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Hillary Clinton

Friday's rally for Sen. Hillary Clinton's fundraiser at the Hilton
Sen. Hillary Clinton will be speaking Friday, 8 p.m. at the Portland Hilton hotel to raise funds for her re-election..
BUT at 7:30 p.m. groups such as the PPRC, Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, AUPHR, et al. -—plus the No War Drum Corps—-will gather by the hotel to send her a message about bringing the troops home.
AND If you also want her to filibuster the Alito appointment next Tuesday (Jan. 31), come with (or without signs) sending her a strong message to do it or to forget about running for president in 2008.
Remember lst Amendment rules about "peaceable assembly". Stay on the sidewalk and not in the streets. And keep moving.
Yeah, remember the bloody First Amendment! 26.Jan.2006 15:50


And by extension to the states (14th Amendment), no one else shall make one either.

The First Amendment doesn't exist to regulate YOU AND YOUR FREE SPEECH. The First Amendment exists to REGULATE ANYONE WHO WOULD INTERFERE WITH YOUR FREE SPEECH.

Are you listening PPB?

If your intentions are pure 26.Jan.2006 17:47


Its all about INTENT. Just keep cool, let people/cars pass and you are in compliance. Be courteous to your fellow citizen as they make their way.
Oregon Court of Appeals (0309-52392; A123659) from October 19, 2005, which ends with this: The legislative history thus makes clear the legislature's intention to preserve from criminal liability conduct that obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic in the absence of proof that the actor either intended to create public inconveniences, annoyance, or alarm, or recklessly created a risk of doing so. The legislature consciously avoided creating a strict liability offense out of concern for constitutionally protected rights of freedom of expression. PCC 14A.50.030 (2003), as we have noted, creates just such a strict liability offense. The ordinance prohibits precisely what the legislature intended to permit when it enacted ORS 166.025. Consequently, the ordinance conflicts with state law and is preempted. Because we conclude that the ordinance is preempted by state law, we need not address whether it also is unconstitutionally overbroad or vague.
PCC 14A.50.030, was changed to read:
"Subsections A(6), A(7), and A( 8 ) do not apply to a person who is part of an assembly that has formed to participate in or observe an expressive event if the assembly has lasted less then eight hours, unless the person refuses to comply with a reasonable order of a peace officer, the City Engineer, or the City Traffic Engineer to move so as to moderate the impact of the assembly on passage along the through pedestrian zone."
They have to ask you not to block traffic/pedestrians before any move against you can be taken. Just step out of the way and they lose their power. If they don't ask you have a real case against them. Document any and all conversations, bring the vid cams and voice recorders. Just my 2 cents.

VFP and others 26.Jan.2006 19:23

Will gather in Terry Schrunk Plaza

around 7-730, and then march to the hilton

Hillary 2008 27.Jan.2006 15:25

craste ceghenn@cs.com

Leave Hillary alone. She is an icon and the future president. Why don't you put your time to better use, like protesting Bush, Cheney, etc.

Hillary in 08! - it's going to happen.

how many will die? 27.Jan.2006 16:54


How many will Hillary have to kill to prove she's "man" enough to fill George Jr's shoes?

She supports the Filibuster 28.Jan.2006 10:13


Update the web site: Hillary supports the filibuster.

She also supports bombing... 28.Jan.2006 11:11

Free human being

She was also for the bombing of Yugoslavia, the war of Afghanistan, Iraq and many other such things. She is a war criminal like most of the people in the Senate and Congress. She is the one who flew all the way to Kosovo to ride the train so she can say on TV that genocide was going on and that trains were used, just like in WWII, to drive Albanians to their death in burning ovens. A claim that 6 years later and after FBI, CIA and Interpol investigated, still has cannot be proven.
Why did Hillary lie? Why did she want you to believe that the same genocide committed against the Jewish people in WWII, was now happening to the Albanian people? Why do you not hear anything about Kosovo anymore? What happened to the 100,000 dead they were claiming?
Yeah, Hillary for 2008. Lot's of difference that is going to make. We don't need Dynasties to rule. We need real people. The Bushes and Clintons of this country cannot change the system. I guess many of you are still blind. Stop watching TV.

Hilary My Arse 28.Jan.2006 12:02

Mr. Magoo

Screw Hilary Clinton, something Bill rarely if ever does these days. Vote for a third party. Any third party will do. Send a message. And, like the poster above said, turn off those damn TV's.

Take it yourself! 28.Jan.2006 15:13


Supports a filibuster? Clinton also supports bunker busters, regardless of who gets killed.
Her hubby was a mass murderer, and if she becomes the next president, she will be one too.
She isn't and won't be a sister to any working class women and abortion on demand won't be any safer in her hands. Neither will any women (or men and children)be any safer in Iraq, Iran, Palestine, the USA or anywhere else in the world.
The only way working class women and men will get power is when they take it themselves

she's a WELL-KNOWN lesbian 28.Jan.2006 22:16


not that it matters, but when the GOP starts dragging her ex-girlfriends out of the D.C. woodwork, the Dems will wish they were dead. Rove is ready, believe me. Screw HRC and her Demo lackeys. She's a dirtbag just like Billy Boy. Lawyers! Hang 'em all first!