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Media Island's House
Media Island's House
Come visit Media Island International's website  http://mediaisland.org for news and current events from radical, progressive and corporate sources. The aim of the Media Island website is to distribute information to people challenging the existing social, economic and environmental disorder. Media Island's Website is about compiling existing news sources and making a public record of it.

Many connections can be made through seemingly different topics and before long the image of the two-headed monster called "Capitalism and the State" will begin to take form in any avid reader's mind. If your dare to learn about the world around you and are not afraid of being mad, sad, glad, informed and motivated to take action, Media Island's website  http://mediaisland.org might be a place to check out from time to time. Visitors can now submit articles and comment on them. Enjoy.

If you would like to become an editor, come to a training this Tuesday 5pm at Media Island 816 Adams St. SE Olympia WA or call (360)352-8526 for more information.

"The truth is getting harder to hide"

homepage: homepage: http://mediaisland.org
phone: phone: (360)352-8526
address: address: 816 Adams St. SE Olympia WA