBI to break up our protests!

DOJ...quit wasting taxpayers monies!!!!!!!!! 28.Jan.2006 21:41

emma g.

Anyone in california or in the rest of the country notice the epidemic meth problems that exist throughout the state? Anyone read Sac News and Review( http://www.newsreview.com/sacramento/Content?oid=oid%3A46572), their latest book review about the undercover ATF agent William Queen, working his way up through the ranks of the bike gang The Mongols over a two year period, whose now written a book about his experience. headline reads "true story of undercover agent who infultrated america's most violent outlaw motorcycle gang." now wouldn't random gang violence, murders, meth peddling be more of a priority to try deal with than a couple of immature kids being coaxed to try and burn a few structures? and if a structure or two burned, your minimizing the seriousness of what took place on 911 and is currently take place in afghani, irag, etc... geesh, if these so called environmentalist are domestic terrorist number uno for bush, immerut, engda, peifer and the DOJ; where does the ruthless drug dealing meth killers rank? where does weapons smuggling, child pornography/pedophilles, identify theft, kidnapping, white collar crimes rank? the DOJ's latest enviro roundup appears to justify its overinflated budget and salaries for these incompetant people working in these posh government jobs. remember these are the same people who were on watch and allowed 911 to happen. sure one can feel secure knowing we've got all these competent professionals protecting the public. worthless waste of taxpayer money this witchhunt is.... hell mainstream news reports that fbi doesn't even show up to bank robberies anymore

if the incompetant thief tre arrow is one of the most sought after criminals on the fbi's ten most wanted, what about the straight up murders who wander the streets? dumbfounded by the incompentance of the DOJ......


emma goldman

more information 28.Jan.2006 23:40


anna was indeed at the G8 and some of the planning meetings leading up to it, she claimed to be from north of miami and to have been at the FTAA.

She also used at some points the first name "grai" (she claimed Anna was an alias, Grai was her real name) and the last name "damiani". She has used several other email addresses besides the anna davies one with incorporations of those names.

Her cell phone number was 954-821-2477.

age 29.Jan.2006 00:08


Some of the circumstances around "Anna" I find strange, although whether or not that means she is or is not an infiltrator is debatable.

I don't know if I believe that she is actually 20 years old. It'd mean at most she has a high school education, as she was supposed to have started her assignment at the age of 18. I can't see the FBI trusting an 18 year old with anything, much less authorization to engage in Tier 1 Criminal Actions. She was paid something like $37,000 a year, which would be a lot of money to an 18 year old, but someone a few years older who has a college degree, say, would know that is not a lot of money for running the risk of being an infiltrator. Infiltrating is not fun work, it means leading a double life, having to socialize a lot with people you consider criminals and are trying to put behind bars, possibly get arrested to keep your cover, in Anna's case even live with the people she was seeking to implicate. When anyone's cover is blown in any context they face a lot of unpleasant fallout. Her photo is circulating. Few lines of work entail this level of public scrutiny.

If this is really the case, that the indictments against the accused depends on this young inexperienced infiltrator, I think it should hopefully be easy for a good lawyer to rip apart.

A few thoughts. 29.Jan.2006 04:48


954-821-2477 is a Broward County telephone number (Fort Lauderdale/West Palm Beach...). However, anyone can buy a prepaid cell phone and have it turned on within hours, so her telephone number means nothing.

Her self description on MySpace says she is 25 years old, not 20 years old.

Grai is not a name as far as my searching indicates. Damiani is a name.

Three persons I uncovered working for the feds all grew up on US Embassies overseas. If someone wants to find out where she's from, one might need to think outside the box.

What a coincidence... 29.Jan.2006 07:06


Reading through an earlier post on this page - "Repost of Article by "Anna" on Miami IMC" from 27.Jan.2006 13:00
"Anna" talks about spending time at the Hugs For Puppies house in West Philly in June 2005. The Hugs For Puppies house was raided by the FBI in October of 2004. Sounds like the legal team might want to talk with Hugs For Puppies?


UK Indymedia -g8 29.Jan.2006 08:25


Hey - I just glanced over at the UK indymedia, as well as Miami, after seeing the above emails that people had recovered from AnnaDavies.

