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Helter Skelton-Keep your July calendar open

Folks, the Chief of Police in Sandy, Oregon, Harold "Helter" Skelton, has invited us all out to his neck o the woods for a big shin dig, the Sandy Days Parade. You know you want to be there.
This he man, the supposed supervisor of Officer Bergin (You remember him, he murdered Fouad Kaady), was so intimidated by Juan Rubio, that he had to arrest him for being so misguided as to question whether the Sandy Cops were doing anything to find his (at the time) missing son, who was later found, murdered, on a logging road. Mr. Skelton, this paragon of law enforcement, who sees a crack head behind every tree, and in front of each of his murdering cops, charged poor Mr. Rubio with menacing. The trial began on January 24.

Now, for those of you who have not met Mr. Rubio, you will need to attempt to do so, or take my word for it: He is about as menacing as Michael Jackson in a tu tu (not quite that menacing, but you get the idea). He has very good reason to believe that the Sandy cops, if not involved, are at least complicit in regard to his son's murder. He is, for some reason, very upset that he cannot seem to get the attention of the media, the law enforcement community, or anyone not tan. Go figure.

Anyway, come July, I think it would be nice, if we could arrange to demonstrate what truly intimidating people look and act like, and throw a little party for Chief gutless Skelton and his minions. Be sure to wear clothes though, as being naked anywhere near Sandy could get you legally killed.
tell us more 26.Jan.2006 17:32


"He has very good reason to believe that the Sandy cops, if not involved, are at least complicit in regard to his son's murder". Mort Ofalow

Mort, that is a very compelling statement. I wonder if you could be so good as to elaborate on what you've said. People interested in Juan Rubio's situation might be helped knowing a little more about why it's believed sandy cops are complicit in regard to his son's murder.

Drive the point home to Harold 26.Jan.2006 18:44


I just wonder if Harold J Skelton 38871 Hood St, Sandy and his
neighbors would take notice of angry, but legal protesters on
the sidewalk in front of his home?

Again, stay on the sidewalk.

might be intimidating 26.Jan.2006 18:50


Good plan, Marleen. Might frighten the poor man, though.

yep that is his address 02.Feb.2006 18:31


lets get the protest set up for this and get everyone out there. july you say?

Action during Mt Fest? 28.Jun.2006 12:40


Is there going to be a demonstration during next week's Mountain Festival Parade in Sandy?