The Britain site has nothing in the newswire about this situation in Auburn, and given that she was making plans to go to the G8 meeting in Scotland to film people (which would really challenge the legality of our FBI doing international information gathering), I think people over there should hear about it, but I didn't want to be the one to write a newswire story for them. Is one of the people really working on this and writing the updates for portland.indy in contact with the site administrator, and could you put out a general report or request for anyone who may have had her try to contact them via indymedia? I was able to find this on a search engine, and it probably has nothing to do with the involvement of AnnaDavies with street medics. At heightened protests, some people take on roles such as the medics, official legal observers, or journalist/videographer, where it gives you the sense of fully participating or contributing with less risk than others who have no official role --- I understand this because I am a government worker in academia and am very averse to getting arrested, so at about a dozen or more marches with a black bloc contingent that I've been at since Seattle WTO, I always fall into the position of wearing non-black clothes, carrying a digital camera or camcorder, and taking photos of police from 100m away from the action, and putting reports on sites such as indymedia. It is easy to understand why a government monitor/infiltrator type might gravitate in the same direction of taking a role like this. By the way, photographers on our side are really essential, and you can easily disguise yourself with a windbreaker and sunglasses.

Medics Targeted at G8 : Interview with Arrested Medics : Transcript

imc'ista | 08.07.2005 15:59


Primitivist, not Anarchist 29.Jan.2006 09:03

SF @

She didn't actually infiltrate the "anarchist" movement... she infiltrated the Primitivist movement, which has been operating on the fringes of the anarchist movement and trying to recruit anarchists for violent and counterproductive enviro-terrorism/animal rights stuff, and trying to turn people on to John Zerzan's crazy paranoid anti-technology ideology. I'm not surprised it would be so easy for the feds to get activists thrown in jail who are involved in that stuff. It's crazy, and certainly not anarchist.

San Francisco, CA

She did not only infiltrate primitivists. 29.Jan.2006 09:47


She infiltrated no less than a dozen events, most of which were ANARCHIST, not primitivist. According to the government's own documents, those other cases are PENDING.

We don't need some stupid anarchist vs. primitivist provocation here. That's exactly what the FBI would want.

anna on myspace 29.Jan.2006 11:31


Anna is on myspace and logs in frequently! Go to the 'search' function on myspace.com and search by e-mail address using her e-mail address given in the previous comments.

re: internet squabbling in the face of disaster 29.Jan.2006 16:51


dear sf "@":

wow... what a truly stunning display of solidarity. you're setting such a fine example for anarchists everywhere.

this is another picture of anna 29.Jan.2006 17:26


in regards to first poster 29.Jan.2006 19:42


maybe instead of lead bags, and other insane ideas maybe people should just start practicing some basic security culture, like not talking about or engaging in illegal activities with people you arn't 100 percent sure on, know and trust. also things like not posting anything incriminating on myspace or livejournal, or stay off them all together.

i think this kind of thing is far more practical and just as reliable as a bunch of james bond anti tracking device bullshit.

Photos of Anna w/ cops 30.Jan.2006 12:12


Here's a photo of Anna with some cops outside the IMC space at the g8.  http://atlanta.indymedia.org/media/all/display/6253

Here's a photo of her from the side/back at one of the demos, you can see her right shoulder tatoo.

ecodefenders and the communist party 31.Jan.2006 10:32


The idea that Ecodefenders would target a Communist Party office is rediculous. Ive never heard of two American left wing groups going at each other like that before. It's something thats never happened in the past and the notion that CP-USA would be a target of other progressives is very far fetched. People need to use their heads. Obviously the FBI fabricated this allegation if not the entire case. Keep that in mind.

Responding to Mamita 31.Jan.2006 10:52

Enemy of the State

As someone else said: >>One of the nearly ubiquitously accepted rules of activist culture is that one should never accuse someone of being an infiltrator unless one is 100% certain. Therefore, I think it is likely that several activists took this rule to heart and by their silence allowed "Anna" to ply her trade undetected until finally she was able to destroy the lives of at least three anarchists. Indeed, it seems to me that Eric McDavid himself suspected that "Anna" just may be an infiltrator and chose to remain silent. On page 7, line 8 the document states: "Shortly after the event, McDavid spoke with the CS about his plans to engage in criminal activity in support of his political beliefs. He prefaced the disclosure of his plans by warning that if the CS were working with law enforcement, he would kill him/her." Now, if this statement by the FBI is to be believed (remember, there is a long history of the FBI lying to win convictions), then Eric McDavid seems to have believed that it was possible that "Anna" was an infiltrator. Since, as the document shows, "Anna" was able to continue accompanying Eric for an extended period of time, we must assume that he decided to trust her, despite his first intuitions.<<


left v. left, spy v. spy 15.Feb.2006 14:46


You gotta be kidding:
"Ive never heard of two American left wing groups going at each other like that before. It's something thats never happened in the past and the notion that CP-USA would be a target of other progressives is very far fetched."

1st, CP-USA are not progressives, they're mostly elderly Stalinists. Wouldn't worry about em nor would any eco types I'm sure, so that piece of the case smells funny.
BUT, the Feds are stupid and may not know that the old Party has been on its deathbed for years.
Anyway, the history of the US left is full of both real and concocted feuds between left groups. Here's a few greatest hits:
1. SWP v. anyone who's not a Trot, particularly the CP-USA
2. US Labor Party (Lyndon LaRouche back when he was "Lynn Marcus" and a "leftist") vs. everyone

To see how is was/is done, have a look through a few of the FBI's greatest hits at:

anna spotted in DNC 2004 photos 01.Mar.2006 00:00


Here is Anna the Snitch. This photo has been verified to be from the DNC, and as you noticed, she's dressed up like even more of a clown than most people there.

This photo was taken across the street from the BTS convergence center. I believe it was the morning of the critical mass ride, but this has not been confirmed.
anna the snitch at DNC 2004
anna the snitch at DNC 2004

Hmmm 04.Mar.2006 17:15

Guerrilla Information savetheearthfirst@gmail.com

I am soon to be creating a "Snitch watch" module on the Guerrilla Information Collectives webiste.

One thing though. I need evidence. Its all well and good to call someone a snitch but to not be able to prove it when the shit hits the fan is another thing.

So anyone with actual information on "AnnA" Stan meyerhoff "jake the Snake" or please contact us. (preferably court transcriptions or some legal information)

This can be anonymously or not. I dont care who gives me the info as long as there is a factual basis to it.

I recommend the Anonymous mailer  http://www.willselfdestruct.com/secure/submit they do not log ip address or any information about the emails they send. when the e-mail is read it automatically deletes after it is closed.

You can contact me at

UK G8 Mails 09.Mar.2006 00:55



someone posted this story to uk imc

for info in may 05 she mailed uk imc g8 related lists twice using the 99 address (all public archive), both times there were no direct on list replies to her, didn't hear from her again under the listed email addresses.

Anna found on UK email announcement list 09.Mar.2006 09:48


I first found out about the Auburn people and the anna story a couple of weeks ago. there is more and more information being circulated as time passes.

we checked out the members of an announcement (as opposed to discussion) list that we run, and found her email address registered...
Subscribed since 18 Dec 2003

As its an announcement list where only the administrator posts out news updates, we have no further information on her.

My guess is that she is either 'family', ie her whole fucking family is some sort of spook or operative, OR that she was genuinely involved/interested at the start and then got turned after a minor bust. perhaps got caught with some drugs or something that let the feds scare her shitless, and then got turned.

for example....
We had Special Branch officers (UK interior security police, a bit like fatter, slower, even less intelligent versions of the FBI) approach people who had alcohol, drug and/or money problems leading up to UK May Day actions in 2000-03, where 'the Branch' were offering 'expenses' of 2k if the individual would only 'help' identify 'the bad people'.

we all started doing as much drink and drugs as possible hoping to get offered the $2000 and then spend it on the action, but i think the cops saw through our little ploy. only joking..... or am i?

anna has been removed from our list. we will check out all others that we maintain. any info we find relating to the case, we will send to the prisoner support group.

for us, as it was an announcement list, it was viewed as a public arena so only 'public' information was ever distributed by it. she would not have gathered any info from us. but note the date, late 2003.

auburn crew: they're inside for us, we're outside for them

monkey bwoy

Don't go too far over that agent 09.Mar.2006 12:53

Alien Dave, Edinburgh & Glasgow Reshape, U.K.

We don't want to react such that we socially break up what we've taken time to build up.
This happened in 1984, we eventually agreed that the cops had picked a really weak and easily
frightened type of person, a small mousy girl, and just twisted her into informing on us, no pay as far as we knew.
It's a difficult thing, sitting wondering who might actually be informing on us, reduction of trust, increase of friction, but luckily we didn't let it bother us.
I am the only person from that group (Revolutionary Communist Group) who believes one of our number was zapped - i.e. I choose to believe her story. Meaning there was first of all the infiltration attempt, then a top secret vibration weapon was fired at (pseudonym here, a name agreed with as good by her) "Mnemone" innumerable times, every day for four to six weeks. The weapon was portable, and driven around by the MI5 agent who put it on her lap, she would drive up close to where Mnemone had decided to situate herself, the door'd swing open, then she'd press buttons on the back of the box. It took four to six weeks for Mnemone to snap suddenly, and need hospitalisation via a psychiatric ward. When the Greenham Common women received some publicity re their claims that American Military police were 'zapping' them (those cops told them that was their jargon) Mnemone began realising what that box on that woman's lap must have been - then through my personal research on those claims, I learned that one of the Greenham Common women believed she had been followed around in an exactly similar manner, but she refused to make contact with Mnemone, &/or allow me to use her experience to support & vindicate Mnemone. The Greenham Common woman had also been hospitalised. I had travelled the 450 miles to London from Edinburgh expecting to meet her and talk about this, but she suddenly reneged on discussing her case.
Another disturbing attack on a good source of information and arranger of parties for the most famous left-wing personalities in Britain, was where said septuagenarian leftie, old Anthony Verney, had left his house for the week-end to celebrate his daughter having her first child, then came back to his fridge making strange noises and obvious signs of break-in wihtout anything actually being stolen. He interestingly observed that both his cat and himself seemed to become ill at exactly the same rate, at exactly the same time. He eventually got the fridge chucked out, then replaced, whereupon both cat and himself remarkably improved. An electrician opened up the old fridge and was aghast to see a strange device situated in place of the compressor, but Verney just ordered him to carry on rubbishing the thing.

IP used 10.Mar.2006 03:20


Some one asked for the headers, I post below some of one to imc-g8-2005 list last May.

The only think of note is the IP address that she accessed yahoo webmail from:


which does not tell use much except she used Bellsouth. Note this IP will almost certainly long ago been resassigned to another customer. Also it will probably been on computer of one of her victims she may have stayed with. Thinking of that if she had been in my place I would do a security audit on software on computer.

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From: AnnA < annadavies99@yahoo.com>
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paranoia strikes deep 10.Mar.2006 08:35

lil ol me

Folks who want to use illegal tactics without paying a legal price are probably best off revising their expectations, or their tactics. The fact is, it doesn't take inside informers to make busts at demonstrations.

Groups that involve the general public should do legal things. People who want to use illegal tactics as civil disobedience shouldn't mind if they get infiltrated as they're planning to be arrested anyway. People who want to use illegal tactics for something other than civil disobedience would be wise to trust only people in affinity groups, who are well known to them over years.

Good luck to all.

Oklahoma City 08.Jun.2006 11:03

Marcellus Wallace

Came here from a link from Raw Story. This is probably what happened in the bombing in Oklahoma City. There was a militia in AZ 10 years or so ago, it was infiltrated by an FBI spook and it was the spook that was pushing for violent action, members began to quit because of the talk of violent action. THere was about 100 members at the start , by the time the FBI made its arrests, there was I think 10 or so members left. These guys were just weekend warrior from what I read and it was the spook that tryed to get these guys to take it to the next level. After the arrests the media reported that the FBI had confiscated several 'rockets', which at the trial turned out to be model rockets, you know the kind of rockets you made when you were a geeky teenager. I imagine the same scenario in Oklahoma City,but in that case things got out of hand and we all know the result. My guess is that ##&John @Doe #2 was probably an FBI agent which would explain why he was never caught.

I encourage everyone to post this information on www.whosarat.com 08.Jun.2006 20:54

I expose snitches

Post all informant information in any case at www.whosarat.com

Trust your inner spy 22.Jul.2006 19:56


...I keep thinking 'Resevoir Dogs", I hope folks get smart, cus this ain't no silver screen.

We’re coming 26.Oct.2006 13:07


We're coming

This is for the agents
Suppressing the truth
Minion for the man
Blind to our human rights and plan
Crush you in the flood AnnA
You don't have the weight of the world and stamina
Those driven by righteousness to destroy what we have built
Environment tilted, left wing wilted, they power is the snitch
Drag us down, with the mutha fuckas who just pretending
Collective guilt only seems to last through childhood
To kill you turncoat fucks I WISH I COULD

Anarchist blood mixed with a socialist nudge creating me
Pogroms and capitalism drove us like gypsy
Man of many colors but born with light skin
Don't parrot the word, do your own reading
Lived in many ghettos but recognize when cops let me go I'm weado
White man got people of color in a war of horizontal aggression
Fighting among ourselves, we never learned our lesson
Paranoia is my method of protection, solidarity to change the situation
Every human is of my relation, I am but an atom in the system
Z Red Dagger

Video containing Anna (I think) 20.Nov.2006 08:11

asad asadATriseup.net

Here is a video that I believe contains Anna.


It is the part of the video, "Protesters burn two-faced effigy of Bush and Kerry". It is during the part where one of the protesters reads the posse comitatus. I think she is wearing a mask and is talking on a cell phone.